Thursday, July 16, 2009

Morning Daydreaming....

HOT...HOT...HOT!! All our cooler-than-normal days are gone and they've been replaced by heat! I'm hibernating in the studio. I am not a hot weather person. And here I am living in the high desert of Southern California!

At least my studio is much more comfortable this year since HB installed the screen door and made it possible for me to leave the door open. We mostly use our swamp cooler/air chiller rather than the a/c and that means I need to leave the door open to get circulation. My cats have gotten used to the screen door and seldom pay any attention to it. I was afraid they might try to climb it if they saw me inside but Harley doesn't pay any attention at all, and LuLu just sits at the door and meows. Sometimes, if I don't have too much stuff on the floor, I let her come in but most of the time the cats are not allowed in the studio.

This morning while it was still very early I worked on my page for today. I like getting up and going straight into the mind works best in the mornings and especially very early. I'm a morning person. I'm that annoying person who loves the bright sunshine, opens every curtain and blind and lets it all inside. I chatter endlessly in the morning....even when I'm here alone!! I love mornings!!

Here's what I created this morning....

July 16:

I'm not sure if you can read the bottom part upside down! This is what it says: "looking up at the clouds makes me think of all the hours I've spent in the maze of my mind....daydreaming....hours and hours wandering through the twists and turns and endless paths that make me who I am"

And boy, do I ever spend a lot of time daydreaming!! It might be my favorite pastime. I've always been a daydreamer and can get lost in my own mind! I'm sure that much of my life has been spent daydreaming. If I could just harness all those thoughts I might be able to accomplish something!

Get out there and make it a wonderful, creative day!!!


  1. I often love mornings too! I also love what Emily Dickensen said, "Not knowing when the dawn will come, I open every door."!
    I thought of stencilling that on my bedroom wall, but instead, I just visualize its being there!
    I hope you stay cool and have lots of good time in your studio!
    (I mentioned you in my post today, thanks for the card!)

  2. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Morning person here too. I like the message on your page...great thoughts about daydreaming. I'm ready for some sunshine, we have rain almost everyday this week. Thanks for leaving your nice comment on my blog today!!!

  3. Morning girl, too. I think it's because the birds are busier in the morning and I don't like to miss any of their antics! Good page!

    (I really didn't send the heat your way -- honest!)

  4. I would love the mornings, too, if I didn't have to rush to work. On the weekends I sleep too late for the morning freshness.

    Your art is beautiful, and it always makes me feel so much better just looking at them.

  5. I am a night person, I love that the town for the most part is asleep. It is peaceful. But I must admit that time gets away from me and when I look at the clock it is oh my gosh, it's almost 2:00, now that is early.
    Mattie Ann our faithful Beagle takes great joy in being the alarm clock. She is ready to go at about 5:30 in the morning. I have been known to yell at her a time or two. Arney is a early Bird. He is ready to go, he wants to watch the sun come up. While I lay like a slug.
    Love, Mary

  6. I am a morning person. I knew I wasn't going to do my normal 6 -8 mile walk, so I stayed up late and slept in until 5:45a. I wish I could sleep later, but, the truth is, when I don't get up around 5a, I feel like the day is getting away from me. Sad, but true.

  7. Anonymous1:12 PM

    Greetings, young lady!! I , too, am a mornin' person, and I like to get as much done as soon as possible. Cause I like my afternoon nap about 2-2:30 and wanna' get it all done before..
    Thanks so much for coming over to the blog, I always love to see your comment...
    Question: What type of paper are you using for your journal page?

  8. We're colder than usual! Too bad we can't average out!

  9. I like that journal page.. I do alot of daydreaming.. But not in the morning..LOL..Not a morning person..Have a good weekend.

  10. i hope you get some relief from the heat soon, janet.

    i'm definitely a morning person too and i love well-lit rooms. when i get up in the mornings i always draw the blinds in the lounge and living areas so the light comes in. oh, and i'm a daydreamer too....maybe that's part of why i procrastinate so much. lol

    love your latest journal entry ~ :)

  11. Reaching out from my self-imposed hibernation (in full book mode) to say "HI!" ;D

    Sorry to hear that the temp has started to rise there. It's been 100 plus for the past week here. yuck

  12. I must say I'm fairly chipper in the morning...especially after moving around a bit. I have to have all the blinds open....I don't like a dark house. I knew you'd be getting that heat sooner or's HOT up here too and I am NOT a hot weather gal either!!
    Thank you for the lovely card you sent. NEVER worry about time to comment or email or any of that,'re talking to someone who SO understands!!!
    My art is slow right now and I just know it's the weather...the ideas melt.ha!
    Soon I may call for a chat!
    Stay cool dear friend!

  13. 109f?!!! oh good grief, i am so glad we rarely get that kind of heat over here! i would, i feel, melt!
    i have been busy 'altering' my Moleskine~putting in extra pages from an old journal, pressing some petals from my garden, adding poetry...its such fun :)


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