Friday, June 12, 2009

A Little Purchase I Made....

This will be a quickie post but I'll be back later to share some art. First off, I re-did my blog list....finally! I hope I didn't leave anyone out! I also did some other rearranging on my blog and sort of cleaned things up a bit. Whew!! After all that cleaning I think I'll have to wait to do the house!! (I'll use any excuse I can come up with!)

I want to share with you something that arrived in my mailbox recently. My blog friend, Nydia lives in Brazil, has just moved into a new home, and has the most adorable little boy named Lucas. (I'm in love with him!) I have been reading her blog for awhile now but had never noticed her Etsy shop link. Sometimes I'm just not too quick! Well, when I finally learned she had a shop I went right over and took a peek....and found something wonderful to buy. I hope you visit her shop (here) too.

When the package arrived not only was my purchase there but Nydia and Lucas had included some other things too.

This handmade card from Lucas....

He also sent me a little bookmark he made but I forgot to get a picture of it.

And Nydia sent me this card....

Now here's the item I bought from her....inside this little pouch....

this set of runes....all handmade using felt and embroidery!!

Her work is just amazing! Each one is perfect. And the embroidery is done in lavender! Thank you, Nydia and Lucas!!


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  2. I shall go and visit Nydia...And, I love the runes in the little bag, how precious is that? Amazing, isn't it, that we can communicate across the world. Lucky you..Will look for your art..
    See you around...
    Margaret from (The Bucket List)

  3. How beautiful the embroidery is! And what a fun package! We make such good friends here!

  4. What a bunch of neat things to find. I do the same thing, sometimes not noticing the Etsy shop until way later, I think my mind just can't take it all in anymore, maybe.

  5. Oh my goodness ... runes and lavender ... WOW! I'm off to visit.

  6. Your blog looks beautiful! I love the embroidered runes and sweet gifts you received. I have never visited this blog. I'm off now to see her shoppe and blog now.


  7. What a sweet gift!! Beautiful!

  8. Janet, These things are lovely. The cloth bag and lavender embroidered rumes are just so sweet. I am amazed at the creative ingenuity of artists around the blogs:)
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. I enjoy reading Nydia's blog too and, I agree, she is such a lovely and talented lady. Fabulous rune! And what adorable cards...lucky YOU!

  10. I will have to visit Nydia..I love the runes..Hope to see your work soon. Have a good weekend.

  11. Yes those runes definitely had your name on them, what with the lavender embroidery.

  12. that is a fantastic set of runes! I Must check out her Etsy.. I love Etsy!
    thankyou for the lovely comment on my latest post, it really touched me xoxo

    had a chuckle about the housecleaning having to wait :)

  13. How wonderful a gift from both Nydia and her son!!! I miss those days when my sons would do crafts with me!!!
    Thanks for sharing your treasures...

  14. Janet
    Hi! Lovely Runes Nadia made.
    She is great! So many fantastic people around the world...
    Bloglandia is awesome!

  15. Your blog looks great!
    What an amazing purchase, the rune stones are so original!

  16. Felted, embroidered runes - what a cool idea! Love the cards too. How did we ever find cool stuff before the internet & etsy?! It's wonderful how small the world has gotten and how we can have friendships spanning the globe...
    Hope you're having a good weekend!

  17. Those runes are amazing! And its so sweet that each of them made you a card. Sounds like a lovely lady and boy.

  18. Hi Janet! Wow..I love those Runes! Very groovy...Packages are the best! I was so excited when I got Kai's flag the other day! Wheee! How is your daughter doing??

  19. OK, you are making me nervous here. 3 whole days without posting. I sure hope all is OK. Thinking about you.

  20. Thinking of you and wondering if you are okay. What a wonderful little bag, and each thing sewn with such care.
    Hugs, Mary

  21. Those felt runes are lovely and I like the results of your rearranging, there's a nice fresh feel to The Lavender Loft.

  22. The felt runes are the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. What a marvelous idea!!

  23. Oh, only today I could read this post of yours, Janet! You're the sweetest, thanks for your lovely words and advertisement! :o) It was our pleasure to make these cards, you surely deserve more.
    Kisses with love from us.

  24. And loveed the new layout!!! And your wedding photos!


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