Thursday, September 03, 2009

Back-to-School....and a Piece of Fruit

Just so you know, still no end in sight on the fire. They have about 28% containment but then they had a few more evacuations this morning! There's still a lot of smoke just hanging in the sky. And I'm going stir-crazy being shut up in the a/c all the time! But I'm still so much better off than all those people in the path of the fire so I'll quite complaining and be thankful.


Since we're still kind of in back-to-school time I thought I'd share a couple of first day of school photos with you. I'm not sure how old I am in either one of these. My mom didn't write on her photos.

I think this might have been second or third grade but that's only a guess. When I was a kid I was always tall for my age (I think I just had long legs like my dad) until I hit my teens and then I just quit growing. I'm just a little over 5'4".

In this next picture I'm older, maybe fifth grade. That's my mom's shadow in the front. We didn't have great photographers in my family!!

Most of the pictures I have are "posed" which I hate. There are no pictures of me just playing or doing something. That might be why I hate having my picture taken....I always had to stand still and smile which I think makes a picture fake. But that's the way it was in my family!

As for school, I loved it but I never worked very hard at it. I did what I was supposed to do and that was it. I never went that extra mile. And I didn't participate in many extracurricular activities. I rode the school bus so I was never able to stay after school for anything. Plus my dad thought school should only be about "reading, writing, and arithmetic"....for you younger readers arithmetic was math! As I've mentioned before, I learned cursive writing in first grade so my printing is not too good. My teacher said in life we would mostly be writing so that's what we learned! I loved practicing all those loops and curves, and I used to have very pretty's gone down hill over the years!


Here's my journal page for today....another quickie one. I just can't seem to get used to this smaller size page!

That dark spot isn't smeared's a darker spot in the paint. Most of these pages are just leftover paint that I've smeared onto the page. I like doing that. You never know what you'll get! I thought the little touch of lace at the top reminded me of those fancy some people put a little ring of lace around the lid when they can fruits and veggies.

OK, I'm going to try to make a book today! I don't have all the supplies but I'm going to wing it! I hope you have something fun to do today. And remember to smile!!


  1. I love seeing the photos! And I think it's kind of cool that your mom's shadow is in the picture with you.
    They've finally gotten the Oak Glen & Yucaipa fires almost out, here - we had some rain yesterday- woo-hoo! Those weren't burning for as long or as much as the ones your way, and I know how smokey that still was, so I can just imagine what you must be going through. I sure hope they get a handle on them soon and that you can breathe easy!

  2. Hi Janet so happy that your fine out there. Those poor people that have been in the path of the fire and them that are still in it. It must be awful.

  3. Hi Janet....I love seeing your photographs. It's funny cause I was sitting here reminiscing about how excited I use to get about going shopping for "back to school" clothes and new shoes and school supplies. I still remember wearing those cotton dresses with the bow in the back and when we came home from school the first thing we had to do was change into our play clothes.
    Oh....the good old days.LOL

  4. We are working together today! I posted a photo of my fruit...and one of a pear! lol Your photos are so cute! I love the little dresses we used to wear!

  5. What a cutie you were(and are!)! I love all the photos you're showing us.

    Are you managing to stay out of the smoke? I was near fires like this a few years ago on vacation out West, and after only a day I had problems breathing. Take care, OK?


  6. Love the dresses Janet they remind me of the ones I used to wear to Sunday School.

  7. Hi Janet- that's how all of the old photos from my family are as well. I think it had to do with the cost of film...before digital, I know we treated it like gold down here.

    Happy to hear you guys are safe..but I understand your feeling of Cabin Fever as well! I finally broke down and turned on the AC today... 96 and super high humidity.. YUCK.

    Stay cool

  8. Anonymous4:32 PM

    I remember the dresses my mom used to make. My mom would let me pick out the fabric a few weeks before school started. Like Joyce, I remember the big bows in the back and having to change as soon as I came home from school. Thanks for sharing your old photos. Love your journal page...I think I'm going back to a Moleskine after I finish the spiral journal...the spiral in the middle bothers me more than I thought. Cheers!

  9. I am really enjoying the old photos of made me dig out our group school pictures and judging by the hair style and if you had glasses on or not I think the first one is the 4th grade and the second one the 6th. Sure brings back memories.

  10. Love seeing the old photos of you. Can't wait to see the book you make.


  11. Oh, these are great photos! How fun to see the pretty first-day-of-school dresses! Love it!

  12. Janet,

    I love the pears collage. I think Lila turned me on to pears! Janet - I am so thrilled to see these photos of you (see my comment on your other post). I, too, couldn't really participate in extracurricular activities. I was good at gymnastics and coach said I should join the team, but I couldn't. But I did put my foot down about being the newspaper editor when I was a senior. As a consequence, I spent many, many hours in the Columbus laundromat waiting to be picked up (only place in town that was open). I remember reading "War and Peace" there to the tune of tumbling dryers.

  13. of course, I love the pear journal page!


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