Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's a Watermelon Kind of Day....

Yesterday I was mostly out of commission. I had a killer headache....something that doesn't happen very often. I spent most of the afternoon and early evening lazing about. It was one of my "jet-setter" days where I traveled a lot....from the bed to the couch and back again!!

Luckily I got up early and did my daily page before the headache struck otherwise it wouldn't have gotten done.

July 14:

July 15:

Looking at this one now that I've uploaded it, I think I should have written something on that light yellow piece on the upper right side....I can always add something later. It just looks rather naked! Maybe I'll add some kind of stamp.

Today it's HOT! I've been in the studio most of the day but I did run out and buy a watermelon! It seemed like the perfect thing to munch on. And it's all mine since HB doesn't like watermelon. Now who doesn't like watermelon!! That's just weird! Oh, well, more for me!

I hope your day is cooler than mine and very creative....


  1. I'm glad so glad your head is better today; I know how cripplingly exhausting a terrible one can be. I think you were dreaming of watermelons when you did these juicy pages! My husband loves watermelon so much, he grows them so he can have a big piece every single afternoon in the summer.

  2. The top picture says "looking ahead with anticipation and the next one the lady looks like she is rubbing her temples with a headache---maybe there was a message there Janet and you missed it.
    Hope you feel better now.

  3. I like your changes Janet! I am just finally catching up with my blog visiting ~ Had to come by and check in on you! Hope you enjoy your watermelon and you are able to stay cool! Blessings, Katie

  4. Ooohhh! Owww! I hate when that happens and deplore headaches!

    Watermelon sounds good to me.

  5. MMMMMM! Watermelon! I hope you're feeling better.


  6. Watermelon ... back in the middle ages (uh huh) we used to spike the watermelon with vodka ... fill a syringe and load it up! Kill you or cure you. :D :D

    Watermelon (without the spirits) ... one of my favorite things.

  7. Glad you're feeling better. Love your pages and yummmmmmm...watermelon. We're growing our own this year!

  8. hope your headaches is better~i can really sympathise with you here. i agree with doreen.g-she does look like a lady with a headache.

    i adore watermelon, its my favorite of them all, hope you savour every cooling mouthful

  9. Great pages! Hate that about your headache, not good! I love watermelon too. I canned some Watermelon rind pickles last week. They are to die for,,yummy! It was hot here yesterday but storm and rain came in and its cooler this morning. I hope you have a very creative day!

  10. Glad your headache is better.
    I love watermelon, any melon really - One of the best parts of summer.

  11. Hi Janet

    Have been meaning to say for a while how much I admire your commitment to the journal pages. It is a joy to pop over here and see what you are doing in them.

    Sorry about the headache though.

  12. Hi Janet! We had our 1st watermelon at my mom's Sunday nite & was it good! I think being a southerner, watermelon is a tradition. I created some fun art Sun nite & Tues nite I was rather proud of. I'll upload one of these days.... LOL I did an altered newspaper print I am rather proud of. I turned it into an 8x10 print & it looks well in an inexpensive frame. I wanted a simple frame that would not take away from the piece itself. My 2nd piece was very simple. Brown pieces seem to always work for me for some reason and brown is NOT my signature color! LOL Been enjoying what you have been creating.

  13. Nice pages, love the lady with the binoculars. Sorry about the headache. I get migraines, and they come more often when it's hot. I love watermelon too, esp. when I get a good one that has the flavor I remember. This week my fruit indulgences have been figs and mangoes. But there's a watermelon waiting in the fridge.
    Hmmm, mouth is watering thinking aobut it.

  14. Your pages are so fun...I would love a watermelon right about now.
    It is hot, about a hundred and it is after 9:00 in the evening.
    No more headache, it can take a lot away from a day.
    Big hugs, Mary


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