Thursday, July 23, 2009

Happy Tears....

After reading through some of your comments from yesterday's post I have tears in my eyes. They're happy tears but tears nonetheless. I always think in terms of what you all give me through blogging....your encouragement and support and inspiration....and never think about what I may give. Several times you said I inspire you. Just that one simple sentence is enough to make me cry!

I have been inspired by so many of you and if I give back even one tiny bit of that then I'm amazed. I never think of myself as inspiring....never think of my art that way either. I never even consider that I might be inspiring someone else. So to all of you who said I inspire you, I say a huge THANK YOU!! You made my day!

As you know, I play in my studio every day. I create a lot of stuff that never makes it to the pages of this blog! Some because it gets thrown away and some because I just forget about it. I have several books that I use as an art journal but mostly I work in my one big artist's sketch book that's about 8x11. That's what all my pages for Kelly's monthly classes have been in. But I also have a couple of hardcover books that are worthless and I use them for art journals as well. If the paper is good and not too flimsy I like to use crappy books because I figure they need to be useful in some way!

Today I have a couple of pages from one of those books to show you. One that I did back in June and one I just did today....although it isn't my page for Kelly's class.

These two pages have the same background color....when I'm painting and I finish with a color, if there's anything left on my palette I just slap it down on a page in one of my journals. That's how these pages began. I like using this book because its size is's almost square, and I think it's about 8x7.

And now here's my page for today....

July 23:

It got a little busy....there's so much going on with the stamps, the papers, the image, and then the journaling! I'm not thrilled with it but it's what I did so I'm showing it.


  1. I just read your post for yesterday and left a comment there. You are a true blog friend,Janet! WE have been blogging along for over 3 years! Wow!

  2. I like each and every page. You are busy! Good for you!

  3. This page rings my bell. Arney and I eat so different. He likes everything fried, and I do not. He keeps his weight down, I do not know how...I gain just cooking for him. If I took out the fat foods, the pantry would be bare. He loves chips, anything with salt and oil.
    I love salads, rice, chicken, fruit. He likes beef, fried potatoes, and over done veggies.
    I should do a page on this.
    I love ya friend, Mary

  4. Ooohhhh, love, love, love the colors from today's page.

  5. Love the two ladies, they are quite prim and proper..and the page with the fish, and the different food intake is interesting...I like it...Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your mind's world..Love it!

  6. Love catching up with your pages. So colorful and though provoking. I hope things cool off for you soon but since it's barely August, I'll just send cool thoughts.
    I like the new look!


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