Monday, August 24, 2009

Questions About Art Journals....

Hi everyone! Did you have a fun weekend? I managed to get out of the house on Saturday but nothing too much and then yesterday HB was working in the garage so I went out to keep him company. I ended up doing a few things, nothing strenuous but by evening my back was not happy. So today I'm back to being quiet.

I have my two journal pages to show you but first I have some questions to answer about my art journal. These were asked on the previous post so I'll try to answer them here.

"What is it all about?" snappy answer would me "it's all about me!" and actually it is. Instead of writing each day I try to say something about myself in pictures and art. It's also a great way to experiment with different supplies. And since it's basically just for me I feel free to do whatever I want.

"What does it do for you?"....well, for one it gives me a sense of accomplishment that I make and finish a little piece of art each day. It keeps me in the habit of doing something in the studio every single day so that I don't get out of the habit. Writers are told to write every day, so I think artists should make art every day. It also chronicles my life, probably telling much more about me than if I were to keep a written journal.

"Do you make something else from it later?" far I haven't. My art journal is just that....a big, thick journal filled with art that I've done over the past almost six months. I know many people copy their pages and use them in other works and maybe at some point I'll do that but for now I'm just happy that I finally got the hang of doing an art journal and have all these pages to share with you.

Aug 23:

Aug 24:

I am not an authority on art journals! There is all kinds of information on the web if you just google the term art journal. There are people who make much more detailed and more artistic journals than I do. Basically I'm just a beginner. For quite awhile I wanted to do an art journal but I just couldn't get the gist of it. I'm a slow learner!

Then I took a class with Kelly Kilmer back in March and that was my turning point. From then on I've done a page every day and then in July and again this month I took her class again. I'm not sure I would even classify it as a's more of a series of daily prompts to get you moving and thinking.

So if you're interested in getting started with an art journal there are many places you can learn about it. In fact, Julie over at The Land of Lost Luggage has a terrific offer going on right now. She's doing two classes about where you learn to construct your own journals and another class teaching you everything you ever wanted to know about working in and creating your very own art journal. You can buy both classes at a reduced rate or just do one of them if that's your choice. Check it's a great offer!

I hope some of you try it. I have such fun with my art journal and I discover new things about myself every day. Plus it keeps me focused.

Be sure to check out the classes I won't be sorry! Have a great day....


  1. great info Janet, thanks.

  2. You are so very creative!! I'm glad I found you - and am following. I'll be back often.

  3. Very fun blog! I am also a woman of a certain age approaching 60 who enjoys meeting other artists - being a woman over 50 just makes us more creative! Really enjoy your collage - that is my passion!

  4. Thanks for sharing your links!

  5. I love the fact that you take the time to make art every day! And, I look at the lovely daily work you do and I think they are beautiful!

  6. Hi Janet,
    You've done a wonderful piece of explaining about your art journals. I'm sure that you have inspired a few to try something new.

  7. Well said, Janet! Don't you love working on something each day. I think it is great!

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  9. I deleted that comment, cause I had so many typos in it, ha ! What I said was: Good Answers ! I think you could seriously teach a class on Art Journaling. You have come so far on your art journey and it is wonderful and awesome to see! Love ya!

  10. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Hi Janet...just peeked in over here. I was wiped out after my day at school and it's only Monday. I took a four hour nap...I'll probably be up the rest of the night. I see you are still creating daily...good for you! I like what you said about art's so individual. I'll bet you inspired some others to give it a try. Thanks for coming by my blog. I know others are coming by too, but thanks for leaving comments and being a source of encouragement to me to keep on going with it. Hugs! Mary

  11. I've told you before that I think you should make a book with all your pages. One of those giant, coffee table books!
    The latest pages are lovely! I especially like what the 'first job' page says.

  12. Fun, again~!! Your page is cheerful and full of artistic challenges...I love your pages..Thanks for sharing about you, Janet! I love to read how your work on yours..and others thru your most gracious links..GREAT work...
    Thanks for stopping by the other day, also!!

  13. I love seeing your journal pages! And I agree, I think doing some sort of art everyday, keeps those 'art muscles' growing.
    Thanks for the link infos.
    Hope your back is feeling much better!

  14. Oh, thanks for answering all of my questions. I understand a lot more about it now.

    For a writer it is a journal...and is basically the same for an artists and combines writing with art....and it is about you.

    I find it all fascinating..especially the amount of creativity it requires. :)

  15. What great info! I have kept a journal most of my life. But it's more of a diary. I actually have some entries from the '70s...heehee! I write in my journal every evening and it's fun to keep up with what's going on. I need to add art! I should challenge myself! You always inspire me!

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  17. Hi Janet, it has been a long time since I have visit your blog. You are doing great work in your Art Journal. Beth and I have started an Art Journal. Beth is great artist but I am not. I have worked several pages in my journal but not very good at it.
    Hope you move to Tennesse and close enough where we can get together. I will get Beth to upload some of my pages that I have done in my art journal. I havent gotten the hang of uploading in my blog yet.


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