Monday, September 28, 2009

Re-charging the Battery....

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting as regularly as usual....and there hasn't been a lot of art recently. Times like this used to scare me. I thought I was running out of ideas both for the blog and for my art. But after going through this kind of period in the past, I now know that I'm just charging my batteries.

Art is not something we can force. It either flows or it doesn't. And right now my art is taking a little break. I'm getting ideas, reading a lot of the art books I've bought over the past several months and never got around to reading! If I'm busy doing art then I don't read as much and I don't get out there and look at other art. Now I'm finding lots to look at. Plus I'm in the midst of Julie's Super Nova class (there's a link over there on the right) and getting ready for Mystele's Gut Art class (also a link on the right) I'm sure there will be art to show you soon.

This is not to say I haven't been doing anything in the studio. I have been busy doing some backgrounds in my art journal and a few ATCs for swaps I'm in but no big projects have been started or finished.

And I've been lax about keeping up with my September photo album, too. So today I have a couple of photos for you.

This little guy is my Uncle mom's oldest brother. There were three girls (and the fourth girl who died) and then two boys. I'm sure those two boys were completely spoiled by all those older sisters!

This is my Uncle Bill....the baby of my mom's family. When I was a young girl I thought he was quite handsome. In some odd way he reminded me of Paul Newman when I was older!

Sadly all my mom's sisters and brothers are gone now. Same with my dad's family. All that is left are my cousins and their families. My kids have no aunts or uncles as I'm an only child and their father only had one brother who never married and died several years ago. The only extended family they have is mine.

Do you come from a big family? Are you close to your family? My family is so spread out over the country that it's difficult to keep in close contact with everyone. I have cousins from North Carolina to Washington....from New Mexico to Illinois and many points in between. We're all over the place!!!

I hope you have a good day....hug someone and tell them "I love you"....


  1. So that's your secret. Re-charge the batteries.I think mine won't even do that as of late. LOL Sharon

  2. Anonymous6:31 PM

    Hey Janet...I sent you an email. I am very lucky to have most of my immediate family only eighteen miles from me...just close enough to see one another often but not be each other's back pocket either.
    There were four of brother and two sisters. My brother is deceased and I am the eldest of the three remaining girls. I have lots of cousins and such living nearby as well.

    I am anxious to get back to my batteries are recharging...I'll be finished at school after this week.

  3. Recharging is good ... I'm looking forward to some ... in about 2 weeks! My family is Mr. Dragon, the grand kids, the god kids and my sistahs by choice.

  4. Janet,
    I do exactly the same thing. Earlier this month I found I had no inspiration at all, and I missed making my daily creations. But I had nothing. Even though many other artists have shared similar experiences, I get nervous. I never trust that the muse will come back. So I do what I have to do to get my art fix: read, study. and look, look, look at other art. And inevitably, before I know it, Ther are 10 techniques I want to try, and I'm off again! When will I learn to trust that this is a necessary part of the creative process? Even fields have to lie fallow to remain fertile. Anyhoo..... although I miss your art, I know you'll be back soon and more creative than ever.


  5. Recharging the batteries is a great image. I can see that as a journal page. Its so hard sometimes to realize that creativity has its cycles and there will be down times and that its okay.

    Enjoy the time.


  6. My goodness Janet I can see the family resemblance with Uncle Bob.

  7. I've hugged my hubby and now I feel like I need another one myself! lol I love this post about family! I had an Uncle Bob, too. I love my family and even though I live far away from everyone....I feel close!

  8. I find the same thing Janet, and it's a good thing. Too much of anything is not good, so nice to take a breather and do something different now and then. My hubby convinced me to take a motor scooter ride with him Sunday...ugh, helmet hair, well...I ended up having a great time and ejoyed the countryside so much!!! Nice to get out of the house too!
    Love old pics and yes, I am very close to my family, but mostly my immediate one. xoxo

  9. Re-charging is certainly necessary once in awhile. You are so prolific with your art and journals, so a rest is well worth it. Enjoy refilling the well.

    Family...mine is a huge Irish one of which my Pop is now the Patriarch at 95, with only 4 of his 11 siblings remaining. They are mostly all in the same area of the country and I am here, with NO family close-by. I miss it a lot.

  10. Oh, Janet, I know exactly what you mean about needing a break now and then. I periodically go through that. If it wasn't for pre-posting, I wouldn't get anything up at all sometimes!

    Isn't it a bit odd when you are the older generation? That happened to our family when my aunt died a year ago. Suddenly, we were the adults. Of course we were before, but now it seemed real. I am an only child and so was my dad,and though I still have cousins on my mom's side, the group is small. It's odd. But I try hard to connect with as many as I can. It's a little jarring to be an "elder." But it's what it is!


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