Friday, July 31, 2009


It's Friday, the end of the month....where did July go?? I've completed another month of art journaling. I still can't believe I'm doing this! Anyone who has been with me for any length of time knows that I struggled for so long wanting to do an art journal but never "getting" it. I looked at other people's journals online and just couldn't get the hang of doing one myself. Sounds really crazy now when I look back. I have to give credit to Kelly Kilmer for getting me started. Once I got going I don't want to stop!

I'm taking her class again in August. I think I learn as much from the other people as I do from Kelly. It's great to see how everyone interprets her instructions in a different way.

So here's my last page for July....

July 31:

And this is so true....I am so easily bored. I really have to be doing something all the time. I can't just sit quietly and watch tv....I have to be doing something. Well, I take that back....if I'm watching "Lost" I can sit for hours and just watch!!

Are you easily bored?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

All Healthy!

This will be another quickie post! I got my page finished this morning but had to do grocery shopping early before the heat set in and then when I came home I had tons of fresh fruit and veggies to deal with. Our new juicer is really getting a workout every day! HB and I have a "cocktail" each evening of apple, carrot, celery, cabbage, and ginger. It's delicious! And I usually have some kind of juice for my lunch. I'm so happy I bought the juicer and I highly recommend getting yourself one if you can.

I guess it pays to be mostly vegetarian. I recently had a check-up (something I haven't had in years!!) and got myself set-up with a doctor. The nurse and the doctor were both amazed that I'm not taking any medications. Not even OTC stuff unless you count the occasional vitamin. All my blood work results came back yesterday and my cholesterol is 170. My LDL was 100, my HDL was 57, and my triglycerides are 63. I think that's pretty darn good for almost 66 years old! Sorry to give you TMI but I'm very happy with the results!

Now here's my page for today....

July 30:

Remember you can view this in a larger size on my flickr page.

The colors are a little off in the scan because the purple-ish paper looks very dull and gray. In person it looks much better.

I hope you've had a healthy and creative day and one that isn't too hot....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paper Dolls....

Today I'm a bit late getting here....just no energy for much. And not much to write about except the heat and I know you're tired of hearing about that!!

Here's my page for today....

July 29:

This was another fun page for me. And it sure brought back a lot of memories. As far back as I can remember I always loved paper dolls. My mom and I would go shopping "downtown" every Saturday morning when I was a kid, and if I had been good (wasn't I always!!) she let me pick out something from the dime store....I'm really showing my age now. Do they even have dime stores anymore? Anyway, most of the time I would choose paper dolls. I loved the ones of movie stars. Wish I still had some of those now!

When I got older, my best friend Gail and I would sit by the hour drawing and designing clothes for our paper dolls. We used Frederick's of Hollywood catalogs as inspiration and sometimes we cut out a picture to use as our doll. That was back when Frederick's catalogs were all hand-drawn and the women portrayed were overly voluptuous and sexy! We loved those catalogs! I bought an old one a few years ago on ebay just to keep for sentimental reasons.

Ok, I'm going back to vegging out and staying cool. I hope you have a fun day....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I Signed Up Again....

I hope if you haven't already, you'll read my previous can't miss's entitled "Please Read This." You never know when you'll need the help of all of us here in Blogland.

As you know I've been doing Kelly Kilmer's A Prompt a Day journal class this month. I've had such a good time that I've signed up to do it again in August! I also have another class beginning next month so I'll be a busy gal. I'm not even going to tell you all how behind I am in visiting blogs....I'm sure you already know! And I'm not going to keep apologizing for it. I only have so many hours each day and so much energy when it's hot so please bear with me. You know I love you and I'll be by to visit when I can.

With that said (for the quadruple zillionist time!) here is my page for today. This one was fun to do. I like doing "happy" pages rather than sad ones.

July 28:

Also I have received some goodies in the mail but I haven't had time to take any photos yet. All I can say is THANK YOU Beth and made my day!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Please Read This.....

My second post of the day but I couldn't wait 'til tomorrow for this. I just learned about this and I'm passing it on in the hope that you will all pitch in and help Megan.

Kelly Rae has a post that explains all about it here. This is directly from Kelly Rae's post: "....megan.... is a dear college friend of one of my best friends and she is also a reader of this blog, making her a part of our community. megan is 36 years old. she is deeply loved by her family and friends. she is vibrant. talented. sassy and passionate. earlier this year she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer with mets to her bone, lungs, liver, and brain. her story is heartbreaking, but to make matters worse, her insurance (blue shield of california, her employer based plan) has denied life saving treatments prescribed by her doctors, including brain radiation and a crucial medication that targets and removes the cancer from her body (referred to as a 'smart bomb')"

Please go over and read more about Megan and make a contribution if you can. We all need to help each other in times like this.

