Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wife of the Year....Umm, Maybe Not!

There for awhile I was caught up and posting my art journal pages and daily art work the next day but now I'm all off again. I get busy and forget to post them. Yesterday was another one of those days where I went into the studio and thought I'd only been there a couple of hours when I heard the front door open and close and knew that HB was home from work! I had spent the entire day in the studio and thought I was only there a couple of hours!! That's how fast time goes when I'm up there.

I looked down at myself and my hands were covered in paint, I had paint smears on my shirt, and I'm sure my hair was standing on end....oh, hair is always standing on end!! Oh well, I'm sure I was definitely not the sight HB wanted to see when he got home! The paint smeared, disheveled look probably wouldn't make it on the top 1o list of ways to impress your hubby! I guess that means "Wife of the Year" is out, too!

Here's the art pieces I did for the past couple of days.

Day 11:

The burst of rays is a stencil I cut and I found the fist online, I think. I did this one for HB as the left-handed fist has significance for his IBEW union.

Day 12:

Another layered background with a stencil from the "Stencil Me In" book.

Both of these spray paint pieces were quick and easy to spray the images so I was able to do them in the garage. On the fist/burst of rays I had already sprayed the background of lace and punchenella and just had it waiting for something to be added so that was great. Maybe I'll do more of that when I get to spray outside again. The jellyfish background I did yesterday. I just love that layered, paint peeling look.

My art journal page for yesterday:

I saw the picture of the woman pulling her suitcases and it just made me think of baggage and how some people haul around a lot of it! After looking at the image here I think I might draw around the woman with something darker to make her stand out a little more....but for now she's just the way she is!

Today I have some errands to run so studio time will be limited but I'll still have to do a piece for the challenge and my art journal page. Yikes! Maybe we can give up eating for awhile! All that shopping, preparing, and eating takes way too much time that I could be using for painting!! I'll mention it to HB....or maybe not! I think Wife of the Year is definitely out!!!!


  1. Loving your stenciled art images...great colors too.
    Days fly by here too! I'd never make "wife of the year"!!!! LOL

  2. I love the 5/12 page. And you are so right about how much time it takes to eat--all the thinking about what to make, grocery shopping, actually preparing it and then having to clean up--way too much time. I think just not eating for a while is a great idea!

  3. You are in such a Zen-zone! And I bet he loves you all the more for the wild passion you have and the colors and the energy and the beauty -- painty-hands and all! Lovely new work, Janet. As always1

  4. Your pages are wonderful!
    Preparing meals does cut into painting time...LOL!

  5. Lovely work Janet. Thanks for sharing. It's good that your enjoying yourself.

  6. That's a sure sign you're doing what you enjoy, when the time gets away from you like that. Despite the paint, etc, I bet HB's happy that you're happy!
    I like all of your stencilled pieces, and I like the way the woman pulling the suitcase looks in that piece, sort of soft and muted. I better go, I'm letting the time get away from me - I was only going to be on here a minute at lunchtime to check e-mails - and now look at me - here I am half an hour later,reading blogs ;) Glad you're having fun!

  7. As much as I like to cook, I'm doing less of it now that I'm playing with art.

    Love the suitcase concept. Good one.

  8. I bet HB is happy that you are happy. Guys are like that. :D

  9. You may not make the Wife of the Year Janet but I bet HB wouldn't change a thing about you.
    I reckon if you're happy he's happy.

  10. Still loving your stencil images.
    I am sure your husband loves you just the way you are..Perfect in his eyes..

  11. Oh my gosh, I love those stenciled pieces. The vivid colors and the left handed fist over the rays....very urban! That jellyfish is exquisite over those layers. Hey...wife of the year is over-rated, we all did that when we were younger. Now it is time to be fulfilled artistically. My hub says he doesn't care if he comes home to a mess, as long as I am creating, cuz he knows it makes me happy. I'll bet HB feels the same.

  12. Ohhh its such a treat to get time to visit you. I always enjoy your art work so much. The jellyfish has truly captured my heart its fabulous. love the colours and the paint effect. Stunning work Janet as always
    Hugs June xxx

  13. Fantastic journal work, Janet!!!! Love all the color and energy they all have.

  14. Sometimes I look in the mirror at the end of the night and say Lordy, why didn't someone tell me I looked this bad! lol!! Love all your work!

  15. I really see these pages evolving as you work on them. It is wonderful to see the transitions.


  16. Girl! You have really branched out this last year! These are awesome, especially the first one. It's just plain great design, Janet.

  17. Hey wife of the year. You know HB loves your hair if it is standing on end or not! I wish mine were thick enuff to stand on end! The older I get, the thinner it gets. Altho I prefer to call it "baby fine". LOL Your stencil work is lovely! xoxoxo

  18. You are following your passion no matter where it leads....That is a good thing!!!!He wouldn't think you were any sexier if he came home to a scrubbed floor and a combed do.

  19. That page with the jelly fish is just stunning! I have had to slow down a bit on the painting and posting for the challenge...I wasn't winning any "wife of the year" awards either. LOL Or "mother of the year", hence the slow down.

    And maybe HB finds paint-covered, tousle-haired artist types sexy. I know my DH does. ;)


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