Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ridin' the Range....and a Painted Lady!!

I didn't post any old photos for my September photo album yesterday so I'll do two today. This first one was taken in front of my grandparent's home in Kansas but I don't actually know who the people are! There was nothing written on it but it was in my mom's photos so it must be either family or friends. I just like it because it's cool!

I like the woman, second from right....she's wearing her overalls! Wonder where they're riding off to? Maybe out to check on the cattle....or maybe just a leisurely afternoon ride.

This photo is obviously some group or organization as they're all dressed alike and it almost looks as if they have badges. Unfortunately I don't know the story behind this photo but I do know that's my dad second from the right....and his horse, Maggie.

I love looking at old photos just to see the clothes and the lifestyles....even if I don't know anything about the people!


Today I haven't done my journal page yet but I do have some art to show you. I painted the cover of the art journal I finished up at the end of August. I had spray painted some lace and other designs on it but I wasn't happy with it. Out came the black gesso and away went the old spray paint. In its place I did one of my "Painted Ladies"....

Her earrings aren't showing right....they're metallic paint and shiny. I have such a problem capturing the correct colors when I photograph or scan artwork. But I'm happy with her. I think I'll try doing her on canvas.


  1. Anonymous11:20 AM

    I love the painted lady! It would make a great painting on canvas. If you have time, email and let me know how your super nova class is going...I want to take that class but I have another one I'm looking at too...when I finish my school obligation. Cheers! Mary

  2. The old photos are wonderful.
    Your dad looks like he's in a scene from a cowboy movie...they went thataway...!
    Your painted lady is very colourful, she looks quite exotic.

  3. I love the ladies riding horses! I don't think we had as many horse people in my family! lol Have a lovely Sunday!

  4. I know what you mean about looking at old photos... I love looking at the details like what is sitting on the table... what people are holding, etc. I really like your lady and did not know they made black gesso! Hope you're enjoying your Sunday afternoon.

  5. That second picture looks like a scene from a western and the posse is ready to ride.
    Your lady is great and would be cool on canvas.

  6. Love the painted lady ... great cover for your journal!

  7. I love your very colorful painted lady!

  8. Your lady is wonderful. I love black gesso. You will like the new art journaling magazine, its really good. Lots of new ideas to try.


  9. There are definitely stories to write with these old photos as inspiration. I love 'em!

  10. I love the old photos - and photos of horses - so I really love it when they're both. Old pictures with horse - yay! Lovely painted lady.

  11. Great cover for your journal...she is amazing Janet!
    Very striking...

  12. Wonderful old photos Janet, they look as though they are straight out of a western film:) I don't envy you your triple digit temperatures - here it's cool now, around 60F and morning and evening only just above 50F.

  13. Hi Janet, I saw a similar photo recently of lawmen lined up. It was taken in Texas and they all wore white hats. They were Texas Rangers.

    I like your painted lady. Let's hope she put a little kick in their lives. LOL


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