Tuesday, September 01, 2009

September Photo Album....

Since this month of September is my birth month, and yesterday I did the "I Am From" poem, I decided to devote this month to showing you more about my family through old photos. I have tons of them, and I think old photos are fun to see on other people's blogs so I hope you enjoy mine. I'll be posting one or maybe two each day....not in any order or theme....just whatever I think looks interesting. And please, remember, these are personal photos and not to be copied or used as ephemera.

This is a photo of my mom's parents....my railroad grandpa....

You can't see it here but his right hand was all messed up. I think he had something happen to it on the job and then years later when he was retired he cut off a finger with an electric saw! This is my grandma who made blackberry cobbler and homemade noodles. She was very small....weighed about 95 lbs soaking wet but could run circles around just about everyone. Lots of energy packed into that small package.

They lived in town and my mom and I would stop to see them every Saturday after we went shopping and before we went home. There was always a pot of coffee on the stove and it just kept getting stronger and stronger as the day went on!

I get all my cowlicks from this grandpa! Thanks so much, Grandpa!! He had very thick hair and it grew in swirls all around his head. Grandma made a "rat's nest"....her word.... of her saved hair and used it to make a little roll at the back of her neck. She was a very plain person. No make up, no jewelry, no fancy anything. She went to church regularly and phoned all her church friends on a daily basis. She loved to talk on the phone.

They had six children but one daughter died when she was only about two years old. My mom was the second child....three girls and then the two boys were the youngest. Sadly they are all gone now.
The fire is still growing and today the sky is like it was on Saturday when I felt so weird. If I want to read or do anything where I need to see, I need a light on today! And we have lots of windows in our house....it's usually very light and bright. Everything has a yellow-gray look. We are not in any danger except maybe from air quality but I have that strange feeling of doom again.

I have not finished my journal page yet but it's painted and collaged....I just need to write something. I'll show you tomorrow.


  1. Oh, I love seeing photos -- old photos, especially -- of people's families. I love this one, and I especially love the story of your grandfather. I'll look forward to September visits.

    Are you close to the fires? I hope you and those you love are safe. Please be very careful.

  2. Love the family history...keep it coming!

  3. I love getting to know you a little better every day, Janet. Thank you for sharing your family photos and "I Am From" poem. I use this poem every year with my high school writing students, It is always an incredible writing prompt, and yours was particularly poignant to me. You're a walking contradiction, lady, but I would expect nothing less!

  4. I do love seeing photos and reading stories. Thanks for sharing your grandparent with us.

    Stay safe!

  5. I love old photos and family history! What a great idea! I hope you stay in while the air quality is bad. I hope and pray the fires end soon!

  6. When we had the fires here 4 years ago (I think) it looked to me like the world had ended. It was raining ash for days and looked like snow outside. I couldn't let the cats out because the air was so bad. I pray they get them contained soon.

    Thanks for sharing the old photo!

  7. I love the photo and it is nice to know the history and the story.

  8. beautiful memories and keep those vintage photos and stories coming I am really enjoying hearing about the past and your family history!!

  9. I love the photo Janet and the stories--What great memories you have.
    Happy Birthday for this week ???
    Mine next week.

  10. It is lovely getting to know more about your family, Janet. My Mum has all the old family photos though they don't date back any further than my Grandparent's generation.

  11. Great history Janet. It inspires me to do one of those. Funny, I don't recall that idea from the AW at all. Funnier, how we don't see what we're not ready for, isn't it.


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