Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's a Very Special Day....

Nineteen years ago today my life changed....I met HB. If you don't already know the story of how we met you can read about it here and here....with a couple of old photos of us. HB is very much the romantic in this family! Since we met on June 24, when we got married it had to be on June 24 exactly five years later. So today is my 14th wedding anniversary. We don't have a lot of wedding photos since it was such a casual wedding. I wore purple....what? Is that a surprise?? And I even wore purple cowboy boots! Hey, we were married in a meadow on our property near Cripple Creek, Colorado. Boots were sensible attire! HB wore jeans, a cowboy shirt, and boots, too. We aren't fancy people!

Yes, that's me with hair!! And you can't see it in this photo but HB had a longer beard than it is today. Not ZZ Top long though!! The woman in the photo is the minister who married us. We wrote our own vows and she did a modified, Native American inspired service. It was perfect for us.

We won't be doing anything special today but we will celebrate on the weekend. I'll cook something nice for his dinner tonight....or as nice as I can since I'm not a very good cook!

I should have done an anniversary page in my art journal but this morning I just did what came to me and this is it....

June 24:

I was able to do some spray painting early. I'm really loving the numbers and alphabet that I've been using recently....and circles....I love circles and swirls.

Have a great day!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!

    ~ Carolee

  2. Happy Anniversary. DH and I were married in a clearing on the banks of The Big Thompson in Estes Park 8 years ago. To our happy futures!

  3. Aloha Janet and HB..
    Happy Anniversary sweeties!!
    Sooooo? What cha doin'? dinner, movie, painting?
    peace, Kai xx

  4. What a wonderful photo! We've been married 14 years, too. It sure is a lot of fun to still be 'newlyweds'! Happy Anniversary!

  5. Happy anniversary, what a great story and nice way to wed. In a meadow sounds perfect.

  6. Oh, congratulations, Janet! It makes me very happy to hear that HB is a romantic man; you deserve one! Your new blog looks absolutely wonderful, as does this new journal page. I had to go back to school last week and missed my blog visits, so I have a lot to see here. But I also have someting for you on my blog, as a token of all the encouragement and support you've given me in the last year. You have made a big difference in my artistic growth by taking the time to make comments that provide insight and give me confidence, and I thank you!

  7. Forgot to say that I had an outdoor wedding too and it was lovely. I only wish that I'd had purple cowboy boots!

  8. Happy, happy anniversary ... and many more! Wonderful photo and story.

    I'm a lover of circles and swirls, too.

  9. Hello, again, dear Janet and Happy Anniversary! I absolutely love that you had such a personal kind of wedding. Good for you! I'm going to go right now and check out the links to your posts about how you met your dear HB. Here's to many, many more happy years together!


  10. Congratulations to you
    We had an unconventional wedding too, 41 years ago last March.
    Ain't love grand..!

  11. Happy Anniversary!!! I love those types of weddings the best. How lovely and understandable that you wore your favourite colour right down to your boots.

    Your journal page turned out lovely....has an almost tribal feel to me ~ :)

  12. I knew you were up to something special when you hadn't posted for a few days. Lovely pages as usual, and a great post. The new banner looks cool. Happy Happy Anniversary! I am sure you and HB are having a wonderfully memorable day.

  13. Congratulations Janet! I was trying to think where I was at that point in time!! I was pondering a way out of my marriage. Nothing set in stone until october 8th of that year when I'd made my final decision, yet had no idea about the logistic of it! Your first year of marriage was my nightmare year!! But it's all good now!! We're both in a great place, as creative goddesses!! Enjoy the love and laughter! Happiness to both of you!

    Hugs Giggles

  14. Janet - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your wedding story and your new banner. Yes, I LURV IT!!!

    Congratulations on your anniversary. The end of June is special to me too. Tomorrow, I turn 60. OMG, it is hitting me hard. Then, on the 29th, we celebrate 35 years of marriage.

    I think I will blog about both, but probably not until after the anniversary.

    We were married outdoors in a park in Langdon, ND. The townspeople called it the town's first hippie wedding. It was not hippie at all. I guess the outdoor setting confused them. We were married by a lady judge (Dan was not church-y, nor am I now), and we wrote our own vows.

    How is your back?

  15. happy anniversary!
    great page
    i like the spray painting too!

  16. Happy happy anniversary, Janet!! you follow those traditional gifts?

  17. Congratulations to both of you on this special day.
    I hope that you both enjoy further long and wonderful times together.

  18. Happy Anniversary!

    And, I LOVE the new blog! It fits you perfectly!!!

  19. Happy anniversary! What a special wedding day!
    I REALLY love your new blog header! Your art never looked better....just seems to bubble up with your "joie de vivre"!

  20. Happy Anniversary guys make an adorable couple. I wish you many more Happy, Healthy, years together.


  21. I am wishing you a very happy anniversary Janet (and HB) xo - your wedding day sounds beautiful
    love, love the new look blog..
    going to the Gypsy Caravan.. see you when I come home xo
    (I love circles and swirls too..and spirals!)


  23. What a great story! And congratulations on 19 years together (14 married) and still going strong!

  24. Hi Janet!
    Happy Anniversary!!!! Hope you have a wonderfully romantic day with HB!
    Love the new look!!!!xoxo

  25. Anonymous8:38 PM

    Happy Days!

  26. I missed it, so Happy Anniversary!!! I love the picture, I just know you were so sweet together on this day.
    Love never ending.
    Hugs, Mary


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