Thursday, August 06, 2009

Some Relief....and Some Bad Art....

Today we're expecting a high of 88ยบ! For many of you that would be hot....for me that's a relief! I might have to break out my long johns!! And of course on the first decent temperature day we've had in over a month I have to do grocery shopping! But I still think you might see me visiting some blogs today.

I worked on my page this morning, and the more I did to it the more I don't like it. First of all, I think the green is way to bright. The picture of Yosemite doesn't scan very good and looks all washed out....and then my writing is a mess. I tried doing the page with white but it didn't show very much on the green so I went over it with black and now it just looks messy. But you know I always show you the good, the bad, and the ugly so here it is....

Aug 6:

Just not one of my better pages. I like the concept....just not the execution.

I hope your day is sunny and happy....


  1. I wish you cool breezes, Janet!

    Your page looks great on my computer.

  2. Glad its cooler there,Janet!!! I still like the page! But I know how you feel. 80% of the time I don't like any of my art stuff. But that 20% I do like makes up for it.

  3. I think it looks great. It may not have turned out exactly as you visualized, but it still turned out good.

    I think it's supposed to be a bit cooler here, as well. That's relative, of course. My house inside is hotter than the outside, something I WISH would be the case in the winter. No air conditioning, just ceiling fans. Anyway, I am glad you've 'cooled' down so much!!!;-)

  4. Don't be so tough on yourself - I think the page is beautiful! (I'm must venturing into 'art' journaling myself and have MUCH playing and experimenting ahead of me - I could only aspire to such a lovely page at this point. LOVE your subject matter (I live within 40 miles of Yosemite) and truth be told, the grandeur of Yosemite is so amazing no pix do it justice anyway, right? MUCH cooler here today today but I imagine your relief (my Dearest Darlin' works in your part of the state).

  5. 88 sounds cool to me -- especially as we are in heat advisory range again. I like your journal page. Who said -- not everything can be a mistresspiece? (I think it was The Queen of Art.)

  6. Hi Janet,
    It's always so nice to see your posts to my blog. Thank you for visiting! I am loving your latest art... I always enjoy seeing it on flickr.

    Yes indeed... it is much cooler here today. I think it's in the high 70's. Much more tolerable!

    Have wonderful, cooler day.


  7. Janet...Your green Yosemite is just right!!!! Love it, with the words and all...
    It cooled off here and cloudy, whew! Haven't gotten to the artsy part yet, my friend, but I will, I
    Have a GREAT day...

  8. Looks good from my view.

  9. Aloha Janet..
    First, we must discuss the fact that you have EXACTLY the same cabinets and roller dresser that I have in my studio..What does this mean?? teehee.

    Second, creation is in the eye of the beholder..Your art is gorgeous because you take the time to create it. I like the page myself, but I'm just your biggest
    My opinion..*It's wuverly!!*
    peace, kai


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