Sunday, August 02, 2009

I Have the Best Blog Friends!

Last week I mentioned that I had received some things in the mail and didn't have photos of them. Now I do, plus now there's even more to show you.

First off, I received this beautiful card from Beth....

It's so pretty and delicate and I love the dragonfly. Thank you, Beth!

Then a couple of days later I got a package from Kai with this incredible, old children's book....

It's got wonderful pictures inside and will be great for using in my art. Now before you gasp in disbelief that I'd cut up a great little book like this, it has loose pages so it's perfect for using in art. Kai knew I wouldn't want to cut up a book if it was intact so she sent me the perfect gift! Thanks, Kai....I love it!! Look for some of these pages to appear in my art journal real soon.

Then on Saturday I received this very beautiful and unique card from Kate....

It was inside this envelope....

On the woman's skirt it says: "in this tangled world what is there other than friends?" Thank you, Kate.

I think I have the best blog friends in the whole world!!! And the most creative ones, too!

Now since I didn't post my page for yesterday, here it is....

Aug 1:

and here's the one for today....

Aug 2:

The circle is metallic gold paper and doesn't scan very good. I love this page!!!


  1. Mail call is so much fun! Love the journal pages.

  2. Isn't it fun to get unexpected gifts in the mail? Love the new pages! Hope you are enjoying your Sunday.

  3. I love your golden page from a couple of days back. It is hard to get the gleam with a scanner!
    Thanks for sharing your fun mail!!!!Personal mail in the mailbox is such a treat!

  4. you certainly were spoilt! hope it is cooling down for you.

  5. Glad you're finding so much love in your mailbox - and so much beauty on your pages!

  6. Good for you! I am pleased that your mailbox brought you such delightful gifts! Your page about your kids is precious, and the one with the gold seal is devine! I guess I should get off this computer and get to work creating SOMETHING, huh??..
    Have a cool, resting week, Janet..

  7. What lovely gifts!

    Great journal pages too. Being a single mother most of my life, I can understand your feelings though, sometimes, I think we are far too hard on ourselves.

    I would dearly LOVE to hear a room full of chanting monks...what a beautiful experience that must have been for you. We have a couple of Buddhist temples reasonably close to us....i've never been but, one day, I will pluck up the courage to visit.


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