Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's All Routine....

With this heat I feel so stagnant. I'm not doing any art other than my daily page. And I have so many ideas brewing in my brain plus a couple of classes coming up. I sure hope I'm up to doing them when the time arrives! August is not usually a very active month for me!

I am having fun with my new juicer! Thanks for the suggestions for recipes. Between the juicer and the blender I'm doing a mostly liquid diet right now! And fruit smoothies are almost like having a milkshake! When it gets hot I don't care about a lot of heavy food.

Since I'm just rambling and don't have anything to tell you....(I think my brain is fried)....here's my daily page....

July 21:

The color is a little off in the scan. That lower piece of paper on the right is actually a purple-blue color and brighter than it's showing here. This was a fun page. I recently bought some new clear stamps and I love them.

I have several sets of those clear stamps and some of the older ones have lost their stickiness and won't stay on the acrylic block....have you had that problem?? If so, how did you fix it? Right now I'm just using double sided tape to make them stick.

I hope you're having a cool and creative day....


  1. I'm like you, much more interested in drinking than eating when its hot. Hmmm, that could be interpreted in various ways couldn't it:):)
    Your card arrived this morning, thank you so much - it's really beautiful. The crow is perfect for me - I love crows. You are so talented.

  2. I first want to thank you for the card, it is so pretty...and it is your art!!!! We really didn't do anything for this Birthday..just not the best of times. But we are getting better.
    I love this post...it is just to hot...we are over a 100 right now. Arney is taking a much needed nap.
    And I am trying to stay awake so I will sleep tonight.

  3. Just saw your card over at gemma's post! Very cool!
    I see a familiar bird on this journal page too!

  4. Oh my it's hot here too! Only is a heavy moist heat, where you body feels like it has a layer of modge podge painted on it! I have had no energy, and am mostly eating liquids and cold cereal.... I don't want to cook, or eat. I have made a few slush drinks that start with real frozen fruit! Ever made strawberry lemonade....frozen strawberries, and countrytime!! Try and stay cool.... go to bed wet that's my solution to a good night sleep as I have no air conditioner!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. It is heating up here this week as well so we will escape to the beach for the weekend. I too do not like to eat heavy or hot food when it is hot, last night we had a green salad for dinner.


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