Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hair....Not the Musical!

This will be a quickie this morning as I have to get ready....I have the dreaded boobie squish this morning otherwise known as a mammogram!

I got up extra early so I could get my page done before I have to leave the house because once my day gets going on the weekend I find it difficult to get back into the studio.

So here's my page for today....this one was fun!

July 25:

This is all true and I have tons of pictures of myself as a child, mostly taken during the summer months, with my hair in pin curls and a hairnet over them all! Very stylish and what a great way to remember your childhood! My mom was obsessed with making my hair curly for my dad. And since I grew up in the Midwest where it's HUMID and a bit windy, most of her efforts only lasted a few minutes! Such a waste of time and effort.

Oh, well, I got over that and now I usually comb my hair with my fingers! If it takes me more than a couple of minutes to "do" my hair then that's too long! From one extreme to another....that's me!!

Go out there and have yourself a great weekend!!!!


  1. LOVE your new look! Oh that page sure did bring back memories from Laugh-In! tehe

  2. Boobie Squish! That describes it exactly. Hope it comes out negative! Love the hair page. As you may know, I have serious hair issues - curly hair that I want to be board-straight. And humidity only makes mine curlier and we are talking sausage curls. Grrr. I was just thinking that's I'd flat-iron mine today, but it takes an hour and do I really want to spend the time? Anyway, enjoy your weekend!

    Hugs from Coronado

  3. Hope your squish went well. Love the page! Too wonderful!

  4. Thumbs down on the boobie squish.
    Double thumbs up on the journal page and you making up for lost time with your stylish do!

  5. i think you suit the short, spiky look best! great journal page...i remember ruth buzzi from laugh-in too.

    i hope the boobie squishing wasn't too painful. :(

  6. I love the Ruth Buzzy (no sure of the spelling!) photo from Laugh-In - it caught my eye!

    Good luck on your mammo-cram!


  7. THat cracks me up...makes me recall my hair daze too! hah I always had big perms

  8. adore the hair page! i come from a family of curly/wavy hair...on both my mum and dads side so i could never have had anything else! i have always wanted lovely straight hair and remember my late teens spent with crimpers and hairspray! a few years ago i finally gave it and love the wildness! funnily i was thinking of hair last night (i couldnt sleep!) and was busy deciding to have it short again when i am older...funny the things you think in the deep darkness :)

  9. Janet,
    Funny post. We all seem to struggle with hair issues. I was never happy with my curls. When I was a young woman, the ads always featured long, shiny, straight, swingy hair. I tried a variety of treatments (reverse perms, huge curlers, irons, etc) with discouraging results.
    I finally found a good hairdresser because I know I'll never look like the ads.
    As for the mammo, I hope all went well. Sometime I'll share a funny story about my most recent one :).
    Enjoy the weekend.

  10. OMG! That picture of Ruth Buzzi still makes me laugh out loud, spit coffee on the keyboard! We spend our whole life it seems, fighting hair issues, but as we get older we finally realize we should let it do what IT naturally wants to do. I need a good CUT so it all just falls in place, because with shoulder issues I cannot always lift my arms high enough to style. Hope the boobie squish results were fine. I have mine next month. I always schedule it on my birthday so I never forget to do it.

  11. Now that brought back memories, did you every use spoolies?

  12. It was always about the hair. My hair has some natural curl, but that was never enough for my Mother. She had this thing about perms.Then as I was growing up, it was how high can you get it, the higher and bigger the better. By the time Ruth Buzzi came on TV, I had the Vidal Sassoon cut and I loved it. My hair is very thick so it worked great. But when going out I had a wiglet to slap on the top of my head...Remember the Fall, I had one of those too.
    Love the page....always fighting the hair. Hugs, Mary

  13. Ha, Ha, too funny! When I get my hair cut these days I always say "I don't want an old lady haircut."

    And those years of sleeping on brush rollers - how the heck did we do it. And then of course there was the orange juice concentrate cans as rollers stage.

    PS - How did you find a place that would do the squish on a Saturday?

  14. Anonymous10:59 AM

    Janet, loved the "laugh in" page with the little lady with the hair net..and loved the writing...
    Sorry to be tardy here, but the temps in Portland have been the 100's...


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