Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Art and Gifts....and Daisy

Hi everyone....sorry it's been so long since my last post. I really didn't think it had been that long but then I had several emails yesterday inquiring if I was ok. I suddenly realized that I hadn't been posting anything nor had I been visiting. "Life" just takes so much time!! Some days I just don't have anything left over for blogging. But nothing is wrong. I'm fine. Thanks for all your concern....I appreciate it.

First off, I recently won a giveaway over on Snap's blog. My package arrived yesterday and WOW!!!....just look at what I won.

I've already started the book, and a blank journal is always welcome here, and I know that bag is going to be so handy. It's all made from recycled plastic bags. If you didn't read about this when I posted earlier about this giveaway then you can go here to read about these bags and how important they are to the community where they're made.

Also included was a print of one of Snap's photographs. I chose this one....

I think calla lilies have such a graceful line and she's captured it so beautifully. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway, Snap!! I love everything!


Here I am again waaaay behind in posting my art journal pages. Does that sound familiar?! I think I'll re-name this blog and call it "I'm Late Again"....but then people might get the wrong idea and think it was about something else!!! Thank goodness all of that is behind me!

Here are a few pages. And remember that bit about showing you everything? Well, keep that in mind!

June 10:

I haven't done any girls for a long time and I'm really out of practice!

June 11:

You may not be able to see what this is! This image of a large bird's nest was the cover on a catalog I received a few years back. I loved it and kept the image but I don't think it shows up too good on this page.

June 12:

Totally awful! I saw a picture in a magazine that inspired me to do this but my interpretation didn't turn out too good!! Plus the background is pale pink and it just won't show in the scan.

June 13:

This was my favorite of these but it's so wrinkled that it doesn't look good! Oh, well you win some and you lose some but it's all fun in the end!

I'll catch you up on the most recent pages tomorrow. I'm also working on a painting that is taking me forever because I'm using lots of texture and it takes a long time to dry in between. I hope it turns out good. What I see in my mind is great but whether or not I can translate it onto paper....we'll see.


For anyone who has followed my blog for a long time, you may remember one of my dear blog friends, Daisy Lupine. Today it has been two years since she died and we who knew her miss her very much. She was such a talented, beautiful, giving person and so full of knowledge about herbs and gardens and such. Her blog was a pleasure to read. If you never met her and haven't read her blog it's still online and available and it would be worth a visit to check it out. Daisy could spin a story like no other!! You can find her at Cats in the Kitchen Flora in the Garden....isn't that a wonderful name for a blog?!! We miss you, Daisy!!


  1. Congrats, Janet.

    Love all your work.

  2. Janet your work is great, do not ever apologize for your creativity, remember that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" I like the wrinkled one - gives it character.

  3. Wonderful art again, Dear Janet!!! Love the one of the girl with the newsprint hair,,how dazzling.
    I sure do miss sweet Daisy. So hard to believe that its been 2 years. I still look at the art quilt she made me and some ATCs of hers. What a talented and wise soul she was indeed!
    Have a terrific Tuesday, Janet!

  4. I always look forward to seeing your art! You've been busy! I admire you so much and love your these pages! I have always loved your girls! I think you should paint more of these!

  5. You are welcome! :D

    Love the first girl and her wonderful hair. I can see the nest -- beautiful. I enjoyed all your pages. I'm taking Violette's online class and she likes wrinkles! Me too! What a nice tribute to your friend. She had a lovely blog and many friends who I am sure miss her.

  6. I love the girl with the newspaper hair Janet.

  7. Wonderful journal pages, Janet...I like the girl with the newspaper hair too. I can't wait to see your painting. Heavily textured pieces of art certainly do teach us patience. ;)

    What a great bunch of goodies! Lucky you.

    I never knew Daisy but I sure wish I had. She certainly was a lovely lady from what I've heard.

  8. Love the girl with the newspaper hair..congrats on the win..
    Stayed inspired.

  9. Me too, I like the girl with the news paper hair.
    I am glad all is well, I e-mailed you too.
    I remember Daisy,you are so good to think of her. she was amazing. Hugs, Mary

  10. Great tote made out of plastic bags. That is a brilliant idea and pretty too. As always love your art.

  11. Hi Janet!!!
    Love your art as always and tell me how you like that book. I saw it at B&N and almost bought it.
    Never knew Daisy but so sweet that you remember her...she is smiling at you from heaven...

  12. The newspaper hair lady I like very much...You are just fun to come and visit!

  13. That June 10 post is fab.


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