Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The Long Weekend is Over....

Whew! It's been a few days since my last post. Here in the US we had a long weekend so I didn't spend much time at the computer. Finally we were able to turn off the a/c and go back to the swamp cooler....the smoke has not been coming our way. The fire is still burning and the last I heard it was about 157,000 acres.

We were totally and completely lazy over the weekend! About the only thing we managed to do was to clear out a bunch of stuff from a file cabinet. Exciting, huh!! HB is back to working overtime so he really needed some time to relax so that's just what we did. He did most of the cooking....he loves to barbecue! And we hung out, watched some movies, and generally vegged. LuLu gives a perfect example....

although HB and I didn't lay on paper bags! (For some reason both of our cats love to lay on paper bags.)

And for the first time since March 1st I didn't do any pages over the weekend! I completely broke my streak! I did paint a couple of pages but they took me the whole weekend to finish!

I couldn't get the whole book on the scanner so I had to take a photo. I like how she turned out....another of my Colorful Women! I'm calling it Azmira Caught a Bird.

I'm also way behind on The Artist's Way, and I have been working on a vision board for awhile now but it isn't finished.

You may remember that I'm taking Julie's Super Nova Journaling class and I did make two book blocks over the weekend but I don't have the supplies to make the spine so they aren't finished yet either. I seem to have a lot of WIP right now! But today it's back to our "regularly scheduled programming" so I'm sure I'll get caught up....and I will resume my journal pages.

Over the long weekend two of my blog friends had birthdays and I was very bad and didn't acknowledge them so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Doreen and Rowan!! I hope you both had fantastic celebrations.


  1. What a beautiful...colorful woman! I love the people you paint! It's nice to have a relaxing weekend. My hubby and I haven't quite got the knack of that yet! Enjoy your day!

  2. You used the long weekend for what it was meant for ... relaxation! Love, love, love your lady. I still haven't ordered the things I need for Julie's class. Eventually! Glad to hear you got to return to the swamp cooler. Lulu is a beauty.

  3. I love your colorful woman! It's just lovely! I'm gld you got to veg over the long weekend. Since yesterday was Labor Day, I, of course, took it literally and labored! No rest for the self-employed!
    In case, you didn't see, I left you an award on a couple posts back.

  4. I love those kinds of weekends Janet!
    Rainy day here today and I can't seem to get much done, but enjoying the rain.
    Azmira..pretty name and perfect for your colorful lady and bird!

  5. Wow! Those pages were worth taking time on! We were really lazy over the weekend, too. It was such a welcome time. Patrick grilled and I, well, I basically read all weekend. I really enjoyed it. I am very ready for the change of seasons. Oh,I was going to ask you a question about your post. Let me go see what it was.... Oh yea, what is a swamp cooler? :D

  6. Thank you for the wishes Janet and I did have a good day.

  7. I just love Azmira...she's got style!!!

  8. We also had a relaxing week-end. Don grilled steaks, the weather here has been beautiful for over a week now.

    Love your colorful lady and her bird friend. You should do a series of these ladies.

  9. I love this woman...I did a little labor this weekend..I painted chairs.. FUN.FUN>>

  10. OOh I love that woman, she is awesome.


  11. Anonymous4:15 AM

    I really like the style of these ladies. Great job. Don't you love the black gesso to use once in awhile? Glad you had a nice weekend, we enjoyed ours too. Cheers! Mary

  12. So glad the smoke has cleared out. And I dearly Love your colorful lady! I LOVE relaxing week-ends, I just don't get too many of them.
    Hope you have a wonderful wednesday!

  13. Ooooo..LOVE the woman with the bird!! What a craft you enjoy, Janet! It is wonderful! I have been studying about ATC's and ACEO's and also 5X5 embellished squares...And, I am STILL working on my Vision boards....Those are fun!!


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