Thursday, May 07, 2009

Shopping, Saving and Creating....All in One Day

If you read my blog yesterday then you know I went shopping!! Gotta love those discount coupons! At Joann's I got 15% off everything even sale items so every single thing I bought was a sale item! Here's part of what I got....

I also got a couple of tubes of paint but I forgot to put them in the picture. Some of these brushes were marked for 50 cents and then I got the additional discount! Since I'm really tough on brushes and go through them like crazy I bought all the ones they had left in sizes I thought I'd use. None of these were more than a dollar! And the canvas boards were on sale as well. I like them for some of the heavy textural things I'm doing.

And just because I can't pass a magazine rack without looking, I got the latest issue of Where Women was 10% off plus my 15% coupon.

I like the art of this artist....Alisa Burke. It say "She draws inspiration from street art, graffiti, art history and fashion and it is not uncommon to find her digging through the trash in hopes of recycling something unique to use in her artwork." Definitely my kind of artist!

Then it was on to the bookstore where I bought "Stencil Me In"'s a terrific stencil book that includes 28 stencils. And they aren't on flimsy cardboard either. They're some kind of plastic and very durable. I figured the stencils were worth the price of the book since I got my regular 40% discount and I had an additional coupon for 15% more.

It has all kinds of different ideas for using stencils.

After all that shopping I was tired out (!!) so I came back home and played in the studio all afternoon.

Here's my piece for the 30 day art challenge....

"Under the Big Night Sky"....this is another one with difficult colors to get captured in the photo. I used a coppery orangey brown and a deep turquoise and they (as always) look so much better in person.

And here is my art journal page....

And just so you aren't confused like HB seemed to be, that is supposed to be a nose ring in her nose.

I hope whatever you did yesterday was fun, and if you shopped I hope you saved money, too!


  1. Lots of new goodies to continue with your amazing streak of creating fabulous artwork! It doesn't get much better than that and on sale to boot!

  2. I've been reading blogs this morning and so far only one HASN'T been shopping! Hmmmmm..... :D

  3. Hi Janet,
    I haven't had a chance to comment for a while. Sorry. I seem to be pulled in many directions, so I don't always get to my blog. When I do, I always check on you. I am amazed at how prolific your work is. The purchases you made are beautiful.

  4. I can do serious damage to my pocketbook at Joann's.
    I knew it was a nose ring when I saw it.

  5. You are one heck of a power shopper. Love reading about all your finds. Sharon

  6. Yay for new art supplies! Double yay for saving money!
    And I love the new daily artwork! Delicious texture and colours.

  7. Loving your art, I love Alisha Burke as well, and bought some of her painted paper, and I bought that stencil book. Great minds think alike

  8. You did some shopping.. I looked at that book.But I did not have a percent off or coupon.. So I will just have to keep going back to the book store and finish it>>LOL
    Love the work.

  9. I love a sale! You did really well.
    And I love what have created and shared.
    I haven't posted, been going back and forth to the hospital. Arney is in pain and sleeping most of the time. Unable to keep much on his stomach.
    But time will pass and he is healing. Big Hugs, Mary

  10. Anonymous10:55 PM

    Great bargains!

  11. I am noting the name of that book - I hope they get it in our bookshops here too! it sounds just great!

  12. What a wonderful creative day you had1 Inspiring!

  13. Fabulous haul! I missed 15% day at Michael's a week or so ago, and I'm still kicking myself!


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