Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Said I Would....

Yesterday I said I'd be back today to catch up on my journal pages....and here I am! I've also been trying to get by to visit your blogs but it's been rather slow. I can't stay sitting for too long at a time. My back is giving me problems....this is nothing new. It just slows me down a little every now and then.

I managed to take advantage of some calm winds this morning and did a little spray painting....nothing finished yet to show you except one little piece that was a screw up but I saved it....

I messed up the yellow flower in the corner so I blotted most of it out and put a red flower in its's ok. Then I drew over the rays with a new white pen I just got. It's a Permapaque by Sakura. Not too bad but it doesn't give the intense white like the Sharpie Poster Paint pens.

This was one of those experimental pieces where I just put anything down and sprayed! I liked how the background turned out and decided to put down something over it. It really isn't crooked....I had to take a photo of it and when I cropped it the angle makes it look like it isn't straight. This is a fairly big piece, maybe 14x18 or something like that. Too big for the scanner!

And here are my journal pages.

June 14:

I didn't write anything on this one yet. I kind of like the soft aqua color and I used stamps that I carved. In person it has a white-washed look that doesn't show up here.

June 15:

I was working in a smaller book and as I painted the page the dragon's head decided it wanted to stay! I just worked with it and came up with this.

June 16:

I was feeling in a goofy mood yesterday! I found this picture and couldn't believe the size of that loaf of bread so I had to use it on my page! It's just silly but I had fun with it.

I haven't done my page for today yet. I took a picture of my art journal yesterday to show you how full it's getting....

You can see the waxed paper I put between some of the pages to keep them from sticking together....there are about 30 more pages left to do in this book. Do you think it will hold together?? I've started using some other books from time to time as my art journal. Since I already have soooooo many books in the garage leftover from my online book business, I figured I might as well use some of them. If they aren't anything that would sell I'm just using them for art! I have a couple of children's books that are just stupid so I paint over the pages and go! I don't feel the need to buy an expensive book just to do art. Some of the paper in the books I have is really good stuff and takes the abuse of art quite nicely.

Ok, I'm off to take a nap! I'm actually mostly just going to rest my back before HB gets home in a couple of hours.


  1. I like the now red flower on the yellow and the Japanese design rays; Love, love love the Buddha (but you knew I would), the dragon in me likes your dragon, the lovely aqua color and last, but not least ... goofy is good!

    Take care of your back. I could tell you tales.......

  2. I really love the first photographs so well that I can 'feel' it! And the castle and beautiful blond is nice! They are all really your fat book full of art!

  3. I love the Buddha one the best, I think...But, the red/yellow flower on the silver rays is lovely! I don't see how you get all this done, you are like a hummingbird!

  4. I like what you did with doodling inside the rays and the red over yellow flower. The Buddha is lovely,did you carve that one? The "drinkie & bread" one made me laugh. She has a sly look in her eye doesn't she? I really like the way the pages splay out when a book gets so full that it won't close!

    I have back issues too, and it is no fun when they decide to act up. Take care of yourself.

  5. I absolutely love the first one Janet it is fantastic.

  6. Love the rays and Buddha pages. Where did you find the Buddha? Is it online somewhere?


  7. Anonymous5:56 PM

    All beautiful pages, Janet!! And yes...journal in what you have..make it!

  8. You have made so many pages and I like that they are all different. Each one is a small vignette of a day. That is really neat and admirable.

  9. That top page is my favourite yet - I lvoe how you have combined the stencilling and your drawing - beautiful.

  10. What wonderful work, I love the spraying technique you used. Your journal is a fun idea also. I think my favorite is the first one, but they are all great.

  11. They are all lovely. I do like the aqua one maybe just a little more than the others, but all are fabulous, as always.

  12. I like the first one and the second one..I suppose they all are wonderful..I hope you are feeling better..Take care.

  13. i really ike the first one, it is just different. I have back problems, so take it easy sweetie.
    I am working on a project...hurry!
    Big hugs, Mary

  14. i have had journalling in my head for a whole day~like those songs you cannot stop singing in your mind! despite having a few already i have the urge to find and buy my 'ultimate' i will add bits to and carry around in my bag to add to when the whim takes me~maybe i will find one today...

  15. Wow....

    that is some book...

    The first one was a wonderful way to start this post, looks great and i love the aqua one...


  16. I like all that you have shared with us here, especially as I get a real feeling for what your art journal is all about...Having fun and learning!!???

    Thanks for posting all of the images!!!

  17. Hi Janet,
    Your journal pages are lovely - so colorful! I especially like the soft turquoise one. The stamp is quite nice.
    It looks like you're having fun.

  18. Janet someone must have made you into the energizer bunny! You just keep on creating.....! I love these pages!!! By the way thanks for the info on the sharpie poster pen a while back. I found them (finally) at Aaron Brothers. They said oh we always carry them. So if you can't find them try there. Thanks Sharon

  19. have been a busy lady. I love the pages, especially the one with the castle and the dragon. It brings back memories.
    I got married in a castle and my ex-husband turned out to be a dragon.But the page is gorgeous, I really love it.

  20. Fabulous pages, Janet....LOVE the soft aqua one too! WOW....check out that journal....well done to YOU! I think it's a great idea to use books that are of no more use to you for future art journals.

  21. Janet,
    That journal is a treasure ~ how I would love to peek inside of it! You are so inspiring to me!

  22. Sorry to hear about your back Janet, I hope now that it is better. I like the Buddha page best, but they are all good.
    Take care and have a great weekend..


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