Wednesday, August 05, 2009

My Studio....Clean!!!

As you can see, I didn't get anything posted yesterday. The studio organizing took most of the day but I finally have a finished product to show you. The two new shelves help a lot! The only thing left to do is to hang some of my goodies on the wall but I didn't have anything to use for that so as soon as I accomplish that I'll show you again. Right now I sort of have some of my things hanging from the shelf supports but that's only temporary.

Here's what it looks like this morning....

And here's one side of the closet (the other side has my grandma's cabinet in it)....

When I took the first photo I was standing in front of the closet so you can see the room isn't very big....and it's crammed full of stuff!!

Just outside the studio door is a built-in unit that is probably intended to be used for linen storage but this is what I have in it....

There's a third shelf above but I haven't got much on it yet. The bottom shelf holds all my beads and beading stuff. The other shelf has glue and other products on the left side and my polymer clay stuff on the right.

I keep re-organizing this studio and sooner or later I'm going to hit on something that works! My biggest fault is I sometimes don't clean up as I go along. I drag out stuff I think I might use and then don't put it away. I'm trying to do better at that. We'll see!!

And since I didn't post yesterday I have two pages for you today.

Aug 4:

This one seems to go along with my theme of trying to organize!! Just too much stuff!

Aug 5:

And this one is my wish for a cooler temperature! 'Nuff said!

Have a fun-filled day and do something creative!!


  1. It looks great! Tell hubby he did a great job on the shelves. :) I want to come over and play. You have lots of fun toys! Oh, and love your pages as always. I intend to be creative today as I seem to have my work caught up (or am in denial). This inspires me a lot!

  2. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Wow! I like your studio space. I drag everything out and make piles...then I have to put it away to see what I'm doing. It's a vicious circle. I'm doing an altered book using Patty's method and I'm loving it...I don't have any vintage stuff to put in it...I'm using what I have...magazine pics, mostly. How is yours coming along?

  3. Wow! Isn't a tidy studio a pleasure to behold!? I think so.

  4. What wonderful shelves full of supplies...just add imagination! Enjoy the day! It's raining here and the temps have nice!

  5. wow everthing looks so good and tidy and love your work on the pages too my friend :)
    thanks so much for popping in and seeing me at my blog also Janet ... i think its my age thats the problem with my energy lol
    Someone said it well the other day at my forum ... its my mental pause hehehe
    hugs June x

  6. Wahhhh...I want a studio like yours...LOL...What a beautiful and useful space, Janet..that is wonderful~! Doesn't it just give you that good feeling that it is all sorted out and everything has its space?...What fun!!!
    And, I like the stuff page the best with words swirling about the lady on the sheet...
    Thanks for sharing..

  7. Your studio looks great. I wish I had space that held very little. I am getting so cluttered.


  8. oh, janet! what a cool space! thanks for stopping by my blog and adding some sweetness to my day.

  9. The studio looks wonderful. If journaling for a cooler temperature works, I may try it! :D :D

  10. Great journal pages, as always, Janet......LOVE your studio! I know what you mean as I also tend to pull things out and neglect to put them away until things get out of hand. Of course, it doesn't help that my 10 year old son loves to make mess in the studio too. :(

  11. Nice, very nice. Both the organized space and the new pages.

  12. Love your studio. Mine doubles as a laundry room. LPL

  13. Well, I think it looks great, and I do know how hard it is to get things organized.My little craft room is all windows, and we really do not want to cover them. So I have very little shelve space to help me get things in order. I can make one big mess really fast. I think Arney has had it with is too hot in my little craft room so I have taken over the kitchen table, and sometimes my coffee table.
    Love the pages, I can't keep up with you, always something new.
    We are going to get a small brake in the heat...infact it may feel pretty cool at 60 something. Not complaining, just not ready for a early fall. Love Ya, Mary

  14. Janet, Congratulations! You must feel such a sense of satisfaction!

    I love your purple and red page. It reminds me of the "When I grow old, I shall wear purple" pages I did.

    My book club members hate the Red Hat Ladies but privately I think they act a lot like them. LOL!

  15. Clean Studio how long do you think that will last..LOL..
    Where have you been you have not been to visit lately?

  16. Nice shelves!!! It's a lovely studio. All my art supplies are crammed into the laundry room and in big boxes under the bed, and tote bags hanging in closets . . .

    Ah someday.

  17. Oh Janet - you have a studio very much like mine, filled with luscious toys ! I am the same about not putting away things until....well until I finally do ! I have kind of learned that the clean-up that takes place every once in a while, the organize and purge,is actually all a big part of the creative process for me. When it is time to make space for something, I do eventually get around to it (or when I have a visit from a friend or family member that hasn't been here in a while ! ;). In the meantime, I am as happy as a little piggie in doo-doo doing my thing !
    Happy creating !

  18. Oh to have a studio!

  19. Mmm... doesn't getting organized just make you feel so good?! Looks good! Colorful pages too... love them!


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