Thursday, July 30, 2009

All Healthy!

This will be another quickie post! I got my page finished this morning but had to do grocery shopping early before the heat set in and then when I came home I had tons of fresh fruit and veggies to deal with. Our new juicer is really getting a workout every day! HB and I have a "cocktail" each evening of apple, carrot, celery, cabbage, and ginger. It's delicious! And I usually have some kind of juice for my lunch. I'm so happy I bought the juicer and I highly recommend getting yourself one if you can.

I guess it pays to be mostly vegetarian. I recently had a check-up (something I haven't had in years!!) and got myself set-up with a doctor. The nurse and the doctor were both amazed that I'm not taking any medications. Not even OTC stuff unless you count the occasional vitamin. All my blood work results came back yesterday and my cholesterol is 170. My LDL was 100, my HDL was 57, and my triglycerides are 63. I think that's pretty darn good for almost 66 years old! Sorry to give you TMI but I'm very happy with the results!

Now here's my page for today....

July 30:

Remember you can view this in a larger size on my flickr page.

The colors are a little off in the scan because the purple-ish paper looks very dull and gray. In person it looks much better.

I hope you've had a healthy and creative day and one that isn't too hot....


  1. Great results from your check up! I don't red meat or pork (haven't for almost 20 years) and my blood pressure is 100/60, my cholesterol is low ( I don't know the exact numbers like you do) though I do take vitamins and such. I fully expect to live to 120 because I have longevity genes on both sides of my family, so I'd better be very healthy. It sounds like you will be around a long, long time too!

  2. Congratulations on the great check up! I was an only child also. Cool? What is that? :)

  3. Great results on your health check, Janet! As you probably know, I was vegan for 11 months last year before going back onto dairy for the past 8 months. I put on weight from the fat in the dairy so now I'm monitoring that side of things. I might get me a juicer!

    Wonderful journal page always.

  4. Wonderful healthy numbers, my numbers are not good because i am over weight. But I am working on them. You probably will live to be a really cute little Ole lady....
    I lived with my Grandparents till I was 7. My cousin who also lived with our Grandparents was born when I was 5. So I had to fill my time, but it was not in play with other children. My Aunts and Uncle kept me under their wing. I think in many ways I kinda skipped my childhood. I am not sure that I really understood fun. I really started enjoying toys and things like parties and day to day fun when my children were born.
    Hugs, Mary

  5. I am glad you are healthy. I have thought about buying a juicer. You are making me think more serious about it with those stats.
    Love the page

  6. Janet,

    Great results I guess you are doing something right. I like your pages lately, I admire your ability to do something every day.


  7. I am curious to know which one you bought..I am interested in juicing...

    and congratulations on your check-up, Janet!!! No medications is FANTASTIC!

    Email me and let me know about that juicer xoxo

  8. Those are wonderful test results. I wish I could be that healthy. You really have discipline to maintain that kind of healthy eating. The juicer sounds great! I Love the journal page too!

  9. Congrats on the health report... keep up the good work. I was not an only child... I was the middle of three but I can identify with every word on that journal page!

  10. I love those colors in your quiet time page. I have seen evenings like this at the lake. (No lake going for me this summer, boo hoo.)

    Congratulations on being so healthy. Of course, it's because you WORK at it. You go, girl!

  11. I'd be proud of those health results too.

    I don't get time to comment as often as I would like Janet but I do pop by to be inspired by your journalling. Thank you for sharing.


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