Sunday, July 05, 2009

Not Much Happening....

Just popping in to upload my daily art journal page. HB and I are enjoying a lazy, relaxing Sunday afternoon. We watched fireworks from our front yard last night....sat out with our neighbors and enjoyed all the sights and sounds of the Fourth.

July 5:

See you tomorrow!!


  1. Hi Janet - it's good to be back in blogging mode and even nicer to have you visit me, when I don't deserve it.LOL
    So glad to see that you're in creative mode and I'm loving your pages. Go Janet!

  2. love that piece of work, i have been to California quite a few times and fell in love!

    by the way~remember your post about the book you found with all the little extras in that someone had created? its been on my mind ever since and so i ordered myself a large soft cover Moleskine to start my own 'special' book that will travel with me everywhere!

  3. Loved the California page. I have found that the most favorite of your pages are the ones with the handwriting on them. I just realized that.


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