Saturday, June 27, 2009

Delayed Celebrating....

Since our anniversary was during the week, HB and I celebrated it today. We decided to drive down to Pasadena and visit The Norton Simon Museum.

It was a bit smoggy today but this is the skyline of Glendale, CA....almost there.

This is the entrance to the museum. It was very shady so a bit difficult to get a good photo. This is what wikipedia has to say about the museum: The Simon collections include European paintings, sculpture, tapestry and remarkable sculpture from South Asia. Outside gardens house sculpture and a pond. The museum is located along the route of the Tournament of Roses Parade, where its distinctive, brown tile-exterior can be seen in the background on television.

We wandered around the museum for a couple of hours, then decided to sit down and have a cold drink. The little cafe is outside right beside the pond. Very relaxing.

After we finished our drinks we went back inside and made it to almost all the exhibitions before we both decided we were tired and hungry. By then it was late afternoon so we headed out to find food.

Sadly the restaurant where HB and I met is no longer there. It's been gone for several years. However we remembered another place where we used to go.... The we headed over there.

We had a great table by the window with a wonderful view....

Here we are with our's a tradition for us to have a margarita on our anniversary since we met in a Mexican restaurant. And here's what we had for dinner....

It was called Seafood Collage and included a lobster tail, scallops, shrimp, and a piece of salmon served on a bed of linguini in a sauce that was to die for!! I'm not the best at photographing food so this picture really doesn't do it justice. Believe was delicious!

This is the view from the outside patio at the restaurant....

It's really spectacular on a clear day, or at night when you can see all the lights below.

We had a fun day, a great dinner, laughed a lot, held hands, and reminisced about the past 19 years that we've spent together. It was a perfect day.