Friday, August 28, 2009

Arty Life vs Home Life....

First let me say a big Thank You for all your great suggestions from yesterday. I guess I was trying to make the artist date something different than the things I normally do and that's where I was getting hung up. Going to Barnes & Noble and reading art books is one of my favorite things to do....I just never thought of it as an artist date! So I'm loosening up and just going with whatever comes along.

I'm working on a vision board and will show that to you when I'm finished. I know many of you have made one and I'm finally getting around to doing it. I started one a year or so ago but just never finished it. I'm starting over with a new, fresh concept and I'm happy with what I have so far. Maybe a couple more days and it will be ready.

Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking about my life. It seems to be divided into two very distinct parts....the arty part, which includes blogging....and my home life. If I devote time to the arty life then I neglect the home life and vice versa. Do you also have this problem? How do you handle it? I'm finding that one area is always suffering while the other area is getting attention but I'm always feeling guilty about one or the other. I don't get pressure from HB, in fact he's very supportive and never complains about anything as long as he has clean clothes and food to eat!

But I seem to be constantly juggling things that need to be done and I always end up dropping several balls. It's starting to bug me! I think I need more organization but then that feels so confining....I hate schedules.

Ok, enough of my griping! Here's my page for today....

Aug 28:

Have a wonderful day....and laugh as often as possible!!


  1. What a page! I think traveling sounds so exciting but at heart I am a hermit and like knowing where I am when I wake up. lol I used to struggle with the home vs. art/ and now work-at-home me but I seem to have found a flow. Sometimes things pile up a little but hey, cleaning up is more noticeable and appreciated after it's piled up a bit. hehe My only aggravation with it is that we could go months having noone visit but the very day I decide to choose blogging/art/work over washing the dishes is the day someone shows up. grrr. murphy's law is alive and well. After years of living with a messy man who hoarded everything and thought he needed to be able to SEE everything that he owned, I so appreciate living with a very neat man who puts things away and likes things clean yet doesn't growl at me if things aren't perfect (and then oohs and aahhs when I actually corral the dust bunnies). Life is good.

  2. Janet you sound like me, I am constantly giving myself a bad time over the arting part and home life part and it is all coming from me and no one else. Must be the generation we are from and how we were raised. I don't need to learn to juggle better or be more organized, I need to learn to let go and just do what I want as long as no one gets hurt.
    Your page today is very well done and gave me more insight into you as a person.

  3. Great page! Loved reading about your RV life. Organization? What is that? I figure after all those years of working and being organized -- I can now take a break. I'm lucky. I've had a lovely lady come in and do the heavy stuff for me since my back surgery and that really helps. But now Mr. Dragon and I pick up around the house because Gracie is coming! Too funny!

  4. What a great page. I was in the middle of commenting on yesterdays post, when we had a big thunderstorm and I lost power, also lost the e-mail I had written to you before I hit send. I had the same problems with the artist date you described, because what was suggested, I was already doing, like you. It is hard to find balance between the artistic and home life. I live kind of like you do, alone a lot, and not many visitors, so can do what I like. Since I have shoulder issues, hubby does a lot of the cleaning that I used to do. Things aren't as tidy as I'd like them to be, but unless Martha Stewart wants to drop in, it doesn't concern either of us that much. When it gets to bothering us, we take a week-end and clean. He has told me it doesn't matter if the house is a mess when he gets home, if I have created something that day, or week, because it makes me easier to live with.

  5. Hi Janet, I love your journal page, the image you used is great, I also love the colors and the lay-out. It's a beautiful page and the journaling just tops it off.

    Have a good week-end and don't worry too much about balancing things. Life is too short, just go with flow and do what makes you happy.

  6. Oh I so get it!!! I too struggle with the same thing, I think we were brought up to keep our homes a certain way, and while we like how they look, it does require time. Of course our art requires time too and we always feel like we're letting the ball 'drop' as you said when we choose one over the other. I wish I wasn't so tied down to my 'have to do lists' so I had more time for my 'want to have fun lists'. It's that darn work ethic...gets in the way every time!

