Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Mojo is on a Break....

Aaahhhhh! I can finally tell you that we are having some glorious autumn days. We had a bit of rain on Tuesday but not much and today it's a perfect, cloudless blue sky. None of the trees have started to turn colors yet but I'm sure it won't be too long. I simply LOVE this time of year!! I hope wherever you live that you're having some nice weather, too.

I've hit a snag in the art class! I haven't been able to get my mind on art for the past few days. Oh, I go to the studio and piddle around but I haven't been doing the lessons. I think I may have Autumn Fever!

Here's a little painting I did yesterday....

I called it "China Doll"....I saw her eyes first and then the rest just came to me. I need to do some more work on her face. I'm not happy with the skin tones and the shadowing but it's where I am today.

Now I'm off to the studio to see if I can get my mojo working again!


  1. O! I love that China Doll!!! She's dreaming too, huh Janet?!!! hehehe
    Since my camera died I haven't made a thing arty, well I tried making a necklace and hat!!!

  2. She is lovely! The colors are so rich and crisp! Beautiful!

  3. I really like this girl, she speaks peace to me. Glad it finally cooled down a bit there.I talked to my #1 son in Illinois today and he said the high there was 49.

  4. Janet..she is great! Yeah..I a mthinking you have the Fall Fever alright..want to stay out doors!

  5. I really like China Doll. My mojo has been breaking since THE grandson was here. I've been doing some cross stitch, but just haven't gotten back to the paints.

  6. I think your China Doll is lovely. I've never heard of, or had, autumn fever, but it sounds like you may have it! I'm sure it will pass and your mojo will return full-strength!

  7. This is a really nice painting, Janet!

  8. Love the richness of the red and orange. Maybe dark lashes because the hair is dark? When I think China Doll, I think of pale skin, dark eyes.
    But she really is lovely. Really eye catching.

  9. I love what you named her, it fits. I have been so busy that it feels like I am missing everything in Blogland. I love the colors of China Doll, and like others, I think she is peaceful.
    I finished the last charms tonight for Bazaar. I hope some of them sell for the ladies. I made 75 charms, and you guessed it, I am tired of them. I will probably put all my stuff away for awhile and do something just for fun.
    I love doing this and last year they made good money on them. I will let you know what happens this year.
    Come take a peek at Arney's project for me. I will put all my craft stuff inside the window seats.
    I am so glad you are having good weather. We change daily. I am going to be with my craft group on Saturday, but I should go to Summit's football game.
    Have fun, Mary

  10. Your mojo certainly is back and China Doll is gorgeous!!! I love some of the earlier faces in your recent posts have been very busy since I last visited.

    Just beautiful.

    Jacky xox

  11. I wish I could create like that when my mojo is on break. Love the China Doll. Our weather has been miserable here this week but suppose to be nice next week when I am on Fall break so thats fine with me.
    Have a lovely Fallish week-end!

  12. Anonymous6:46 AM

    Hi Janet...I read your comments here and on ning. I have sort of hit a snag in the class too...lots going on here. Our autumn has been unusually's been raining for days. I need to see some sun soon. I like your China Doll piece...she's lovely! We have some business to take care of today so maybe later on today, I'll have some time to paint.

  13. I'm loving this one! She reminds me a bit of a flapper. A Chinese flapper? Maybe! Great colors and I love her "soul."

  14. This lady is gorgeous too!

    I was so enjoying that cooler weather last week - I got spoiled - I want it back!


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