Not My Favorite....

This will be another quickie! I've got tons of things to get done today and I want to do them before the really killer I'll just post my page for the day. This one was a real downer to do and not one of my favorites. There's so much to be said about this subject and so little room to do it on a single page. I didn't do too good.

July 27:

I hope no one reading this has ever experienced this. It's just too terrible for words.

Sorry to leave you on such a sad subject on a Monday morning! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are and that it isn't too hot.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Just popping in to post my daily page. It's hot, I'm lazy and there's not much going on here so I won't waste your time rambling on about nothing!

July 26:

Now I'm going back to the studio and daydream about delicious yummies!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hair....Not the Musical!

This will be a quickie this morning as I have to get ready....I have the dreaded boobie squish this morning otherwise known as a mammogram!

I got up extra early so I could get my page done before I have to leave the house because once my day gets going on the weekend I find it difficult to get back into the studio.

So here's my page for today....this one was fun!

July 25:

This is all true and I have tons of pictures of myself as a child, mostly taken during the summer months, with my hair in pin curls and a hairnet over them all! Very stylish and what a great way to remember your childhood! My mom was obsessed with making my hair curly for my dad. And since I grew up in the Midwest where it's HUMID and a bit windy, most of her efforts only lasted a few minutes! Such a waste of time and effort.

Oh, well, I got over that and now I usually comb my hair with my fingers! If it takes me more than a couple of minutes to "do" my hair then that's too long! From one extreme to another....that's me!!

Go out there and have yourself a great weekend!!!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Grape Harvest!!

Last night HB and I harvested our grapes. The past couple of years the grapevines didn't do much but this year we got quite a nice bunch of grapes....

Here they are all washed and piled up in the strainer to dry.

The birds always like to get at them so we use netting over the vines which is good for keeping the grapes safe but then when it's time to pick them it's a hassle. Some of the bunches were growing through the netting so it was a challenge to get them but we managed. We left a few smaller bunches on the vines so the birds could have a treat, too.

We have three grapevines that were here when we bought the house. Two of them produced these grapes and the third vine has a couple of bunches still trying. I think they're champagne grapes....those very small grapes. We've had grapes from that vine in the past but it seems to be slower than the others. Since we've lived here we've planted one more grapevine but it's still pretty small and hasn't produced anything yet.

So now I have plenty of snacks for awhile! I love grapes!! And frozen grapes are a great hot weather snack.

I got up early this morning and did my journal page even before I came downstairs! Here it is....

July 24:

This page was fun to do....I've had that picture for probably 10 or 12 years! I just love the woman in the bath with her cowboy hat on and the boots beside the tub. If you're having trouble reading this page you can see it larger on flickr.

Have a fun day!!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Tears....

After reading through some of your comments from yesterday's post I have tears in my eyes. They're happy tears but tears nonetheless. I always think in terms of what you all give me through blogging....your encouragement and support and inspiration....and never think about what I may give. Several times you said I inspire you. Just that one simple sentence is enough to make me cry!

I have been inspired by so many of you and if I give back even one tiny bit of that then I'm amazed. I never think of myself as inspiring....never think of my art that way either. I never even consider that I might be inspiring someone else. So to all of you who said I inspire you, I say a huge THANK YOU!! You made my day!

As you know, I play in my studio every day. I create a lot of stuff that never makes it to the pages of this blog! Some because it gets thrown away and some because I just forget about it. I have several books that I use as an art journal but mostly I work in my one big artist's sketch book that's about 8x11. That's what all my pages for Kelly's monthly classes have been in. But I also have a couple of hardcover books that are worthless and I use them for art journals as well. If the paper is good and not too flimsy I like to use crappy books because I figure they need to be useful in some way!

Today I have a couple of pages from one of those books to show you. One that I did back in June and one I just did today....although it isn't my page for Kelly's class.

These two pages have the same background color....when I'm painting and I finish with a color, if there's anything left on my palette I just slap it down on a page in one of my journals. That's how these pages began. I like using this book because its size is's almost square, and I think it's about 8x7.

And now here's my page for today....

