Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Far So Good....

Hi Everyone! Thanks for all your comments and concerned emails. We are ok, so far. But this morning the fire has started towards a town just south of here by maybe 6 - 8 miles as the crow flies. Yesterday HB and I had to go to the grocery store in the afternoon and this is the scene that awaited us when we came out....

It was about quarter 'til 4 when I snapped this in the parking lot.
I'm sure it would have been much hotter if the sun wasn't blocked by smoke!

When we got out in the open we could really see the smoke coming up over the mountains in the distance....

This was on the way home....not too far from our looks worse than it was!

Today the smoke is beginning to increase again. Earlier this morning it seemed to be drifing away but just within the past few minutes it has changed drastically. Keep us all in your thoughts today.


Here are my journal pages for the last two days.

Aug 29:

Aug 30:

That's all for now. I'm going to join HB outside as we watch the smoke coming this way. It would have to burn through a lot of houses to get to us but it could happen. I'll be back tomorrow if all goes well today!


  1. So glad that you guys are alright...there is nothing scarier than fire.
    I really like your journal pages. I feel the same way about books, can't live without them.

    Please stay safe and keep us informed.

  2. Love the pages.

    Take care. Stay safe and FIRE STAY AWAY!

  3. Zowie! ...The link to the doll pattern is My musln was thin and raveled out...that'swhy I really couldnt turn them inside out..left open spots!

  4. Wow!That's a lotta smoke. Thanks for letting us know you're ok - and we're so glad you are! Love the pages. Don't stay out there too long with all that smoke in the air. Take care! Hugs

  5. Keeping you in my thoughts...I never thought about you being anywhere near those awful fires. I have no idea when they show things on maps - where everyone that I know is in connection to the fire.

  6. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Stay safe! Hugs.

  7. So glad you are ok..I like your pages..I am a reader also..
    I am still going to have to get some of that R paper you are using.
    I loved your painting in the last post.

  8. There seems to be a lot of smoke there but not too much vegetation (thank God)- my prayers for your safety. And I hope you stay safe with clean air coming your way.

  9. Oh Janet, I do hope that your ok out there. It must be a frightening time for you all. Stay safe.

  10. Please take care Janet -My prayers are with you.

  11. Janet that must be scary knowing that it is so close. Stay safe, and everyone close to the fires has my prayers, I have a niece in the LA area by the fires there also.

  12. Oh, Janet! Thats so scary! I sure hope it slows down. Please let us know how its going. You need to hurry up and move to Tennessee.

  13. Glad you are still okay there, you were on my mind all week-end. Having lived in CA for many years, those memories of the yearly fires are very vivid. My kids are in the LA area, but so far still safe. But the air is so bad. Hope it is contained soon. Take care. Love the week-end pages.

  14. Be safe Dear Janet, you have taken some amazing pictures. I know how fast fire can be out of control.
    Love your pages, I am not the reader that you are, but I love a good book.
    Keep us posted, stay safe, Mary

  15. I'm catching up with your blog today, Janet, so only just finding out about the forest fire threat. I'm glad you are both okay. I feel for the people who are directly affected by these brings home the tragic reminder of our Victorian fires last year that killed so many people. :( Please stay safe.

    Your pages are a treat as always. I too LOVE the smell of fresh rain as we live in a drought area and rarely get the pleasure.


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