Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fins Are In....Maybe Not!!

Thanks for all the great responses and emails I got from my rant yesterday! It helps to know I'm not alone. Now if we can just figure out a way to get the designers to pay attention!


My journal page for today was a fun one to make and it brought back all kinds of memories. I went online and found a photo of a car like the one I learned to drive in....a 1961 Cadillac Coupe de Ville....brand, spankin' new and it belonged to my boyfriend's father! I'm sure the dad NEVER knew his son was letting someone learn to drive in his new car!! And it was such a huge boat of a car, too. When I was a teenager I really didn't have any strong desire to drive. And strangely neither did my son when he got older. Guess we're just weirdos!

I drove for quite awhile without ever getting my license!! Kids, don't try that today! But finally when I applied for a job at our newspaper that required a license I went and took the test. I passed on the first try even though I can remember being very nervous. After all that I didn't take the job at the newspaper but instead went to work as a telephone operator for Illinois Bell (I did a post about that here.)

So here's my journal page for today....

July 2:

I love the angle of the photo showing those huge fins on the back of the car. Why on earth did we ever think those were cool???


  1. At one time those FINS WERE IN!! Sleek and fancy and a status symbol. Nowadays that care would fetch a small fortune!
    Like the page you made...(I am so un-artsy!!!)
    And, I will go to your Bell Operator story, as I was an operator for Southwestern Bell and Lincoln Tel and Telegraph. Have a safe 4th~!!
    See U....

  2. But they were cool! Designs change -- just like us! Bell bottoms ... the twist ... hula hoops! Too funny!

  3. Oh its fab. a blast from the past. excellent as always janet
    Hugs June xx

  4. I'm reading backwards, but I love your new banner! I'll be trying to catch up!

  5. And then we have the '57 Chevy! Now that was a cool car! I also like the pointy nosed Pontiac's of the late 50's. I'm just an old bird.

    I didn't care much about driving and had to parallel park on ice and snow in a small space. I barely tapped the bumper on the car behind and the examiner said, "There went your license, and you'd done so well on everything else." I tried again at 18 and sailed through with no problems as it was summer and angle parking in front of the court house. I didn't own a car until I married DH and then have driven since then, but I still don't like driving much. I do it to get from Point A to Point B. Otherwise I wouldn't.

  6. Aloha Janet,
    I think the only things those fins are good for is
    a) Up close photos
    b) Making your car look like the Star ship Enterprise.
    c) Giving cops a good chuckle..

    teehee..TY for posting,
    peace Kai

  7. LOVE the new name and new banner. Very fun! Have a wonderful day!

  8. What a car..You were driving a tank with fins..LOL>.
    Take care .


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