Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hurry, Hurry.....Rush, Rush!!!

Today is one of those busy days where I have lots of errands to run so this will be a quickie. I didn't get my page finished for yesterday so I did it first thing this morning and it reflects how I'm feeling!

June 29:

Not sure you can read any of this one because some of it is so dark. Mostly it's just me complaining about not having enough time to do everything! I'm sorry that I don't post larger photos but I try to keep them smallish so I don't use up my free blogger space too fast! This one is posted bigger on my flickr page.

Slowly but surely I'm making it around to visit your blogs. Last night I didn't do much on the computer though. HB and I watched a little tv and since so much of it is reruns I went to bed early and read. I have three books going right now!

Tomorrow I begin the July A Prompt a Day journaling class with Kelly Kilmer....the link is in my previous post. I'm too lazy this morning to look it up!! Sorry! At least I'm honest about it. So hopefully my journal pages will be better. I feel as if I'm sort of in a rut right now with them. I can definitely use some new


  1. I understand hurry, hurry, rush, rush ... guess it's good it's hot hot here so I can't get too carried away with hurry, hurry! :D

  2. I feel the same way. Working from home makes it hard to not feel guilty if I'm doing something crafty or housey. I'm in organizing mode right now, which means that one place gets nice while the rest of the place gets worse. lol Love your page.

  3. I do know what you are feeling. And this page is wonderful. I can't seem to catch up. I am hopeful that when Arney is back to work....I can get back in some kind of grove. We are hot! Hot! also. Thank goodness for Air conditioning. Do you remember when we didn't have Air Conditioning?
    I sent you the pictures, I don't think you got them again. Love, Mary

  4. I know you will have lots of creative fun with the next month of prompts! Looking forward to seeing what you do!

  5. Always fun when I come to your page, Janet! Love it! I am gettin' an itch to go get some paint and paper and dive in, really! Your darker number piece seems just fine, not too dark.
    So, you are like the White Rabbit? "I'm late~!"...LOL
    See you in the blogosphere..
    PS...thanks for stoppin' in...

  6. I always feel flustered on those extra busy days where I barely get time to come up for air. I think it's neat that you put your frustration into your journal page....great therapy ~ :)

  7. Those classes look fun.
    I try to get all my busy things done in the morning like you....before it gets too hot. Whew!

  8. Loooove the new look -- and all the art and links to classes! Thanks -- that layer class looks fun! Be gentle with you on those busidiculous days :) Miracles and slooooow calm vibes to you...with a good sprinkle of creative time tossed in there! k-

  9. Anonymous10:01 PM

    I hope the journal classes go great...I have been thinking of taking that one too...but so far, all I'm doing is thinking about taking a class. Love this darker piece!!! It's great and I'm looking forward to seeing the new techniques you learn in your class.

  10. What'cha reading???

    Love the new look to the blog. ;D


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