Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trying to Channel Jackson Pollock!!!

I'm still feeling the need for re-charging the batteries but I managed to do a page in my art journal yesterday. I have started painting backgrounds in the journal I recently made....the one where I put the paper on upside down! I figured I might as well use it and see how I like the size and the paper. So far, so good.

As usual, I can't seem to get the colors to come out right when I scan it but when I tried taking a photograph the colors were worse! So here is the scanned version....

What I don't like is, there are lots of layers in the background and most of them don't show up in the scan. Also the circles are a very bright hot pink but they show pale and washed out....at least you can see I am working a little bit. Just nothing very interesting or very original right now.

One more day until Mystele's class begins. Can you tell I'm excited about this?!! I am in love with her art! HB and I were talking last night about how it's difficult for me to really loosen up and get messy with my art. It's still much too structured and neat for my taste but I can't seem to break out of that box I've been in for most of my life.

image from the internet

I like crisp, clean lines when I draw and I tend to do the same when I paint. It was very eye-opening when HB and I went to The Norton Simon Museum back in June. I was looking at a Picasso painting that had lots of raggedy edges on his paint when you looked closely but when you stood back from it the edges seemed nice and neat. I thought after seeing that, that I might get less concerned with my edges but so far that hasn't happened!!

How have you learned to loosen up? Or are you like me?

Also one problem I have is my studio space. It's not very big and it has carpet on the floor (it's just an extra bedroom) so I'm always careful when I paint. I wish I had a space where I could fling paint around!! I think I could really get into that kind of painting! Be like Jackson Pollock!

image from the internet

Maybe I could channel Jackson and find out how he started....did he have to be neat and tidy when he was younger?

I've considered putting a drop cloth down but I don't think that would be enough if I really got into slinging paint! I'm sure the walls and ceiling would also get "painted" and that wouldn't be good. So until we move or figure out someplace else to put my studio I am stuck being somewhat neat in the way I paint. Jackson will just have to wait!

I hope you have a good day....one that's full of sunshine and blue skies and love....


  1. Janet, we are very much alike in the way we paint. I want to loosen up as well, and fling paint. But I have a hard time letting go of the neat me. I love your background page for your journal. The colours are great.

  2. I love the bright bold colors! It is sunny and clear here...but too windy to go walk! I'm getting antsy. I think walking is like art...it gets addictive! Enjoy your day!

  3. I was discussing "neat" with a friend over the weekend and she had on a lovely jacket with rough edges etc and she was commenting on the fact that she finds it hard to do "not neat" sewing-like having raw seams on the outside of garments and not having everything even.
    I think it is in our bringing up Janet-it it was not neat then you did it again.
    I find it hard to let go as well.

  4. Weather is cooling down, art is coming back..slowly, but it is coming back.

    And oh..I am LOOSE baby...loose as a goose. =)


  5. OOOh I am so wanting to not care about being messy but I am still kind of a control freak with my creations. I do so want to loosen up! If you find a way to do that, please let me know.

  6. I have a terrible time trying to 'free up' with art. The other night I had my first meeting with a new art group, adn when asked what we wanted to get out of it, I said "In working with other people, I am less afraid to take chances, be wrong, goof up. I'm not on the clock and it's a learning thing, so maybe I feel more open."

    So, I think that's what does it for me -- and if that works for you, it sounds like you have a grand opportunity coming up!

    Have you thought about a drop cloth in a garage or the back yard or porch? My art space is a converted bedroom, too. It's hard to get too bold with flying paint!

  7. Janet,
    Yes it is sometimes hard just to let go..I am a neat also. Yet when I try to get all loose with my art it sometimes is just a mess.
    So who knows.. Just be your self and enjoy..

  8. Janet,

    I too am looking forward to Mystele's class. I once took a class where we did a Jackson Pollock type painting. We used paint in squirt bottles and it really was so much fun. My studio is in the basement and I have a concrete floor so I don't have the same problem. I still do need to let loose though and am hoping the class will help.


  9. Its always good to re-charge the battery. But I really love the new page. And I think I am exactly opposite. I love to fling paint and make a mess, and I don't even do it on purpose. Ha!
    Hope its cooling down now for you!
    Feeling Fallish here finally!

  10. Have fun with your class.
    Maybe you could paint outside one day, or put down a drop cloth...LOL!
    A glass of wine before doing the project...???
    I think your art is fine anyway! Have loads of FUN with your class!!!!

  11. You know how much I love your clean, perfect lines and beautiful drawings. It will be interesting to see what Mystele wakes up in you.... we'll be playing together in her class. And for your information - my studio is very little and is the only room in our house with a carpet (light of course). Try spilling black gesso on it.... I did!!!! Now I don't have to be careful anymore. xo


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