Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Learning From da Vinci

One of these days I might have some other art to show you other than just my daily art journal page....but maybe not right away. I work on things but nothing seems to get finished. And I know you get tired of me saying this but it's been HOT again. The next few days are back into triple digits and that means not much production coming from me.

I'm trying to keep up with the morning pages for Robyn's "The Artist's Way" group but I have to confess that I didn't do them this morning. I'll try to work them in tonight before I go to bed.

I just jumped out of bed this morning and headed to the studio. I started working on my journal page and forgot all about the morning pages. Here's what I did....

Aug 19:

I think having an early piece of work from any well-known artist would be great and a wonderful piece of encouragement. I could look at a childish drawing by da Vinci and not be so critical of my own work knowing that he eventually "got" it and became a talented artist. Sometimes it's easy to forget that everyone had to take that first step to learn their craft. Sure some people may have a predisposition for something but they aren't born knowing everything there is to know about it.

I'm still way too critical of my own work but I'm getting better. And you know that I show you things I'm not happy with....I show my goof ups, well, at least some of them. This blog would be a lot bigger if I showed them all!!

Ok, I'm off to the library and maybe a quick trip to Michael's or Joann's....I need some paint and a couple of other things. Have a great day....and do something fun!


  1. looks like it's HOT on both coasts, though you guys are even hotter then we are. But like I said in my blog...I'm not going to complain.

    I like your journal page. I miss Kelly's class. I miss seeing everyone's work. I'm sure I'll sign up again in Sept. mainly for that reason. They're a great bunch of ladies.

  2. That's a wonderful thought -- having a early work by someone famous! I wonder -- those have to be out there somewhere!

    Lovely page, as usual!

  3. Good advice, Janet.

    I'm sort of laying low today and not doing much. About 2-3 times a year I get this inner ear dizzy thing happening and it is happening, so I'm not moving much and trying to keep something on my stomach so it is busy working and not feeling nauseous.

    I loved the idea of owning an artist 'first painting.' Boy we get rid of those quick, don't we.

  4. You know -- this art stuff is FUN! It's PLAY. If something great happens then I have an extra wonderful feeling! Your pages are great. Have fun shopping. I'm getting a Dick Blick order together. Ouch!

  5. PS ... Thanks for the card!

  6. I love your thoughts today! My son is becoming a famous painter and I'm glad I have many of his childhood pictures. He didn't want to keep them, but you know how Moms are!

  7. Glad you are doing AW. I am doing it again too!So far so good with AM pages....

  8. You do not have to be so hard on your self and your art..I do that and I am trying to tell my self.
    It is just for me and if you enjoy it and it helps you..Then everything else is ok. Your work is great..Stay cool.

  9. I love your daily art journal and always look forward to seeingwhat you created. ps: It was pretty hot here today...but I a mnot complaining... haha

  10. glad youre doing the artists way too... I did think of doing it too, but I may skip the daily pages...and thanks for the links on you rpage like link to violette...v inspiring ideas there too!

  11. just do the morning pages as you can.. I admit they are difficult to do - but last time I worked this book, those pages helped so much.. I cannot explain how but they did..
    actually Chpater one is going to be perfect for you being too critical of your own work.. I reckon the AW is going to help each of us.

    sending some cool breezes to help you through the heat

  12. I love your journal pages Janet - I am inspired by them and I am thinking of starting a journal for myself beginning on 1/1/2010.


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