Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Heat Is On!!!

Yesterday HB and I got out to do some stuff and on the way home I snapped this photo of the dashboard temperature reading....I hope you can read it.

It says 109ยบ!!! It has been so hot and I'm just not enjoying it like I did the cooler weather.

But I do get up early and get my page done each day so I have to give myself credit for that!

July 17:

July 18:

July 19:

Remember if you want to see these bigger I usually do that on flickr.

Today the temps are expected to be as high or higher than yesterday so HB and I are grilling a bunch of chicken for him and veggie stuff for me so we don't have to cook later in the day and we'll also have some leftovers for next week. We stocked up on fresh fruit and salad makings because when it's this hot I don't like eating a lot of heavy foods.

I hope wherever you are that it's nice and cool today....think of me and send me some cool air!


  1. I guess we're getting your cooler weather here in TN. It's in the 50s at night and 70s during the day with no humidity! What's happening? I'm not complaining, mind you! But, SORRY! lol

  2. Your pages are so gorgeous. We've been having unusually cool temps so I'm sending lots of cool wishes to you. I can't even imagine 109!

  3. i know that temperature setting very well and i'm not looking forward to the unbearable heat of our summer. :( but, for now, i'm enjoying our winter. :)

    wonderful pages, janet!

  4. Love your pages. I'd send you some cool air, but I'm still looking for ours!

  5. Whish, Whish! That is the coolest air I can send you. We are being hot and something new is coming home on the wind! And I see where Rosa has our temperatures. Go figure!

  6. I'm sorry - I don't think I could take that kind of heat, I complain when it hits 90. Love your pages by the way.

  7. I just got home from the north's hot here too! ACK!
    Hope you are keeping cool but
    at least your art work is cool.

  8. It's been hotter than 'normal' lately here too. What exactly is normal? Anyway, I do love the heat, as I think it's usually cold. the problem is my sewing room faces west, so I get the afternoon sun strongly and the hours from about 2-7, I literally have a sweat shop and it's me doing the sweating! And by the way, love your pages and good for you getting them done in spite of the high temps!

  9. Janet,

    Its hot here but not that hot. I hope you find a way to keep cool.
    Your pages are so great, I am impressed that you keep it up.


  10. I am sending you some of our nice cool weather in AL..It has been cool at night in the 50's and low 80 during the day. It is beautiful.
    The Sky is blue with all these wonderful white puffy clouds.

  11. We had those 109's last week, thank you very much. We had a real cool front come in this w/e, Sat. and Sun. our high was 95 and 98. Hah! I did manage to work in the garage for a couple hours each morning. I organized/filled a new shelf that I got at a garage sale last week. Right now it's only 81 so I'm headed out to spray paint.

  12. Ohhhhh...the heat is on here in Portland, too, Janet~!! Gonna' be 94 today...Luckily, I have air and if not, I would be melted! We too have been doing just the veggies and fruit!...As always, your pages are just great! Thanks for the tips on doing pages, I was inspired with your help...

  13. Aloha Janet..
    Should we be scraping your puddled remains from the sidewalk? 109 degrees!! Good grief!!
    I sweat when it's
    Please stay cool and safe..
    Peace, Kai xx

  14. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Love your new pages! It has cooled off here...unseasonably so. Did you see Verlene's portrait sketches she made...she's taking that Suzi Blu class I'm still deciding about..

  15. Food - we are both so on the same track. I baked a bunch of chicken last night. Today at lunch it was cold chicken mixed up with zucchini and squash and carrots and grapes and held together with a bit of ranch dressing. Best of all - tomatoes from my excuse for a garden. They are soooo good. Cool meal and I will no doubt repeat it tonight.

    We are only 101 today. It's amazing how discernable the heat difference is when you get into the triple digits. Even a matter of 2 or 3 degrees can be felt and appreciated.


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