Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Good, The Bad and The Smokey....

First a little fire update....I took this photo yesterday morning when I had to get out for some errands. That is smoke just hanging in the air! My eyes have been burning ever since but there is some good news. They believe they have about 22% containment right now with about 140,000 acres burned. There's still a long way to go.


Today for my September album I have a picture of me and my dad to share with you. I chose this picture because as a little kid it scared me!

Ok, you're asking....what's so scary about this picture? Well, if you look closely at my dad's knee (on the left) the way his pants folded it looks like a little circle. I thought my dad had a hole in his knee! My mom told me every time I looked at this picture I'd get upset. Did I ever tell you I led a very sheltered life!!

Apparently when I was very little my dad thought I was pretty special. It was only after I got older that we began having problems. We eventually became estranged and never spoke to each other again.


Now on a happier note I want to share a post with you just in case you didn't see it already. My friend Jeanie has a wonderful post on her blog talking about collage and how it relates to everything in life. If you haven't read it be sure to stop won't be sorry!


I began working in a new book for my art journal. It's an old book about cats but the pages are sewn in and the paper is fairly thick so I decided it would make a good journal....that is until I learn to make my own from Julie's class.

Sept 1:

"some days my head just feels as if it's open to the universe!"

You'll notice she has a brown smudge over her eye....when I was attaching her to the page I rubbed too hard and I scraped off a little area. I tried covering it with paint and in real life it doesn't look too bad but the scan really seems to focus on it! But you know I show the good and the bad so here she is!!

Sept 2:

This one was a quickie!

The new book has smaller pages than the one I was working in previously and I haven't gotten used to the size yet. I like to work bigger rather then smaller.

This is my finished journal....I will be decorating the covers a little later and I'll show you when I'm finished.

Ok....that's it for today. I hope you have blue skies where you are and lots of fun in your life!


  1. I really liked your journal pages. You are going to love making your own journals. I've been making my own since June, but I feel the same way that you do. My Sept. journal is a lot smaller than I'm use to, I also prefer a larger one. I can't wait to see your handmade journals.

  2. I'm enjoying your journal pages. Happy to hear the fire is, hopefully, getting under some control. Also, enjoy seeing photos of the younger Janet! :D :D

  3. Oh Janet... you played with my emotions in this one. Sad for the fires. And worried. Than - a sweet feeling for seeing you so tiny and your father. Laughing about the hole in the knee. Sad for the way things turned out. Than totally blissful looking at the filled journal, pages just exploding with everything. Great post!

  4. Ugh, that smoke hurts my eyes just looking at it. I sure have been thinking about you and others who live out there. I heard most of California's forest fire fighting money has just about been spent with this episode. So horrible.
    Love the pic of you when you were a little girl. Sad about your Dad.
    But your journal pages are great as usual. Can't wait to see your cover for the completed one.
    Stay cool, dear Janet!

  5. Your pages are beautiful and your journal is to die for! Love it! And I also love that photo. Lots of emotions in that one.

    Thanks for linking to the Marmelade Gypsy! Most appreciated!

  6. Oh my! That's funny about the hole in the knee. Oh, to be young and innocent again and have worries like that. Love the new's one of my favorites! Your book looks awesome! What a wonderful use of your time...all those creative juices at work!

  7. That's a very sweet photo of you and your dad.
    Your new journal pages are wonderful, as usual!

  8. hope the fires stop !!! I love your collage! THe picture of you and your Dad...I know how you feel...same thing happened with me and my fathere. never resolved one thing

  9. You sure were a cute little girl. I can see the love from your dad. I am sorry that things changed for you.
    Your art just blows my mind. I love it and am a big fan.
    try to stay away from the smoke. I feel for everyone involved. I watch every night on the news. Take care. Sharon

  10. I can not believe the journal is almost finished except the cover..
    I hope the fires will soon be out...

  11. I looked at the two sites you mentioned, I really liked the one about collage, good food for thought. I'm loving the old pics of you, more please! Art journal,
    mmmmm, do I really need ANOTHER thing to get into?

  12. I went to Jeannie's as you recommended. She's right, life is a collage, ever changing. I never thought of it that way. xoxoxo

  13. I love all your journal related art work! I'm off to see Jeanie's now!
    I pray that the smoke clears as the fires die out!

  14. I'm so glad you're ok. I've been thinking about you and hoping they get this awful thing under control.
    Love your photos and pages. Stay safe. I'm saying a prayer for some serious rain out your way even though I know that doesn't happen often.

  15. Oh, your journal is fantastic! I love the rustled pages!!! Congrats!

  16. I love the smudgie anyway. Must be the colors. Again, thanks for the old photo.

    Did you know we are getting the smoke from the CA fires? But by the time it gets here it is a fine haze and makes beautiful, beautiful sunsets. From such ugliness and heartbreak, such beauty. I lost my home to fire, so I can truly identify. But I would rather lose a home to fire than flood anytime.


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