Thursday, August 13, 2009

Art and Nuts!!

Just about the time I think I'm caught up stuff happens and I'm behind again! Maybe I'm just trying to do too many things at one ya think!

Yesterday I didn't get much accomplished because I think I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder. Hurts like the dickens to move it very much so I mostly read all day. I managed to do my page early in the morning before I did whatever I did to my shoulder. I think it might have been while I was unloading groceries from the car. I always try to carry everything in one trip and sometimes there's just too much!

Anyway, I'll doesn't hurt as much today. So here's what I've done in my art journal over the past few days....

Aug 11:

My BFF Gail might remember this skillet since it was at her home party that I bought it. I loved that skillet and it was huge. Bigger than any I've seen since, and it was a rectangular shape, not square. It made it from Illinois to California but somewhere in one of the moves after that it disappeared. I sure wish I had it back.

Aug 12:

I like to draw but too often I leave things B&W. I need to use more color in my art. This fall I hope some classes will loosen me up and get me started doing just that.

Aug 13:

'Nuff said on this one!

As for my mention of the almond "harvest" the other day, we don't roast them. I don't know how! I just keep them in the fridge or freezer. I add them to my morning smoothie during the summer and in the winter they go good with my oatmeal. This year we seem to have quite a lot of them. We've only taken them from one tree....the other one is smaller and isn't quite ready yet but it is loaded with nuts. We should have plenty of almonds for awhile.

Hope whatever you're doing today that you're smiling and enjoying it!!!


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Hey Janet!
    I so wish my studio looked like that! LOLOL Love your new look!!! The Blog looks wonderful! I know about muscles hurting so no worries there. All of mine have been hurting lately big time but I think that it's muscle pain brought on by having so many seizures in the past. I haven't felt like creating in awhile and then when I don't create, I feel worse. Does that happen to you? It's almost as if I have to create to deal. Ok, enough about me!!! Your blog looks wonderful and I've missed you so!!! I would send you art but have lost some addresses. Anyway, the art that you shared with us looks great! Thanks for sharing it Janet! I'm glad that your feeling better!

  2. I hope your shoulder feels better soon. When I stay of the computer too long, I can feel my shoulder and neck aching. Love your art pages and all of the rich colors!

  3. Oh, goodness. Hope your shoulder gets better quickly. Love the pages and chuckled at the last one. Housework? Housework? What's that? !!!!!!!!!!

  4. Take care of that shoulder. I love this post. It is so me. I am thinking of sending Chester my squirrel down for a visit. Almonds! He would think he had died and gone to heaven. LOL Sharon

  5. I do remember the skillet, however I do not remember the house party..
    Duh! I had one of those skillets, Lynn liked it so much I gave her mine and then a new one came into the Sally and I'm not sure what happen to it as it did not make it here, which speaking of, nothing yet. Did you insure it?

  6. You always have such a gorgeous blog...I am hoping that your shoulder gets better, my friend..Set the groceries down for a while..and then come back
    Your artwork is the domestic goddess one!!
    See you later, I know I am tardy, but am trying to visit as much as I can...

  7. Your pages look like alot of fun.
    Try not to carry every thing at once girl.

  8. Hope your shoulder get better soon. Your new pages are great. I love almonds you are very lucky to have your own tree, how fun.

  9. I do the same thing...trying to make two trips into one. Be well!
    I love these pages, and looking around my place, the last one about housework fits me well.
    I have missed you coming by, but I see are so busy creating these wonderful pages.
    Big Hugs, Mary

  10. Ouch! i am sorry about your shoulder..I know it's tough to try to do 'stuff' when ya got a pain! It is so good to see your art every day. We cleaned nd straightened the Art room tonight , so I plan to get going on some ART!

  11. You have a bright and cheery blog. This is the first time I visited. Your art looks so fun! Hope your shoulder gets better soon.

  12. I'm so impressed by your lovely hand-written text on those pages - that's a scary thing to do when you can't erase mistakes.
    I've had a frozen shoulder twice so I feel your pain. Hope it's only a short term problem. Hugs. x

  13. Anonymous4:47 AM

    Janet...great looking journal pages, as usual. I hope your shoulder gets better soon. I agree with Snap..."Housework? What's that?"

  14. You have to use more color in your art? I don't think so, Janet! I think your color rocks! Or at least the color I've seen in recent months! (I do remember your b/w zentangles, but now, it's like someone opened the paint box!)

    Hope your shoulder feels better soon. You don't realize how integrated they are to your body till it's challenged!

  15. I think they are VERY colorful!! Darn shoulder problems...we sure take those body parts for granted until they start acting up, huh? I have had to learn to carry my purse and other tote stuff left-handed since my right rotator cuff was injured. Now I sometimes strain the left one! Hope yours is recovered by now. Oh my gosh,an almond lucky. I do think I read somewhere that the raw ones have more health benefits than when you roast them anyhow. I prefer them raw myself.

  16. Hey Janet. These are adorable.

  17. Janet,

    You amaze me with all you do and you do a great job at it. I love the journal pages.


  18. Janet, Dear,

    I hope you are okay. I had a book club friend who got frozen shoulder just by reaching into the backseat of her car for groceries. She finally found relief with cortison shots.

    Gal, I love my electric skillet. Mine is also nice and big, longer than it is wide. We abuse ours so much that every few years I have to ask my sis for one for Christmas (ha, we give each other FUN presents too!) I have a ceramic-top stove, whch I hate, so I mostly cook with my electric frying pan, oven and my microwave, and leave the stovetop for just a few things like boiling potatoes!


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