Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Shopping is NOT My Favorite Pastime!

I managed to make it through yesterday and even got to visit some blogs! Days when I have a lot of errands to run are the worst! And I had several items to return. I'm a stickler when it comes to things I buy. I save every receipt. I make an envelope for each week and all the receipts go in there. No matter what it is, if I don't like it I return it! Recently HB and I bought new vitamins. We usually take Centrum Silver but we noticed they had special ones for men and for women so we decided to try them.

I'm one of those people who has LOTS of trouble swallowing pills. So when I opened the bottle and saw the size of them I knew they were going straight back to the store!! The ones for women were much bigger than the ones for men. I might have been able to get those down but no way would I swallow the horse pills for women!! HB said he didn't think they'd take them back because they were open but they did. I've returned all kinds of things....for all kinds of reasons.

And once again for my journal page I used one that I had done some work on already.

June 30:

I just added a couple of stamped birds to the big stenciled bird (can you tell I like that little stamp!) some writing and a sticker and called it done!

Today I began the July A Prompt a Day with Kelly Kilmer. I love having a prompt each day. It makes me think a little more about what I'm doing.

July 1:

This one is so true. I'm all about comfort. In my younger days I loved to shop for clothes but now it seems harder and harder to find anything that I can wear. I'm not about to wear skimpy little tops and clingy fabrics. Do designers think everyone is 16 years old? I wish there was a place to find nice looking clothes that are age appropriate. And why do they insist on putting horizonal stripes on larger sized clothes?? And huge pockets right on the front of shirts? I sure don't need pockets on my boobs! What on earth would I carry in them? My other pet peeve is sleeves or the lack of. Most of the sleeves on tee shirts wouldn't cover my shoulder! I don't need to have my upper arm exposed to the world! It's bad enough that I have to see it. Are clothing designers just sadistic? I don't understand why it is that with people getting bigger why clothes are getting smaller. And if there are so many baby boomers out there why are all the clothes made for teenagers. I'm sorry to go off on a rant but this is one of my major gripes!!

Now that I got that off my pocketless chest, I'll end this little tirade and wish you all a great and creative day. Go out and have some fun!!! I'm staying home and playing in the studio.


  1. I entirely agree about clothes and sizes. size 12 is a plus size now for heaven's sack. I remember wearing a 12 and being around 120 when I was a girl. What is wrong with designers???

    Here's a tip. If you have a Dress Barn near you, go there. I always find age appropriate clothing there.

  2. Anonymous8:59 AM

    I am the same way about clothes shopping. I like to catalog shop or shop online. I buy from Lands End a lot. I'm short and they have petite sizes that fit me. They have all kinds of tee shirts...fitted or loose. I have managed to keep my weight down but right now I know I need to get back to exercising. Love your journal pages!

  3. I know what you mean about clothes. I still want to dress nice but I'm not skinny like I used to be. I have shopped at Christopher and Banks quite a bit lately and their clothes are better for me! Beautiful art! Have a nice holiday!

  4. Love your pages and love your "little tirade". You are just so adorable!

  5. Tirade on! You are speaking for lots of us. Loved the pages and the little bird stamp ... :D

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  7. Oh Janet! I couldn't agree more with the shopping thing more. I shop like a man. Go into the store and get what you want and out of there. I also return stuff that I don't think is up to par, but have never had the guts to return open OTC's.

    The pocket thing and horizontal strip thing and the plunging neckline stuff is just too . . . much! Laughing through today as I get some computer time in all because of your little rail against stuff. Snicker, snicker and away she goes!

  8. I think we ladies should all band together and have a nice little visit with some of these designers. After are visit they will either get with the program or retire.LOL I agree with everything you have said. I love your one with the birds. I happen to love crows and ravens. Sharon

  9. Janet:
    Right on with regards to the way clothing is designed today!
    I understand about the sleeve thing!No flapping in the upper arms ladies..we need sleeves!
    Loved your e-card and appreciate your encouragement at this time. I have the sketch of the
    "lady in a cast" that you sent me right in front of my PC...she is my inspiration ..I got over that hurdle in life and Janet I will get over this too!
    hugs aNNa

  10. I followed your link to your new art class, really liked all the new sites I found there, thanks...
    I also dislike the little cap sleeve, to much upper arm action to wear them. I think I recognized a few patterns in Mondays post.
    Pages are looking great.

  11. You are so right about clothes..
    They are getting smaller...
    Love your journal pages.. I love that bird!!!!

  12. Janet- I just wanted to stop in really quick and mention that I am diggin' your stencil pages these days!

  13. Ha,,thats so funny! Loved your rant on the clothes. I surely don't need pockets on my boobs either,,lol. I got flabby arms but I don't really care who sees them, its about staying cool down here in the hot,humid south,lol. Love the journal pages and glad they let your return the vitamins,,I hate hugh pills too.

  14. oh I was laughing at your rant about designers! I agree and I wonder why they make long legs in jeans.. as if we are all tall models..

    I love your bird collage/stamp.. gorgeous !!

  15. Yes! Rave On...I hate clothes shopping. It is sooooo hard to find clothes that fit properly and look decent. I try online and off and still have the same problems. I do love the dress barn. The hardest thing for me to find that fits is a proper bra (erg......)

  16. OMG! The clothing rant is so "right on" Janet. Everything is either for teenagers or women my mother's age, which is 87! Nothing much in between. And those sleeves! Even when I find something I might wear, it has those awful sleeves that strike just the most unattractive part of my arm. I do love Chico's stores, they have "arty" clothes for women our age. OH, and I hate shopping too. I only go to Walgreen's, Target, and Costco for most everything. All have the best customer service and simple return policy...even on opened vitamins. I do my receipts just like you do as well. Hubster says I could wall-paper a room with Michael's receipts though...tee hee.

  17. Anonymous7:29 AM

    You do very nice work. I must revisit your blog soon!

  18. I'm with you on the rant! I didn't even LOOK at clothes in Paris (partly size, partly style). And the short sleeves make me crazy, given that when I lift my arms it looks like the flags are waving. I love Michelle Obama, but I wish she had lousy arms. The pressure is on!

  19. Oh my goodness this post is so true!!! Also what's up with the cat shirts, old lady patterns....funk it up a bit people!! I still like to stay current....I just don't want my whole back side exposed, it's like sporting a sign "Watch out for Wide load" so offensive.... I like to cover my multitude of sins!! With nice materials that flows off my body... some cool longer coats, colorful and modern prints.... Man I hate shopping too!! Great art posted too...the clothes thing just sparked some deep seeded frustration!!

    Big hugs Giggles

  20. Are you reading my mind??? I was always a skinny minie, and didn't think about what the future held for me. I am a fat gal in a skinny body, so when I shop it is awful. I put it off as long as I can. I want to be comfortable. And the truth is that fashion is for the young, I am a after thought in the mind of designers. I started buy on line. It is called "The Woman Within" and it has helped me so much. I love fabric, the colors and the fashion. Maybe I will post this....
    I love PJ's too. I love ya, Mary

  21. How did I miss this rant??? I agree with you 100%. My favorite clothes are from the 80s and 90s, when styles were oversized and comfortable, and fabric was more substantial. I can't find any clothes I like anymore.

  22. Oh, I totally agree with you, and you are so much smaller than me. I will never, never let the world see my upper arm. LOL! Why do plus size clothes have to look so frumpy, and why are they made out of 100% cotton and are shapeless???


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