Monday, July 27, 2009

Please Read This.....

My second post of the day but I couldn't wait 'til tomorrow for this. I just learned about this and I'm passing it on in the hope that you will all pitch in and help Megan.

Kelly Rae has a post that explains all about it here. This is directly from Kelly Rae's post: "....megan.... is a dear college friend of one of my best friends and she is also a reader of this blog, making her a part of our community. megan is 36 years old. she is deeply loved by her family and friends. she is vibrant. talented. sassy and passionate. earlier this year she was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer with mets to her bone, lungs, liver, and brain. her story is heartbreaking, but to make matters worse, her insurance (blue shield of california, her employer based plan) has denied life saving treatments prescribed by her doctors, including brain radiation and a crucial medication that targets and removes the cancer from her body (referred to as a 'smart bomb')"

Please go over and read more about Megan and make a contribution if you can. We all need to help each other in times like this.


  1. OH, how sad....thanks for the info, Janet ~

  2. I keep clicking on here and it says kelly rae doesn't exist. Just thought you'd want to know there is a hitch. Sharon

  3. Thanks, Janet. Done!

  4. Thank You Janet, I am in!
    Hugs, Mary

  5. THank you Janet..I will check this out. Having had 2 friends lost from cancer I can certainly relate.


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