Monday, July 13, 2009

I Disappeared Over the Weekend!!

And I was doing so good about posting my art journal pages each day!! Then I got behind again over the's always difficult to get things done on the computer when HB is here. We don't have a lot of time to spend together so when he's home I try to spend time with him.

I have been busy in the studio....nothing I can share with you right now though. And of course, I've been keeping up with my pages. It's been hot but nothing like some of you are experiencing. So far this summer we've been pretty lucky and it hasn't been broiling yet!!

Several people have asked me about the books I showed the other day and as soon as I get some time to actually read through them I'll let you know what I think. I usually skim through books like these and then when I have some free time I'll actually go into them in more depth. So when I do that I'll let you know. So far just skimming I can see that The Creative Edge is going to be one I'll like....lots of good techniques I saw just flipping the pages.

Since there isn't much going on right now I'll show you my journal pages and get out of here!

July 11:

July 12:

July 13:

That's all for today....


  1. Hey Janet I love the new banner. Way cool. You and I disrupted both our blogs at the same time. I really like your new name and look. I deleted all my photography since there is the whole book thing coming. No conflict wanted. Tee hee.

  2. Love your pages! It's hard to keep up with everything, isn't it?

  3. Peace, quiet and no drama sounds good to me!:D :D Enjoyed all the journal pages.

  4. Hi Janet,
    I love the journal pages and the last one if my fav...
    I know there is never enough time to do what we want to do.
    Take care,

  5. I really love your pages, they are always new and different. I haven't done anything the past few days...had my Birthday and just relaxed. But I will be at it again.
    It is going to be in the hundreds this week, this was our cool day. I will melt into a coma if I don't find something to do.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  6. I Love them all,,but the No Drama is my fave as I feel the same way! Its been a pretty good summer here so far temp wise. We have had only one week that was miserable and have quite a bit of rain which is awesome. This morning is heavenly and I have my window open enjoying a great breeze, so unusal here for this time of year.
    Have a creative day, Dear Janet!

  7. Those are beautiful pages, Janet. The torn edges make the perfect accent for your well-balanced collages.

  8. Anonymous8:37 AM

    I had my eye on the Rebound book over at Amazon but there were no written reviews on it yet so I didn't know...I'll let you know about Traci's class...the second video is supposed to be up today. I kind of wish that I'd taken the Graffiti Bouquet class but I took this one because it is less expensive and I wanted to get a feel for what she does. She likes to use photo copies of old black and white doodles, etc and that was something new for me. I'll give you another update after today's video. Another class that I'd like to take is Suzi Blue's new portrait's more realistic not the folk type dolls.

  9. Your pages are great.

  10. I had to pop in for a long overdue amaze me! (I've said this many times)
    I can remember a couple of years ago how hesitant you were to show any of your work...and then when you did it blew me away...and continues to do so. I truly feel you've grown...not in to be an artist...that you ALWAYS were....I mean in your comfort level to share the beauty of what you create so we can all share in it.
    Your journal pages are great and I'm so glad we all get to see them as you go along.

  11. Great usual.

  12. You have inspired me to work on my last! I worked on some backgrounds which is my favorite thing to do, It is always great to come here and see your pages! THank you!

  13. I think when you're creative it's hard to keep up with ALL that we want to do and I certainly understand wanting to spend time with the hubby! Your new look and name are marvelous! I saw the new name the other day and thought, "I don't remember that being her name...hmm" :) Love the retro touch with the ladies on your pages too! I hope you're having a great week Janet.

  14. Anonymous1:17 PM

    I like the page that has the artist and the canvas/easel the best. You are so imaginative. You make one want to c-r-e-a-t!!
    Maybe some day I will just grab a piece of papter and
    PS...I usually disappear on the weekend too...


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