Friday, August 21, 2009

Movies, Journal Pages, and Being Lazy....

Thanks for all your comments and emails....I'm doing ok. Just taking it easy and not lifting anything right now. As much as I love being lazy, reading and eating bon bons....after a few hours it gets really old! I like being busy.

Today I watched some movies that I had taped earlier. I'm always taping something and then I never find time to watch it. Today seemed like the time. I watched a little TV movie called "Elvis and Annabelle"....definitely not Academy Award material but still a sweet movie.

I managed to do my journal page today, too. Paintbrushes aren't too heavy to lift!

Aug 21:

Today it's been hot and sticky so I guess it's a good thing I'm stuck in the house where it's cool. If I don't answer your comments and emails right now I hope you'll understand. Just getting this post ready meant I had to do it in sections. It isn't comfortable to sit in the office. That chair and my back aren't in agreement!

Hope you're having a fun day....


  1. Good girl! I love this page. I wasn't a loner at school, but was not the bell of the ball either. As a child I had made up friends that came mostly as I hung cloths for my Mama. No kids came to play at my house, just a couple all through school. Mama was not friendly and then we lived on Santa Fe in Compton and we had no neighbors. In Jr High I had Judy who didn't seem to mind what my parents were like, she just wanted to be my friend. I was alone alot.
    I made sure my kids had a open house...they filled our home with laughter, fun and as teens...well it was crazy. Hugs, Mary

  2. Great page! I just wonder if you ever take the time to swing these days? I walk by swings most every morning and it has been quite a while since I stopped and enjoyed myself. Next time I pass by, I will stop and swing and think of you!

  3. Oh no! I missed out on much of the computer yesterday, and just scrolled down to see what happened. You're amazing - just getting a page done, and this post up...A bag of frozen peas or corn makes a good cold compress for back pain. Hope you're feeling much better soon! Hugs (gently!)

  4. I hope you feel better soon. I love this page...makes me feel happy! The lettering is especially good on this one!

  5. I love your new page. I was very shy too and can SO relate! I am still shy and have to work hard at meeting people.

  6. I like this page.. I know what you mean I have been lazy and just got out and tooks some photo shots for my post today.

  7. Janet,

    This page is great. I love the wavy lines and the colors behind it. It just jumps out in its simplicity, great job


  8. Great page! Get better!

  9. Love that journal page. Would you believe I still like to swing? It
    probably looks ridiculous seeing an old lady swinging, but I just love it! Hope you are feeling better soon...take care & have a bon bon for me.

  10. Feel better, Janet.

    I have a question..I have never done an art journal before. I have noticed lots of artist do make them. What is it all about? What does it do for you? Do you make something else from it later.

    I think they are wonderful!

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