Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday's Are a Good Thing....

Monday's are good to get me back on track. I had a couple of days over the weekend of just being lazy and playing in the studio. I didn't post anything then....sorry. I did keep up with my journal pages and even managed to do some other art....well, I started some other art. It isn't finished yet.

I've decided to work through The Artist's Way again. I read this book the first time back in the 90's and it helped me a lot. For a long time I did morning pages almost religiously and I found that my mind was much clearer during that time. But then something happened to throw me off-course and I quit doing them.

Robyn is hosting a workshop using The Artist's Way. If you're interested she has a link on her blog where you can sign up and follow along. I don't have a very good track record when it comes to online book workshops. I usually think they look interesting, sign up, buy the book (and read it) but never follow through with any of the discussions. I don't know why but I have a difficult time discussing what I've read! It may go back to my school years when I would actually be physically sick when I had to give a book report.

Anyway, I signed up and told Robyn that I might not be a good participant but that I will cheer her on and also let everyone know about her workshop. So if you're interested please join in.

Now here are my latest journal pages....

Aug 14:

Aug 15:

I was trying to think of one word to describe myself and HB came up with "seeker" fit perfectly! I am a seeker. I wish I could know everything there is to know about everything! I don't mean I want to be a know-it-all! I just want to have the knowledge and wisdom from everything there is. I think that's why I'm so in love with online art classes. I'm seeking that little tidbit of information that will change how I do art.

Aug 16:

You will have to wait until tomorrow for today's page. I haven't done it yet! I usually get up early and head to the studio to work on it but now that I'm starting morning pages again I'm doing them first thing. We'll see how long that lasts! But even if I dump just a small portion of the garbage that has accumulated in my brain it will be a good thing.

Go out there and have a fantastic Monday....


  1. Hi Janet...I really love your journal pages, the colors are gorgeous.
    And I definitely agree with adding a month in Autumn. That season always seems so short, especially here in New England. It's just such a beautiful time of year.

  2. You are so good. I have been trying to journal, but there is just to much going on in my head right now. Yes you are a seeker. Sharon

  3. I was never a 3 pages journal success story. I wish you well, but for me that didn't work. My cohorts in doing the Artist's Way 3 times, were good at it and some still do it. To me it was just an irritating waste of paper and time. I don't like doing either, I guess. Well, that is my story and I'm sticking to it.

  4. ALL of these pages are gorgeous, Janet~!! I am so jealous...I am just lazy, I suppose, or cannot get the time organized about getting the task done...
    Love the idea of being lazy on weekends...

  5. I agree with you about the inspiration! It has helped me so much to see what other crafters and artists are making! I love my blog friends! And you are the BEST!

  6. Your pages are great. Love the seeker. Well done!

  7. Aloha Janet,
    I love the seeker and I love the autumn colours :)
    peace, Kai

  8. I'm a seeker too =)

    and your seeker pages colors are so inspiration!

  9. Dear Seeker, that is a great name, I to love those art online classes you dont have to leave home to learn....I am loving that. How is Maryannes class going, I am painting thge pages now, I am a little behind. I to join those follow the book with me classes, get the book, read it and never end up participating.

  10. Love the journal pages. I took part in an online Artist's Way group, back when I first started blogging - it was fun -- met a lot of other nice bloggers that way too. I don't think I'd have the patience right now to go through it again, but I'll be cheering you & Robyn, on!

  11. Ah are truly a seeker ! And that is a great thing to be, I think ! I am looking for some answers right now and am looking around to see what the next tool I need to hold on to and really use will be. I think doing the Artist's Way your own way is the right was to use many wonderful tools to chose from, and yet the right one always seems to find us when we need long as we are "seeking" it, right ? ;)

    Loving the art journal pages, Seeker Lady, and enjoy your morning time with your spirit !

  12. I agree, your journal pages are lovely and I absolutely concur - the best place for an extra month would be Autumn - now just where to spend that extra month would be the question. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm - spiced apple cider, cozy fire burning on a chilly night, bright sunny days peeping at the colorful first inclination might be upper tier of Wisconsin or Michigan but I have heard sooooo much about Fall in New England. Would be lovely to just road trip and follow the color peak!

  13. I like your journal pages.

    I owe you some big time Thanks Yous.

    I think I am back to almost normal.

  14. Wow! I love these pages! I'm the same way about the book clubs or any kind of join-ey type activity (in real life too lol). I have finally accepted that, I think. Thank you for mentioning Robyn's blog. I've been thinking about her but couldn't remember her blog name. Somehow I always lose it.


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