July 23:

It got a little busy....there's so much going on with the stamps, the papers, the image, and then the journaling! I'm not thrilled with it but it's what I did so I'm showing it.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Life in Blogland....

Today I want to put my journal page at the beginning....

July 22:

This page made me stop and think about the world of blogging. I entered this world back in Feb. of 2006, never for a moment realizing how it would completely change my life. I know I've said this before, many times, but I think it's worth repeating....blogging changed my life.

Without all of you I doubt that I would be doing art today. And if I was, it would most definitely not be anything like what I'm doing now. I might be making little sketches of blank faced women because I didn't think I could draw a face before I began blogging.

I had never taken any kind of art class and probably wouldn't have had the nerve to even if there was one available. Now I've taken several online art classes and learned so much.

I never would have had all the friends from around the world that I have now. And some of my art even resides in some of their homes in other countries.

The support and encouragement I have received from other bloggers has truly been a driving force in the development of my art and for that I am eternally grateful to each and every person who has ever left me a comment. I know that recently it may not seem like I care because I don't respond to comments in a timely manner but believe me that is only because of a lack of time and has nothing to do with a lack of interest.

I have found a wonderful, friendly, encouraging and supportive world of friends here in Blogland and the page I did today is dedicated to all of you. I would be lost without you! I would not be doing art and I would not have grown as much as I have in the past three years.

Thank you....each and every one of you! You make my day when you stop by for a visit.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's All Routine....

With this heat I feel so stagnant. I'm not doing any art other than my daily page. And I have so many ideas brewing in my brain plus a couple of classes coming up. I sure hope I'm up to doing them when the time arrives! August is not usually a very active month for me!

I am having fun with my new juicer! Thanks for the suggestions for recipes. Between the juicer and the blender I'm doing a mostly liquid diet right now! And fruit smoothies are almost like having a milkshake! When it gets hot I don't care about a lot of heavy food.

Since I'm just rambling and don't have anything to tell you....(I think my brain is fried)'s my daily page....

July 21:

The color is a little off in the scan. That lower piece of paper on the right is actually a purple-blue color and brighter than it's showing here. This was a fun page. I recently bought some new clear stamps and I love them.

I have several sets of those clear stamps and some of the older ones have lost their stickiness and won't stay on the acrylic block....have you had that problem?? If so, how did you fix it? Right now I'm just using double sided tape to make them stick.

I hope you're having a cool and creative day....

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fear of Flying....

Since it's still hot I haven't done much in the way of art except for my daily art journal page. When I get hot I get cranky and lose my energy. Nothing pleases me! I'm sure HB dreads seeing hot weather!

Yesterday HB cooked out on the grill....he did enough stuff to last for several days so at least we don't have to worry about cooking for awhile. Plus the fridge is loaded with fruits and veggies because I just bought a juicer. We have been wanting one and the other day I was in Bed Bath and Beyond for something else and I spotted juicers. I bought a Breville since earlier I had read some good reviews on that brand. So far we love it.

So between the juicer and the blender I can have smoothies and juice drinks all summer long. Yum!! Do you make juices, and if so what's your favorite kind? I have a couple of juice books from my old bookstore and they helped get me started. I'll probably be making up all sorts of weird concoctions!

Here's my page for today....

July 20:

(Remember if you want to see this larger check it out on my flickr page.)
This page is so true! I hate to fly!! HB is going to be flying to the Pittsburgh area early in August for a family reunion....but I won't be going. There's something about being in a confined space with someone else in control that I don't like! I don't like the feeling that I can't leave if I want to. I've flown in the past but it just isn't my thing. I don't like anything about it. So I keep my feet on the ground and wait for that bridge to be built over the ocean so I can drive to Europe and England and elsewhere!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Heat Is On!!!

Yesterday HB and I got out to do some stuff and on the way home I snapped this photo of the dashboard temperature reading....I hope you can read it.

It says 109ยบ!!! It has been so hot and I'm just not enjoying it like I did the cooler weather.

But I do get up early and get my page done each day so I have to give myself credit for that!

July 17:

July 18:

July 19:

Remember if you want to see these bigger I usually do that on flickr.

Today the temps are expected to be as high or higher than yesterday so HB and I are grilling a bunch of chicken for him and veggie stuff for me so we don't have to cook later in the day and we'll also have some leftovers for next week. We stocked up on fresh fruit and salad makings because when it's this hot I don't like eating a lot of heavy foods.

