Friday, May 08, 2009

Something in the Mail....

Today I'm going to start off showing you what came in the mail for me the other day.

This is a wonderful little piece sent to me by Julie from Australia! I had admired this piece on her blog and she sent it to me. I love the colors, the faces, the cat....and I don't know if you can see it or not but inside that window is a picture of a farm. The little inscription reads, "The soul can not think without a picture." The whole concept is so cool....having the window cut in the canvas showing something else inside.

If you don't already know her work please visit her blog. Among other things Julie makes the most amazing jewelry....I'm the proud owner of two of her pins and a pair of earrings and I can say I never wear them when I don't get compliments on them. Thank you, Julie!! This piece will have a happy home in my studio. (PS - Julie, I hope you don't mind that I used your photo of the piece. I couldn't seem to get a good picture with my camera.)

Remember I mentioned buying the book with all the stencils....well, even though it was windy I managed to spray a picture and use one of the new stencils. I did the spraying in the garage. The background is one of the techniques I learned in Gary Reef's Layering and Texture class and I love it! It reminds me of decades of paint peeling and flaking off, leaving behind an aged patina....

I like just the hint of a city showing through. So far this is one of my favorites.

And here's my art journal page....

May 7

This one says "words hurt more than swords"

I hope you have a great something fun!!


  1. I get tired of saying the same thing all the time, so today I'll leave you with: :-), which is what I feel when I look at your work!

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    oh....all of this is BEAUTIFUL..and your patina! Fantastic!! We're going down to watch the red bull planes practice at the bay..should be fun!

    Happy mother's day!

  3. I agree, I think the stencil piece is one of my favorites, too. I love Julie's piece (love the kitty). How lucky you are!

  4. Oh I love coming here and lately have missed out on so much but when i come and see your blog i feel pleased i got to share in this fabulous art. thanks my friend for all you do and all you share
    Hugs June xxx

  5. I Love your patina piece Janet and the art from Julie is great as well.
    I received my pendant that I won from Julie and I got lots of comments also.

  6. Hi Janet,

    Wow... the piece from Julie is amazing. I always love coming here to see your beautiful work and projects!

    Happy Mother's Day.


  7. Oh Janet I saw that on Julie's blog, how wonderful she sent it to you. Her work is fabulous and has so evolved since I first "met" her 3 years ago. I love her jewelry too!

    I think I have the same stencil book....I've used them a lot!

    I am just loving all that you are creating and learning. I still think you should do a large painting combining all the techniques!!

  8. I love that stencil piece..Thank you for always being so creative..
    Have a wonderful weekend..Hope the wind is not blowing...Katelen

  9. First of all, Julie's piece is fabulous -- I must visit her site. It's inspiring.

    And so is your cityscape. Janet, the work you post has evolved so much since I first started reading you. It's really quite amazing.

  10. Love your gift, it is so unique.
    Julie is a clever lady.
    Hope you have a good weekend, and a Happy Mother's Day..

  11. What a beautiful gift...

    I love your new stencil piece, that one is on the top of my list..


  12. Anonymous10:29 AM

    The piece of art from Julie is fantastic. I like what you are doing with stencils...and the journal page is fabulous!

  13. I love the colors AND design in your new piece! And all of your work is excellent, too, Janet! I love spending time on your blog...always something neat to see!

  14. What a great gift to find in the mail! That is so cool - are the faces/figures made of polymer clay? I really like that.
    I really like your stencilled city scene too. Wishing you a happy Mother's Day!

  15. Janet great piece of art work that you crated!I can see a series of four on a wall!Great work great technique!
    Your friend is quite talented too..her piece is unique!
    Wishing you a peacefilled Mother's Day! hugs NG

  16. Your new piece of art is beautiful. What I like is that you used your talent to put together something you learned from two different teachers to make a beautiful piece of art.

  17. janet i love and admire the sheer DELIGHT you take in living. it's a real pleasure coming over here and seeing all of the lovely and unique pieces of art you're creating. clearly you're an inspiration to MANY, myself included.


  18. I love Julie's work... so unique. I'll check her out... thanks!

    I like both of your journal pages! The only thing I spray painted this weekend was the water meter outside. I know that sounds weird but it was UG-LY! I painted it with a copper hammered paint. Won't the meter reader be impressed!?! Hee, hee!


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