Friday, July 10, 2009

I Just Couldn't Resist....

After all that wonderful news a couple of days ago, I'm back to normal again which means I'm late posting my journal pages! And I'm still pretty much absent from Blogland. I'm still working on the project here at the house....going through about 10 years worth of files and trying to organize them, shred what we no longer need, and establish a good filing system. When I still worked, filing was always at the bottom of my list of things I liked to do and nothing has changed! I still hate to file.

I am managing to do my journal page each day so that's something. Not much art being done other than that though. Tons of ideas, and then today while I was out to get my hair cut I stopped in at B&N and bought three new books! Am I nuts?? Don't answer that! These are the books I got today....

Can't wait to get into them later this evening.

And here are my journal pages....

July 9:

I'm not too happy with this one. I think it looks too juvenile. Oh, well, ya win some and ya lose some!!

July 10:

Ok, that's all I've got for today! I hope you're having an art-filled day....


  1. The books look really good. You'll have to give your reviews of them after you've had time to look through them later tonight.

  2. I like both pages! And the books look good too. Happy reading and creating!

  3. I'm having a day, but so far -- it hasn't been art filled! Just HOT!

  4. Janet,
    Your journal pages look great..
    The books you have the book of 365 days. I have never seen that one is it new? Who is it by? I have the Creative Edge and I love it but I love Books.

  5. re-bound? about book binding by any chance? oohhh i would so love to learnt hat art!

  6. Janet I Hate filing also - It was the best day of my life when I became supervisor and could delegate!

  7. I like the new look.

  8. Hermosos trabajos en este blog, sos muy creativa.
    Un beso

  9. I would love to have those books to read tonight, too. I'm glad I have the library! Great art pages, too.

  10. Ooooo...yes! Isn't it fun to have books to get to at day's end?? I love it! And, you did a journal page too...Camping, there is a subject...Keep writing and bloggin' cause it is a fun time at your site...

  11. Looking forward to you telling about these books. I haven't bought anything to ready or look at sence Arney had his surger. We have had to stay on a budget, and this was a No, No for now.
    Camping seemed to start will be very young. My Grandparents went to big camp meetings. There would be hundreds of us in tents. I remember the fiddlers and the soft voices singing all through the camp. I loved the camp fires too, Granddaddy would tell stories about when he was a boy in Mississippi. Funny things, he always was so ready to laught.
    I haven't made anything in a few days. It has been a time for the garden...lavender to cut and weeds in every corner. Tonight Arney is killing Yellow Jackets, he got stung twice today. He is getting around really good on one cruch. I think he will choke the Dr. if he doesn't hear what he wants him to say. Happy Summer, Mary

  12. What juicy looking books, Janet. Please let us know how you like them after you get into them. I recently purchased an art book and was soooo very disappointed. I won't name it because it's by a popular, or pretty well known artist. I wish I had purchased V's book instead! That's next.

    I went to Flickr and checked out some of the pages in that book you participated in. Awesome!

  13. I thought both of your journal pages looked awesome. And the books look like they are going to be great too. I can't resist books either.

  14. love your pages! Speaking of organizing, I read a tip on Quilting Arts webpage about using clear plastic page protecters and a loose leaf notebook to organize all the paper ephemera which hides in piles around here. Doing that was great, each page protector is like a preliminary collage in itself once it if filled with compatible images and papers!

  15. Love B&N, went yesterday, actually came out with no books or magazines though, only my iced MOCHA LIGHT...that was a must have. LOL
    Have fun reading and keep creating Janet!!

  16. Let me know what you think of the Creative Edge. It got 11 "Five Stars" on but it is always good to hear a rating from a real, prolific artist.


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