Friday, July 24, 2009

Grape Harvest!!

Last night HB and I harvested our grapes. The past couple of years the grapevines didn't do much but this year we got quite a nice bunch of grapes....

Here they are all washed and piled up in the strainer to dry.

The birds always like to get at them so we use netting over the vines which is good for keeping the grapes safe but then when it's time to pick them it's a hassle. Some of the bunches were growing through the netting so it was a challenge to get them but we managed. We left a few smaller bunches on the vines so the birds could have a treat, too.

We have three grapevines that were here when we bought the house. Two of them produced these grapes and the third vine has a couple of bunches still trying. I think they're champagne grapes....those very small grapes. We've had grapes from that vine in the past but it seems to be slower than the others. Since we've lived here we've planted one more grapevine but it's still pretty small and hasn't produced anything yet.

So now I have plenty of snacks for awhile! I love grapes!! And frozen grapes are a great hot weather snack.

I got up early this morning and did my journal page even before I came downstairs! Here it is....

July 24:

This page was fun to do....I've had that picture for probably 10 or 12 years! I just love the woman in the bath with her cowboy hat on and the boots beside the tub. If you're having trouble reading this page you can see it larger on flickr.

Have a fun day!!!!


  1. Oh yum! I love frozen grapes, too. That pic is so awesome and I love the way you did the page. As for your past couple of posts, let me add that you definitely inspire me as well. It's been amazing to watch you just explode artistically!

  2. Great page and I love grapes, too. Frozen grapes reminds of ice wine ... delicious!!! (but too expensive!)

  3. I love grapes, too! Are you going to eat them now? Or smash them for wine? Or make raisins?

  4. Ahhhh, as hot as it is here in Portland, and more hot weather coming, then frozen grapes sound DELICIOUS~!
    I, too, love the page, the tub, the relaxing atmosphere, and love the imagination from you, Janet!
    Have a GREAT, no----GREATER weekend!
    Stay cool...see you soon

  5. I love grapes, we had to buy ours. The colder the better. It is so hot here, I really hate to cook, so I have been doing very little. Arney likes to Bar-B-que, but it will not cool down till about midnight...that would be a late supper.
    This is so fun, love the hat. And all the lovely colors.
    Stay Cooooooooooo! Your, Mary

  6. I didn't know you had grapes.
    We have vines, but they aren't producing yet.
    OH well, maybe next year.

  7. Great post about blogging. You have come so far in blogland my friend. You inspire me.
    Wish I had some frozen grapes right now!

  8. The grapes look yummy..You really get started early and I love your journal page.

  9. wow! your own grapes, I am impressed.
    love how you are committed to your daily journal pages.. I just procrastinate when it comes to art.

  10. Just noticed your new blog header - very funky! And your grapes DO look delicious.

  11. Yummy grapes... I'm jealous! I just love your journal pages and how that chronicle your memories!


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