Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Little Bit of Snoozin' and Some Cleaning....

Today I'm in the studio. Not all fun though. I got up early and did my art journal page for today, then stood back and looked at the studio and decided it needed some attention. What do you think?

As you can tell, I have been going through some magazines, clipping out images I like. They're all over the floor.

This work table still has some open space which is amazing! And you can see my hot pink glass of ice water that is always close by wherever I am.

I'm not going to get any help from these guys today....

Harley is snoozing on the couch in the family room....

and LuLu is snoozing in the extra office chair. She blends right in, doesn't she? They lead such a tough life!!

Gosh, can you believe it! I'm actually caught up on posting my art journal pages! Here's the one I did for today.

June 25:

Ok, I'm off to bring order to the chaos!! I doubt that I'll be completely successful but I'm going to give it a shot. I hope you're all having a great day. And Happy Birthday to Julie and Pirk!!!


  1. I think my studio looks a lot like that...only more so. You have to add some scattered piles of fabrics and assorted sewing projects to all the art supplies!
    I did clean the bathroom down there this morning...and put the sink on my blog! LOL!

  2. You GO..Girlie! Good job. Have yu been to our GPS blog today?

  3. LOL, Janet. Your place looks like mine. I will clean up and then it lasts for about four days. :)

  4. Your assistants look like my assistants ... tired but happy! :D

    What's wrong with your studio? Looks like a happy, used space! :D

  5. Janet your studio looks like mine did after I worked cleaning it all day - I have to finish tomorrow.

  6. Janet,
    I like your journal page..
    Studio looks good to me..It funny how we all have piles of things in the floor of our work space. LOL

  7. I like the new look of the header.
    I feel bad, I totally missed it this year, I was so into thinking about my mother. Happy Anniversary
    a little late. My craft room is a lot messier than norm, always is when I scrapbook ???? The cats are doing what cats do best, SLEEP.
    We are going for the biopsy tues. I will keep you posted.

  8. I love your new look blog Janet! Fantastic:)

  9. True to life studio photos and your cats are adorable. I have two muses like that too. They like to sleep in the sun spots. Hey I saw a tote bag the other day that said "a beautiful mess" on it. I think we all need one of those!

  10. I love your new banner! You're so lucky you have a studio. I hope to have one of my own someday.


  11. Janet
    The new look is great!
    Had to laugh at your studio.
    You make some good stuff there...after you clean it you won't be able to find anything.

  12. Hope you got the art room sorted, I think next time round I shall come back as one of your cats! Harley especially looks as though he lives the life of Reilly!

  13. Love to have company! My craft room is always a mess, and I just don't have any leftover energy to clean it. As soon as I do, I can't find a darn thing anyway, and I don't want to create because it's fun.
    Your kitties are so sweet.

  14. Bless those little kitties.... they have worked so hard. I am afraid I would sit on LuLu as she blends in beautifully. My studio is in shambles again. Sharon

  15. Hi, Janet,

    Your LuLu looks an awfully lot like my late Dusty girl (have I said that before)?

    It's a good thing that you and I have an art place we can leave and shut the door - LOL!

    Thanks for the birthday shout-out!


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