Monday, October 05, 2009

Finding Me in the Balance....

Here I am checking in with everyone. It's been a hectic few days since my last post. As you know the class, Gut Art, started on the 1st. It has me thinking and my brain has been whirling. In fact, so much so that last night I went to bed but never fell asleep! Finally at about 3 AM I got up and went to the studio and painted for awhile.

This class is teaching us to find our authentic self in our art. I've been thinking about what that might be for me and it's becoming clear that it's complicated!! On the one hand I love doing very detailed, precise art as in my zentangles and even some of my drawings of ladies as in this example....then on the other hand I love smooshy, messy, more ethereal art as in some of my backgrounds, like this. We're making a Gut Art book to use for our findings and I had painted a cover for it a few days ago but I wasn't thrilled with wasn't me. Too cute, too pretty!

When I got up and painted tonight/today I re-painted the cover and I think it more truly represents who I am at this moment....a little neat and a little messy. Maybe it's because I have so much Libra in my horoscope!! The balance of things....

And here are a couple of pages that are going to be in the book....

I haven't been around Blogland over the past several days. I've been keeping busy in the studio plus I was a little under the weather on Saturday. Speaking of weather, you won't believe's actually cooled off and we've had a couple of fall-like days! Last year at this time we were still burning up in the heat. I like this year much better! I'm getting my energy back....getting antsy to start walking again at the park.


  1. The days just fly by, don't they? Love your new art! It must be fun to be learning new things! Enjoy!

  2. Love it all! Even the one that is not you. It's pretty much me, so of course I love it! It has cooled off here, too. I have even had to shut the windows! Truthfully, I prefer the weather last year to this. Anyway, I know YOU are happy it is cooler. Keep on creating!!! And post when you can. I'll be here!

  3. I loved all the art work. When the creative bug hits, it's best to listen to it (even at 3 in the morning)!!!!!

  4. Love it and all your energy. We are still sanding and staining logs on our home. Time is running out. I secretly want to be in the studio. Don't tell anyone... I really like your bright second one. Sharon

  5. Brilliant! I LOVE your cover! How smart! You got something from the class already... accepting what your art is at the moment. Wonderful cover! xo

  6. Great to see your projects...! I thin kti is actually kinda awesome to not be able to sleep BECAUSE of art! haha! THen get up an do some painting. got HOT as Hell again here 103 right now

  7. Hey those are NICE. I like the colors(esp. the pink and turq.) and all those layers are gorgeous.
    Can tell you are having fun!

  8. Our high today is 49, yep it is cold. I am not sure how I feel, today I wanted to stay under the covers, but then as the day went on I seemed to find lots of energy.
    Sometimes our heads are so into the art or the project that sleep just won't come. I have been there.
    I love your colors in these, and I think it is special that somehow you have to find where your art lies. I am so confused!!!! I just seem to flitter and fly and don't know why! Happy Fall, Mary
    I wrote a story in 2005 that I have shared on my blog today. You might take a little peek:)

  9. Janet, I so know where you're coming from. I haven't been around much lately myself due to being sick and other distractions. You sound so much like me re. finding your authentic self through your art. Like you, I love perfectly neat pieces but I am also drawn to the free-flowing, smooshy styles too. I feel very confused at times as to which direction I want to focus on.

    I like what you did with the journal cover.....lovely pages too!

  10. Janet,
    These are wonderful..It must be a wonderful class.. I am going to have to try a online class..I need the motivation but I also need the

  11. Janet,

    I like how you are already discovering something about your authentic artistic self. I am loving the class too.


  12. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Just seeing how or what you are doing...I feel like I'm behind in the class...but I don't think it matters because Mystele has extended the time for the class. I haven't even done my covers for my book...I used a composition book for mine...most of the pages have been torn out and replaced with other papers, etc. Maybe I can take a picture of it later on today and post it on the art site. I'm loving the class!!

  13. I found your blog through Julie... I LOVE these pages! So bright and vibrant!


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