I hope wherever you are that it's nice and cool today....think of me and send me some cool air!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Morning Daydreaming....

HOT...HOT...HOT!! All our cooler-than-normal days are gone and they've been replaced by heat! I'm hibernating in the studio. I am not a hot weather person. And here I am living in the high desert of Southern California!

At least my studio is much more comfortable this year since HB installed the screen door and made it possible for me to leave the door open. We mostly use our swamp cooler/air chiller rather than the a/c and that means I need to leave the door open to get circulation. My cats have gotten used to the screen door and seldom pay any attention to it. I was afraid they might try to climb it if they saw me inside but Harley doesn't pay any attention at all, and LuLu just sits at the door and meows. Sometimes, if I don't have too much stuff on the floor, I let her come in but most of the time the cats are not allowed in the studio.

This morning while it was still very early I worked on my page for today. I like getting up and going straight into the mind works best in the mornings and especially very early. I'm a morning person. I'm that annoying person who loves the bright sunshine, opens every curtain and blind and lets it all inside. I chatter endlessly in the morning....even when I'm here alone!! I love mornings!!

Here's what I created this morning....

July 16:

I'm not sure if you can read the bottom part upside down! This is what it says: "looking up at the clouds makes me think of all the hours I've spent in the maze of my mind....daydreaming....hours and hours wandering through the twists and turns and endless paths that make me who I am"

And boy, do I ever spend a lot of time daydreaming!! It might be my favorite pastime. I've always been a daydreamer and can get lost in my own mind! I'm sure that much of my life has been spent daydreaming. If I could just harness all those thoughts I might be able to accomplish something!

Get out there and make it a wonderful, creative day!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's a Watermelon Kind of Day....

Yesterday I was mostly out of commission. I had a killer headache....something that doesn't happen very often. I spent most of the afternoon and early evening lazing about. It was one of my "jet-setter" days where I traveled a lot....from the bed to the couch and back again!!

Luckily I got up early and did my daily page before the headache struck otherwise it wouldn't have gotten done.

July 14:

July 15:

Looking at this one now that I've uploaded it, I think I should have written something on that light yellow piece on the upper right side....I can always add something later. It just looks rather naked! Maybe I'll add some kind of stamp.

Today it's HOT! I've been in the studio most of the day but I did run out and buy a watermelon! It seemed like the perfect thing to munch on. And it's all mine since HB doesn't like watermelon. Now who doesn't like watermelon!! That's just weird! Oh, well, more for me!

I hope your day is cooler than mine and very creative....

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Disappeared Over the Weekend!!

And I was doing so good about posting my art journal pages each day!! Then I got behind again over the's always difficult to get things done on the computer when HB is here. We don't have a lot of time to spend together so when he's home I try to spend time with him.

I have been busy in the studio....nothing I can share with you right now though. And of course, I've been keeping up with my pages. It's been hot but nothing like some of you are experiencing. So far this summer we've been pretty lucky and it hasn't been broiling yet!!

Several people have asked me about the books I showed the other day and as soon as I get some time to actually read through them I'll let you know what I think. I usually skim through books like these and then when I have some free time I'll actually go into them in more depth. So when I do that I'll let you know. So far just skimming I can see that The Creative Edge is going to be one I'll like....lots of good techniques I saw just flipping the pages.

Since there isn't much going on right now I'll show you my journal pages and get out of here!

July 11:

July 12:

July 13:

That's all for today....

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Just Couldn't Resist....

After all that wonderful news a couple of days ago, I'm back to normal again which means I'm late posting my journal pages! And I'm still pretty much absent from Blogland. I'm still working on the project here at the house....going through about 10 years worth of files and trying to organize them, shred what we no longer need, and establish a good filing system. When I still worked, filing was always at the bottom of my list of things I liked to do and nothing has changed! I still hate to file.

I am managing to do my journal page each day so that's something. Not much art being done other than that though. Tons of ideas, and then today while I was out to get my hair cut I stopped in at B&N and bought three new books! Am I nuts?? Don't answer that! These are the books I got today....

Can't wait to get into them later this evening.

And here are my journal pages....

July 9:

I'm not too happy with this one. I think it looks too juvenile. Oh, well, ya win some and ya lose some!!

July 10:

Ok, that's all I've got for today! I hope you're having an art-filled day....

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Secret is Out!!

Wow! I have so much to tell you today! First of all I received a wonderful blog award from Angela Recada a few days ago....