  7. At least you get things done Janet--sometimes I procrastinate so long that nothing gets done.
    I am lucky because Stephen and I do the housework together that includes washing and ironing and he does the shopping--so why is it that I don't get much art done--I need a plan as well.

  8. I love to go on vacation, but I am always so glad to come home. I am a nester. It is hard to balance things, if I find myself in a very creative mood, it seems like everyone comes over and my house is wreck. When you have a small house, it takes very little for it to be out of wack. Today was a perfect example. I had done my kitchen and was heading for the laundry room where I have little stacks of clothes...not thinking about much when two of my dear friends came in.
    As I was walking to the door the mouse trap clicked and now I have not only a dead mouse, but craft stuff laid out in my office. The craft room is to hot right now. It was a 100 today and that means I gather things to another room. Arney walks in just behind them from work, and says,"you caught him." Now they see this dieing mouse on my counter. But being the dears that they are acted like this was a everyday event and we went into the living room talking about everything and nothing.
    Never boring at the Evans Farm. Now you would think that my dear little Baxter would take care of this problem...not he! Mouse, "I don't think so people."
    Love this page...yes, I am just rabbling on!

  9. why is it that we get so hung up on these Artists dates?? we both need to be gentle with ourselves, me thinks.
    last week i had a nap for mine.

  10. Oh, Janet, I know exactly what you mean. I have home/art/and work, and they always get messed up, stealing moments from one or the other. And I still haven't figured out what to do about it except retire, and you know what? Everyone I know who has done that is STILL crazy and overcommitted! So, go figure!

    I'm catching up on visiting from being sick but about artist dates in the other post -- I understand the concept she's trying to get at -- being able to be OK with doing things with others. But if you have X-amount of time and your friend wants to go to the gallery and you know you're not getting there otherwise, so what? To me, it's the intention -- to do something that will inspire you, whether you've done it before (like read at B&N) or if others are around. You are doing so very much in the creative line, and I say doing it is what matters, not overthinking it! So, my two cents!

  11. So glad you are on TAW with us.
    Have a good weekend. Yep it's a balancing act. That was my word for this year. For me it's home,work,then art often lop sided.

  12. I have been totally neglecting my artsy life. I just don't feel it. YET. Hopefully, I'll get the juices flowing again soon. It is definitely hard to do both. I hear ya.

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  14. Janet, I opt for blogging or reading a book over cleaning house every time. Dan never complains, neither does Gracie (in fact, she causes most of the housework, LOL!)

    Who cares about a little dust or a few chewed up paper plates and napkins (see Gracie, above).

  15. After reading all the comments, My comment is just the same. You all make me feel like I am in this club and my life is not just an unorganized mess of unfinished art, housework, garden projects and new things I want to do. I feel like I am in the last third of my life and I must NOW get it together and make ART my life.

  16. I love your page. I haven't lived in an RV but up to this current house we never lived anywhere for 2 years straight. Now we've been here for 7 years come October but I am soooo hankering for California which is home for me. I'll take it even though it comes with such horrible fires and earthquakes. Family is there and memories too. I keep pushing my husband but so far it's no go. I can imagine you've moved more than me so I am glad you get to enjoy the same view out your window. Hopefully the smoke won't last too long either. I was so hoping the fires would get put out without loss of homes but I guess there are just too many people there for that now. I really liked you peace page and this one too. I havent gotten any done lately as I first visited my sister in Fallbrook for a week (fun, fun) and then got home and emptied my closet. I knew I could never find anything but boy, I sure needed to clear out some old stuff (like 30 year old shoes and pine needles I really am never going to use). Now hopefully I can get back to the art journaling - I signed up for another month with Kelly.

    Well, I certainly got wordy here. Wish I was living near your area as we could meet up for an artist date - oops, your supposed to do them alone, ah well.

  17. Awesome page, Janet! OH, how I would have loved to have moved around in an RV from place to place. It would probably feel like being in a continual vacation.

    As for the juggling part...YES! I am constantly juggling home life, blog life and's probably in that order too as my art always seems to come last. I see other artists posting daily art and I wonder where they find the time. Maybe the Artist's Way journey will help me to balance things a little better.


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