Saturday, June 20, 2009

Up Early on Saturday....

It's the weekend!! Do you have lots of fun things planned? I hope wherever you are that the weather is storms or anything bad. I know parts of the country have been having some pretty severe storms recently so I hope you're all safe.

I'm not sure what we're doing this weekend so I decided to get my journal pages up to date and posted early.

June 17:

Just playing around with a lot of things here.

June 18:

This is a stencil from Mary Ann's class.

June 19:

This was a background that I had in my journal and I wasn't crazy about it so I started doodling/painting on it and ended up with this! Not sure I like it but it was fun.

June 20:

Yes!! I actually got up early today and already have my page finished!! It's been so nice to be able to spray paint recently. On the left side it says "the world is a colorful place"

Ok, that's it for today. Get out there and have some fun!! Or stay inside if the weather's bad and play in your studio. Just have a great weekend!!!!!