Saturday, September 12, 2009

Where is Fall???

Hi Everyone! I didn't get anything posted yesterday and I'm late today. And today I don't even have an old photo to show you....I didn't get one out and get it re-sized so I'll try to do two for tomorrow.

I'm so jealous of many of you who have been writing about fall-like weather. We're still in triple digit territory here and I'm really getting sick of it! I will be so happy to wake up one morning and not have to turn on some cooling device! I'll be happy to put on a sweater and some jeans....and I'll be ecstatic when we have the first fire of the season in our fireplace. But I think all of those things are way off in the future for me. So I'll just keep on reading about your fall weather and be jealous!!

Here is my journal page from yesterday....

Sept 11:

I thought about doing something to commemorate the day but decided not to after all.

And here's the one for today....
Sept 12:

My list in not in order of importance....just a random list of some of the things I have going on right now. This page is sort of a continuation of the one from yesterday.


  1. I read the text part of the 11 September journal page. My two cents is don't be so hard on yourself. I mean your art is supposed to be something you love to do. It shouldn't be a chore that you must do or you feel like you haven't accomplished anything. Some days, that's just the way it goes. Doing seemingly 'nothing' can take up an awful lot of time and when you look back and try to figure out what you did do, you are baffled because it seems you didn't do anything. You'll get back on track when you get back on track. No need to beat yourself up for it.

  2. time rushes ahead at times for sure!
    i get behind..AM behind something terrible

    where are you that the weather is still 000 ?
    like arizona?

    we are getting fall already in SD..
    but it might mean ugly later
    ice travel tunnels and such nasty snow mess
    i am hoping not

    these two pages look beautiful...and the breathe message sure needs heeding from me too!

  3. You should be proud of yourself. You really are journaling everyday! Good for you. Fall? Fall? What's that? !!! I see butternut squash in the market -- that's fall for me!

  4. I'm dreaming of fall too. We seem to have one season...summer! We were at 106 degrees today and everyone was having a sigh of relief after the 116 of last week.
    Hopefully it'll cool off soon!

  5. Isn't the grass always greener? Greetings from early autumn-land!


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