This is such a beautiful award....thank you so much, Angela. I went to the originator's blog and read what she had to say about this award...."I designed this award to celebrate art in the blogs and to honor the value of friendship, sisterhood, sharing and caring. It is to be awarded to the gifted, accomplished, eloquent and talented blogger whose friendship and influence inspire us to do our best. That I named it after Bella Sinclair is because she epitomizes all of these things. She is an inspiration to many of us.”

I feel so happy to receive such a wonderful award. I just love it.


Over the past few months I've had a big secret! I was contacted by the beautiful and talented Julie and asked to participate in a very special, top-secret project. She, along with JeriAnn and Lisa were putting together a book for Michelle Ward. Michelle's sister died a year ago and the book would be a way of helping her through a difficult time.

Believe me, it was sooooo hard to keep this a secret! I think there were 39 artists who participated in this project and you know how hard it is to keep a secret with just one person let alone 39!! But somehow we did it. The book has now been delivered and you can read all about it on the links I've provided plus all the pictures are located here on flickr.

Here is the page I did....front

and back....

To say this was an honor and a privilege is putting it mildly! There are so many wonderful and extremely talented people who worked on this and I felt a little star struck when I read through all the names. Thank you, Julie, for including me in this project. And big hugs to Michelle at a very difficult time.


And here are my lowly art journal pages after all that!

July 7:

July 8:

I'm still in the midst of my big clean up project at home so you might not see me around much for another day or so. Have a great day!!!!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Exercise Is a Four-Letter Word!

Lately I've been in such a groove about my pages. I'm even getting them posted each day so you don't end up with one post and tons of photos! Today I am beginning a couple of big clean-up projects around the house. Things I've been putting off for way too long!

But I did get up early and get my page done for today so here it is....

July 6:

Doing this page made me realize how silly I've been about exercising so out came the treadmill and I did 45 minutes. Now let's see if I continue. One day does not make an exercise routine!! I need to follow my own advice and "Just do it!" My biggest problem is I can always think of 10 other things I could be doing if I wasn't exercising. Why can't it be fun and enjoyable?!! And art related!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not Much Happening....

Just popping in to upload my daily art journal page. HB and I are enjoying a lazy, relaxing Sunday afternoon. We watched fireworks from our front yard last night....sat out with our neighbors and enjoyed all the sights and sounds of the Fourth.

July 5:

See you tomorrow!!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

photo from


I hope you're all enjoying a cookout, or a picnic, or some other outdoor activity. Have fun. Here's my journal page for today....not Fourth of July themed.

July 4:

This was a fun page to do....brought back lots of memories. This trip was from our hometown in Decatur, IL to my aunt's house near Mullinville, KS. It was a family reunion of my dad's side of the family. It was the first time my kids met most of these relatives and some of them made a lasting impression! There were a lot of firsts on this trip....some good, some bad but it was a trip I will always remember.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Some Fun and Some Art....

I haven't done a meme in such a long time so when I saw this one on Rowan's blog I decided to do it. Feel free to take it and play along if you know me, I never tag.

What is your current obsession?
Art and more specifically, my art journal....could you tell?!

What is your weirdest obsession?
I'm not sure I have one!

What are you wearing today?
Black shorts and a purple tee (what other color is there!) and I'm barefoot!

What’s for dinner?
Don't know yet but maybe leftovers.

What would you eat for your last meal?
That seafood collage we had for our anniversary, followed by lots and lots of ice cream. If it's my last meal I'm gonna have something sweet!

What’s the last thing you bought?
Groceries and a couple of tee shirts....surprisingly it wasn't something art related!

What are you listening to right now?
Mostly beautiful silence with the occasional bird song.

If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
Probably somewhere along the central coast of California, overlooking the ocean.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
Just an hour!! Whew! Maybe visit England and see where part of me came from.

Which language do you want to learn?
I've never been good at this but maybe French or Italian because they sound so beautiful.

What’s your favourite quote (for now)?
Not a quote but a prayer I recently saw on Lia's blog:
God grant me the serenity to accept the fact
that I can't make every room in this house a craft room:
Give me courage to clean the studio I have;
and wisdom to know the difference.

What is your favourite colour?
Hhmmn, let me think....wonder what it is? Oh, yes, PURPLE!

What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own wardrobe?
After my little tirade the other day I think you know me and clothes aren't on the same page. I don't think I have a favorite piece of clothing unless you count my favorite jeans.

