Monday, August 31, 2009

It's All About Me!....

As part of our identity searching, some of the people doing The Artist's Way have written one of the "I Am From" poems. You can learn about the poem here. This is mine....

I am from books, always books, and from embroidery thread gently sewed by my mom onto pillowcases, dresser scarves and tablecloths to brighten our home; and hand tools and farm implements.

I am from a house built by my dad, strong and square, filled with the smell of baking cookies.

(house before it was finished)

I am from fields of corn, and wheat and soybeans, tulips, and peonies in the yard, from musk melons and zinnias and weeping willow trees, and prairie grasses waving in the breeze.

I am from Saturday morning shopping trips and friends just stopping by for pie and coffee; from the Smith clan, the Millers, Castells, Briggs, and White clans.

I am from beer lovers and teetotalers; from non-church goers and the devoted. From being quiet and almost invisible to voices raised louder and louder to be heard over the others. From the extremes on both sides.

I am from a mother forced into a strict religion as a child who rebelled against all religions and I am from a church in Kansas where my grandparents attended, and the living rooms of people hosting my grandma's church.

I'm from the plains of central Illinois and a small village on the coast of England. I'm from the hills of Tennessee and Kentucky where I'm certain some moonshine might be involved. I'm from a cattle ranch in Kansas and a bungalow in town. I'm from cowboys and town folk.

I'm from ham and beans and cornbread, milk fresh from the cow, eggs laid that day, and homemade noodles and blackberry cobbler, and the best pecan pie ever. I'm from made from scratch cooking and hearty appetites and something always offered to a guest even if it was just a piece of toast and jelly.

I'm from men who rode the range and men who rode the rails and women who rode herd on their children.

I'm from old photo albums, and drawers and closets all stuffed with keepsakes and "the good stuff" being kept for a special day.

I am from plain, hard working ranchers, farmers, and railroaders. From a carpenter and a housewife who somehow lost their way.


The fire is still burning out of control and has now burned over 80,000 acres. Unfortunately some lives have been lost as well as some homes. They do not expect containment on this fire until Sept 8th. We are fine. Today there isn't much smoke near us....I can see it way off in the distance but nothing like over the weekend.

And here is my journal page for the last day of August....

Aug 31:

I have to admit I didn't put my "all" into this one. And in real life it's more lavender than it shows here. I tried to fix it in an editing program but it seems washed out. So take my word for it, it's very lavender!


  1. I'm glad you're ok. I love your I am from... I wrote one a few years ago but I think it was on the blog I deleted. oops.

  2. Oh Janet, we could have been cousins!!! I am from most of those things you mentioned as well, even though raised in the WEST instead of the Midwest. This is a lovely thing, I never heard of it, I will try to do one now. I am 66 today, and I know you will be 66 in just a couple of weeks. We could have been best friends if we'd lived in the same neighborhood. I am off to San Fran tomorrow, and I know it will be heartbreaking to fly over the fires in LA. Prayers are with all of you.

  3. I just looked at all your photos of the smoke. What a terrible thing to be faced with. My heart goes out to everyone there. I really enjoyed reading more about you and think I would like to write something like this, too. Thanks always for your insight.

  4. So glad you are safe! Thank you for this post. As I read your words I could almost visualize your life. And what a life you have had. No wonder I like you!Sharon

  5. I have been thinking of you.

    I love the poem, I learned alot about you, the pages were great to.

  6. Beautiful poem. I especially like the part "something always offered to a guest even if it was just a piece of toast and jelly." It says so much about a person.

    Stay safe.

  7. Love this post...your poem and your page. You go girl!

    Stay safe!

  8. What a lovely poem Janet--we sometimes think we had an awful childhood (not you)but when it is written down like you have done it sounds absolutely wonderful.
    Like someone else said -I have learned a lot about you today.

  9. I'm glad you're ok Janet and hope they get the fire out soon.

    I'm going to try my hand at the poem... very cool. And I love the "tell all!"

  10. Keeping you both in my thoughts. Hopefully, they will get the fires under control sooner than expected. Loss of life is always tragic and sad to hear. :(

    I loved reading your poem!

    Btw, I think you did a nice job on your journal the colour combo!

  11. I enjoyed reading this so much! You're from some beautiful places, Janet. Though our family mostly hails from a little more south, and west, there were some that I found myself nodding along with (I haven't heard anyone talk about musk melon in the longest time, and that made me smile :)

    Stay safe - wishing you & all of us in SoCal -- blue skies, soon!

  12. janet we keep seeing all thats happening around you there with the fires on the news! keep safe!!

    I love your I am poem its wonderful!

  13. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Thought I'd pop over and see what you've been doing. I see you have been enduring some smoke...glad it's not really close to you and hope it stays that way. I really enjoyed your poem about your upbringing...I didn't realize that you are from middle America originally...take care...hugs, Mary

  14. Glad to hear the fire isn't too close. I hate fire. It is just so scary.

    Now, about the book...I think it's a fabulous idea! And you can use all your art pages to illustrate it! (I do know you said IF you ever wrote a book, but I think you should.)

  15. This is the sweetest post. I once again gave up blogging. Just don't do it. So I deleted...

  16. I love all you are from. The carpenter and housewife who lost their way. Ham and cornbread. Oh, wonderful. This is so very rich!


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