Sunday, May 17, 2009

Please Help!!!

I know I need to catch up on showing some art from the past couple of days but right now I have a question and I need your help.

As you know I belong to several groups. I have a problem that happens on every single one of the ning sites I visit....and it happens on both my computers. When I try to upload photos the page freezes. I don't even get the page to open completely! I have been successful several times on Gary's site so when I am I upload several at one time!

I just tried to put some photos on Julie's Layer Love site and same freeze. What the heck am I doing wrong???

Any advice?? Does it happen to you??


  1. Hi Janet, I have no idea how to help with this one sorry. Hope you get it sorted out soon
    Hugs June xxx

  2. I don't even know what NING is! But, when I upload a pic to a site, I use a program named Resize! X (can be found at I size the photo to "proportional sizing = 1000" which is basically 10x10. I hope this helps. (I also use this for blogging!) xo

  3. I have no clue to even what a is...


  4. I know this sort of problem can be extremely frustrating though I'm not really sure what your specific problem would be, Janet. It's possible that the coding on the Ning site is causing a conflict of sorts with your computer? Does the Ning site use add-ons/plug-ins? If so, the add-on may need updating. Have you tried sending an email directly to the Ning Help desk to explain the dilemma? It's possible that they may have the solution for you. Good luck ~

  5. YEs,,and I quit trying to even fool with them. Even facebook freezes up on me! Arrrrr.

  6. when i upload to julies sight I had no problem. tell me how you do it.

  7. I've uploaded pics onto stitchin fingers.ning with no problem but it was a few months ago. You can put this blog on your page and show pics that way or you can upload from flickr. I just uploaded my pics using their method. Are your pics in .jpg, gif or .png format?

  8. I have no idea about these problems, I just start the motor and go, hoping one day I will get where I need to go!
    The day I put music on my blog I was so excited because it only took me a few months....brain freeze!

  9. Hello my friend!
    I have a few suggestions for you. I use Picasa to manage/upload my pics. (it's free on google). Once you load the pics into Picasa, you can chose and hold the one's you want. Then hit "export" and make them smaller. you fill in the second button. 640 is good enough (small enough to upload, big enough to see least I think so, but I'm no expert. Then try the "simple uploader" and upload them one at time OR
    2. You can upload them to flickr. There is an interface/link option where you can chose them from your flickr albums and they will load to ning.
    3. If you have a iphone, you can take a pic, then email it to your ning email addy (which is found on your settings/account page.
    I suspect it freezes because the files are too large. If you don't want to get picasa, then find the setting in your photo uploading program that will reduce the size.
    Hope one of these helps! I know how you feel...the way I ended up on flickr, years ago, was because I couldn't upload pics into the group without it! talk soon, love ya. ~Lia

  10. Hi Janet. Have you tried using the "simple uploader" instead of the bulk uploader? You should see a little button that lets you switch to the simple one. It has less tendency to freeze because it isn't opening up your whole picture folder at once. You browse for each pic, similar to uploading a pic on blogger.

  11. Sorry I can't help you with this, Janet, I'm a totally bummer about internet tips...
    I just stopped by for two things:
    First, to say a big THANKY YOU, you know why. I tried to email you, but my today is weird. You're a sweetie, my friend, and I1m honored for your choice.

    Secondly, I just tagged you! Join only if you want! :o)

    Kisses from us.


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