What is your dream job?
The one where I get paid tons of money for staying home and making art!

Describe your personal style?
Casual, quirky, sometimes flamboyant

What’s your favourite tree?
Never thought about this! I like weeping willows and huge oak trees.

What are you going to do after this?
Spend the day in my studio.

What’s your favourite fruit?
I eat bananas every day but I think watermelon is high on my list right now....oh, and blueberries and blackberries and....heck, I love them all!

What inspires you?
Looking at wonderful art on the internet, birds singing, sometimes something I've read....and all of you!

Your favourite books?
I don't have a favorite. I just love books....all of them.

What are you currently reading?
"The Joy of Living" - Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche; "The Land of Mango Sunsets" - Dorothea Benton Frank; and "Celebrate Your Creative Self" - Mary Todd Beam

Go to your bookshelf, take down the first book with a red spine you see, turn to page 26 and type out the first line:
landmark style were immdiately recognized when Ward described him as the artist responsible for the immensely popular Coca-Cola advertisements and roadside highway billboards. This is from "Gil Elvgren" a book about glamorous pin-ups.

So after all that, here's my art journal page for today....

July 3:

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July!!!!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fins Are In....Maybe Not!!

Thanks for all the great responses and emails I got from my rant yesterday! It helps to know I'm not alone. Now if we can just figure out a way to get the designers to pay attention!


My journal page for today was a fun one to make and it brought back all kinds of memories. I went online and found a photo of a car like the one I learned to drive in....a 1961 Cadillac Coupe de Ville....brand, spankin' new and it belonged to my boyfriend's father! I'm sure the dad NEVER knew his son was letting someone learn to drive in his new car!! And it was such a huge boat of a car, too. When I was a teenager I really didn't have any strong desire to drive. And strangely neither did my son when he got older. Guess we're just weirdos!

I drove for quite awhile without ever getting my license!! Kids, don't try that today! But finally when I applied for a job at our newspaper that required a license I went and took the test. I passed on the first try even though I can remember being very nervous. After all that I didn't take the job at the newspaper but instead went to work as a telephone operator for Illinois Bell (I did a post about that here.)

So here's my journal page for today....

July 2:

I love the angle of the photo showing those huge fins on the back of the car. Why on earth did we ever think those were cool???

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Shopping is NOT My Favorite Pastime!

I managed to make it through yesterday and even got to visit some blogs! Days when I have a lot of errands to run are the worst! And I had several items to return. I'm a stickler when it comes to things I buy. I save every receipt. I make an envelope for each week and all the receipts go in there. No matter what it is, if I don't like it I return it! Recently HB and I bought new vitamins. We usually take Centrum Silver but we noticed they had special ones for men and for women so we decided to try them.

I'm one of those people who has LOTS of trouble swallowing pills. So when I opened the bottle and saw the size of them I knew they were going straight back to the store!! The ones for women were much bigger than the ones for men. I might have been able to get those down but no way would I swallow the horse pills for women!! HB said he didn't think they'd take them back because they were open but they did. I've returned all kinds of things....for all kinds of reasons.

And once again for my journal page I used one that I had done some work on already.

June 30:

I just added a couple of stamped birds to the big stenciled bird (can you tell I like that little stamp!) some writing and a sticker and called it done!

Today I began the July A Prompt a Day with Kelly Kilmer. I love having a prompt each day. It makes me think a little more about what I'm doing.

July 1:

This one is so true. I'm all about comfort. In my younger days I loved to shop for clothes but now it seems harder and harder to find anything that I can wear. I'm not about to wear skimpy little tops and clingy fabrics. Do designers think everyone is 16 years old? I wish there was a place to find nice looking clothes that are age appropriate. And why do they insist on putting horizonal stripes on larger sized clothes?? And huge pockets right on the front of shirts? I sure don't need pockets on my boobs! What on earth would I carry in them? My other pet peeve is sleeves or the lack of. Most of the sleeves on tee shirts wouldn't cover my shoulder! I don't need to have my upper arm exposed to the world! It's bad enough that I have to see it. Are clothing designers just sadistic? I don't understand why it is that with people getting bigger why clothes are getting smaller. And if there are so many baby boomers out there why are all the clothes made for teenagers. I'm sorry to go off on a rant but this is one of my major gripes!!

Now that I got that off my pocketless chest, I'll end this little tirade and wish you all a great and creative day. Go out and have some fun!!! I'm staying home and playing in the studio.