Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Last Day of September....

Taking a little time for myself must be working. I'm feeling more relaxed, less like being on a treadmill all the time, and yesterday I played in the studio. Actually I went up there to straighten up a bit but got side-tracked (as usual!) and ended up doing a page in one of my other art journals. Mostly I just had fun....and was still up there when HB got home.

This is the page I did yesterday....

This journal is a very thick (1.25") hard cover sketchbook that I've had for years. I started writing in it several years ago but it's just too thick to be comfortable. So I began painting over everything I had was written during one of my less-than-better time periods anyway! I find that I like working in a larger format. This is another 8.5" x 11" journal similar to the one I finished recently. The journal I made is about 6.25" x 9"....that's about as small as I want to work. I find that a smaller page makes me think "less" as in don't do too much to this page because it's so small.

Having more than one journal to work in is good for me. I like the randomness of working like that....whatever size seems right for that day. And I also like the smooth paper in the larger journal. I'm not someone who has to work on Fabriano all the fact, there are times I don't want to work on watercolor paper. And once I've put a couple of coats of paint or gesso onto a page it's able to hold up to whatever I do to it. I say use whatever works for you.


I've been sharing some old photos with you this month and since this is the last day of September, and a special day for a member of my family (HAPPY BIRTHDAY M.A.!!!!) I'm going to share several photos.

These are photos of my cousin M.A. She's a very special person....warm, loving, generous, and sweet. She is the daughter of my mom's youngest sister who just happened to be my favorite aunt. I wrote about my aunt here. M.A. is the glue that holds my extended family together. I know she reads my blog so I hope she isn't mad at me for showing her picture!! I love you, M.A. and I hope you have the best day ever.

And also Happy Birthday to Gemma. Big hugs to you!


  1. I like your journal page. It is me. I always have silly lists going. They seldom get finished. LOL Sharon

  2. Being distracted from work is on e of my FAVORITE things to do. LOL Play on, Janet.

  3. Happy Birthday to my mom!!! :) xoxox Jan, can you email me those pics?

  4. Who could be mad, she is a cutie....Love the journal pages, I to went down to the studio for a bit of a tidy up and 3 hours later and watercolour pages later, I came to life.

  5. You are a great inspiration! I have been pretty good at keeping up my pages mainly because of you! I always have a couple of art books going too and me loves me some Gesso! I a m going t o find some black to try.

  6. Wonderful post today! I want to do more photo collages! Thanks for reminding me!

  7. M.A. is a cutie, how could she not be thrilled that you showed her off. Nice page for today. Lists, I have many lists too! No art for me for a few days, we have a community garage sale coming up this Saturday so I have been sorting. Good grief, where did all this CRAP come from? I am more convinced than ever I am a hoarder. Problem, I can't find anything to garage sale,I want to keep it all.

  8. Happy Birthday!!! Gemma and M.A! does that stand for Margaret Ann? That's my mom's name! Have a wonderful day!!!

  9. Love the journal page. I really like the bright colors. Also, I want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday, hope it was a good one.



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