Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Journal Pages, Again!

I just always seem to be behind on posting my journal pages. I keep forgetting that I do one each day!! I know it makes it kind of boring to just look at pictures of my journal pages but lately I haven't really done anything exciting to show you!

HB and I lead such a "jet-setter" life style, you know! We travel all the time.... from the couch to the kitchen for something to eat or drink, and then back to the couch! At least we don't need a passport and nothing has to be declared....well, maybe we should declare the calories on some of the things we eat!! So photos of our travels aren't really very enticing. The refrigerator looks just like everyone else's and probably the couch does too.

So here are my most recent journal pages.

June 6:

I'm not sure if you can see what the picture is....old dwellings from Tunisia and they seem to be carved out of the sand. I was intrigued by the picture and decided to use it on this brown page. (Leftover paint from something else!)

June 7:

June 8:

June 9:

Today I wasn't very inspired. I just had to make myself put some paint down on the paper and this was about all I could manage. Some days I just don't feel very creative. I have a project that I need to spray paint but the wind is not cooperating. We are still having very cool weather so I can't complain.

In Julie's Layer Love class we are up to lesson seven but I'm not keeping up! I have lessons five and six to do yet. I think I've been going at such a fast pace for the past couple of months that now my mojo is slowing down!! I still do some art each day but I haven't done anything big since the challenge ended at the end of May. And my studio really needs a good cleaning. Maybe that would help me get going again.

Ok, that's all for today. I hope your week is going good and that you're being creative.


  1. Hi Janet,
    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    I love, love, love your pages. Especially the one about boxes. It's so true.

    Have a great night,

  2. I'm afraid I too jet set like you!! Very funny post...hilarious actually!! Declaring calories...do we have to? haha We all have those creative lulls, as for the cool, enjoy it. It will be hot soon enough. Pretty warm here...too warm and I don't function as well in the heat!

    Love and hugs Giggles

  3. This is great. Love it.

  4. Sounds like the kind of traveling we've been doing lately! But at least I am doing some creative projects! That makes me feel better! Love your journal pages! What size book do you work in?

  5. Hat's off to you girl...doing anything EVERY day is just about more than I can handle. I started a new journal, a word a day, I call it. Spend some quiet time and then when "my word" comes I write about it,thoughts,feelings, whatever. I did great for about 3 weeks, now my brain seems to be in nutral(or somewhere unknown).

  6. Your journal pages are creative as ever.. I know how you feel about not getting much done..This week , I have yet to step into my studio.
    So hang in there it will hit you and your will be creating like crazy.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comments.

  7. LOL I Love your travel schedule! Suits me perfectly.

  8. I really love the Old Dwellings, but then I think the one about Boxes if grand.
    It's monday and my clame to fame is the laundry...not fun at all!
    Love ya, Mary

  9. I love the page about keeping your brain/head in a box! Too funny, but sometimes I wonder where I left mine! ;D

  10. I think lack of enthusiasm can come when our hobby becomes a "must do" - either from a timeline someone else gives us or we impose upon ourselves. Try giving yourself permission to do something else, and the excitement and creativity will come around again. It always works for me. :)

  11. Sometimes we just have to step back and smell the flowers--it can't be all go all the time.

  12. You are too funny....
    No jet setting for us either.


  13. Your pages are fantastic. I especially love the first one and the flower one. I am trying to keep up with my stitching and gardening. I did start a journal and I may get brave enough to show soon. Sharon

  14. Ha,,what a jetsetter you are! Sounds about like me. Your journal pages are awesome as usual.
    I have been trying to do some kind of art every day lately. Your art is a inspiration to me. Makes me want to draw, paint, and stencil.

  15. Well goo for you...Arghhhh...I have been planning something creative since the weekend and have found too much housework to do! But, I can sure identify with your travel to and from....We find ourselves doing really quick "trips" to the kitchen at commercial...Your art is always great to see...

  16. Love your pages!
    You visited my blog in January during the OWOH giveaway. My mystery novel is now out and my publisher is offering a 10% discount to those who posted to my blog. The coupon code is DAT10. My website for my book is www.thehousemysteries.com. Come visit me and check out my book. ~Denise

  17. O! Janet I was go
    ing back to my old posts just to find a comment from you so I could find you again..........and see how things are with you and yours.

    I am thrilled to find you but will not loose you again now and add myself to your friends if that is ok!

    Good wishes Always Lee-ann

  18. Gosh Janet, I'm kind of glad to read you're slowing down a bit. I couldn't keep up with you and I was feeling like I needed a Janet pill...or a Janet energy drink or better still, a Janet cocktail...LOL I think you are amazing in all you do and share. The box page is a wow for me...and I had to laugh at your post today...sounds just like me!!! Home is our castle! TTYL!

  19. Anonymous5:57 AM

    You and your hubby travel to places just like we do...from our chairs. Your journal pages are great. I like the one about the boxes...can I use that quote sometime? Happy arting!! Peace, Mary

  20. The box page is so awesome! Made me lol. :)

    I've really slowed down too. I'm getting cranky about the idea of working on soooo much, just want to take one idea at a time and savour it slowly.


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